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This article is about the Comi Series character. You may be looking for her TV Series counterpart.

"My daughter was also dead... but not dead. She came after me. Had a look on her face--looked like she remembered everything that happened, everything that led to her ending up like that. She remembered it all--and she blamed me for it. I had to shoot her. I had to shoot my baby girl in the face."
Abraham to Rick about his daughter.[src]

Ford daughter (first name unknown) is a character first mentioned in Issue 54 of Image ComicsThe Walking Dead. She is the daughter of Abraham and Beth Ford and the sister of her brother.


Location Unknown

Almost nothing is known about Abraham's daughter prior to or as the outbreak began, only that she had a father, a mother and a brother. She, presumably, went to school like an ordinary 6 year old child.


Unnamed Grocery Store

It was unknown on how long, but at some point after the apocalypse broke out, Abraham and his family joined a small group. In this group, Abraham's wife and daughter were raped, and Abraham killed the rapists for revenge. This frightened his family, and they refused to talk to Abraham. At some point, his wife, son, and daughter departed from the group. Abraham searched the rest of the day until he discovered them. His wife and son were devoured, unable to reanimate, but his daughter approached him as a zombie and was put down.


Killed By

After Abraham killed the men that raped her and Beth, Beth became so terrified of him she ran away with their children.

After departing the group, the family was attacked by walkers and devoured. However, she reanimated.

After approaching Abraham, she was shot and put down by her father.