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Fort Noise was a gas station about a mile away from "Tent City". It was a temporary base for Josh's group in The Walking Dead: The Road to Woodbury. The gas station is small, has a garage and an office where the survivors sleep.


This gas station was a regular gas station surrounded by trees next to a main road.


"The Road to Woodbury"

In the first weeks of the outbreak the gas station was abandoned. After Joshua Lee Hamilton was exiled from Tent City due to him murdering Chad Bingham. Lilly CaulBob StookeyScott Moon, and Megan Lafferty decide to leave with him. Later that night whilst driving away from a herd of walkers they take a crossroad and pull up to the gas station. They decide to set up base in there and end up settling down.

After a few days one morning two cars head directly towards the gas station and don't stop. One crashes directly into the building and part of the roof collapses on top of it. The other goes into a fuel pump and sets on fire. The survivors have to abandon their supplies and decide to head north with almost nothing.




  • At least two employees
  • Two Tent City residents