"Casey with the goddamn whining. I'm about to put my fist through his teeth. We did what we had to do. Live with it. End of story. How the fuck that bean pole made it through basic is beyond me. Soft as a melted fucking marshmallow. Different story with Kenny. I respect the guy but that doesn't mean he gets a pass. The questioning has to stop. We had to protect what was rightfully ours. This bunker is our home, the supplies are our lifeline. If we did not defend it, we'd have all been dead within two weeks. Now we can last months, maybe longer. We can survive this. A brutal decision was made, but we have to fucking stand by it, unified. If Kenny and Casey don't fall in line soon, I'll have no problem marching them out the bunker door with a gun to the back of their heads."
—Foster's letter about the massacre at the Reserve.[src]

Foster (first name unknown) is an original character in The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners. He is a soldier that was stationed at the Reserve.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Foster's life prior to or as the outbreak began.


New Orleans, Louisiana

Foster was stationed at the Reserve when the outbreak started. While they were safe inside, a crowd of people soon showed up at the entrance, looking for supplies. While Casey and Kenneth wanted to give them supplies, Foster, Jess, and Trent rejected this notion and opened fire on the crowd, killing dozens. As the bunker started experiencing flooding, the whole squad save for Casey went outside to fix the pumps. While at the abandoned high school, Kenneth killed Foster, Jess, and Trent for what they did.


Killed By

Foster was shot by Kenneth as revenge for killing dozens of innocent people.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Foster has killed:


  • Foster, Jess, and Trent are the only Saints & Sinners characters that make a physical appearance, but don't have a "Determinant" status, as they're already dead by the time the player reaches them.
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