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The forest shed is a minor location featured in Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season Two. (Determinant)


North Carolina

Prior to the outbreak, this building was used as a small shed for storage of packaging products. It consisted of a whiskey still, three standing shelves, and numerous counts of products. It is very likely that this shed was used as an illegal manufacturing facility for products.


"A House Divided"

If Clementine chose to save Nick at the end of "All That Remains", the episode will begin with both Clementine and Nick blocking the doors from attacking walkers. After discovering multiple jars of whiskey and moonshine within the shed, Nick will begin to drink, and the two decide to wait at the shed until help arrives. During the night, Clementine can either convince Nick to escape with her or let him stay, but either way, Clementine will escape back to the cabin, having to leave Nick behind.

Later in the episode, Clementine and the cabin group will arrive back at the shed in search of Nick. They open the shed doors to find him alive and lying on the ground. After the reunion, the group leaves and the shed is seen not seen again.




  • The Forest Shed is the only location in a game whose appearance depends on the player's decision.