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"She's late, but she made it. (...) It will only get harder this side of the Mississippi River. (...) With respect, I just wondered if there isn't an easier way."
—Frank to Elizabeth.[src]

Frank Newton is an antagonist and a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead: World Beyond. He is a lieutenant of the Civic Republic Military and served as the secondary antagonist of Season 2.


Lieutenant Frank Newton is unwaveringly loyal to the CRM. He always obeys the orders of his superiors making him one of their most trusted and reliable allies. He has no qualms killing innocent people and does so without question or hesitation. However, he is shown to care for his men, stating that wishes he could shoot Felix for getting them killed. He is also somewhat honorable, offering Felix a fair one-on-one fight. However, he is also scornful, arrogant, disparaging, and derisive. He tells Felix that he and his friends are helping the dead win. Frank then proceeds to taunt Felix about how he's been a disappointment to everyone in his life. Despite talking a big game, Frank is killed by Felix who brutally disemboweling him and lets him be devoured by empties.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Frank's life prior to or as the outbreak began.


At some point, Frank became the lieutenant of a large organization known as Civic Republic Military.

Season 1

"The Sky Is a Graveyard"

In a flashback, Elizabeth Kublek waits in an abandoned office with Frank. Elizabeth gets a radio message from one of her soldiers that they have eyes on the person that Elizabeth is waiting for and she orders her brought in. Frank complains that the person is late, but she had made it. Elizabeth is pleased that the person had made it "this far at least" while Frank warns her that things will only get harder on this side of the Mississippi River. However, Elizabeth is aware and so is the person that they are waiting for. Frank wonders if there isn't a better way, but Elizabeth is sure that there isn't which they know because this person is the one on the ground "watching and listening and doing the very hard thing of becoming someone else to find out there isn't." Elizabeth reassures Frank that "she" knows how dangerous it is and that they could both die. However, she's out here risking everything because there isn't an easier way. On Elizabeth's nod, Frank exits the office and Huck is let in.

Season 2


Frank and Elizabeth watch Omaha from a distance as a CRM soldier places explosives around the perimeter. Frank tells Elizabeth that the Campus Colony and Portland are concerned over being unable to communicate with Omaha and is considering launching an investigation. Elizabeth tells Newton to clear Major Mullins to reach out and offer to collaborate with the investigation. Frank reports that they've cleared the road to the Campus Colony and that the column will be there within 72 hours. He questions her decision not to inform Huck to which Elizabeth she hopes she has reached a safe enough distance. They watch as the explosives detonate, allowing Omaha to be overrun. The two then see an injured Galbraith crawl over to them. He begs for help. Frank shoots Galbraith under Elizabeth's orders.

In a flashback, after Will and Romano escape their execution, Frank shoots Romano in the back.


After Dr. Bennett leaves, Elizabeth asks Frank about the search for Will and the missing CRM soldier. He says they have no leads. Later, Frank takes Elizabeth to a ravine, with what appears to be the bodies of Will and the missing CRM soldier at the bottom. He says that evidence points to a struggle which caused them to fall off the cliff. Elizabeth orders him to dispatch a recovery team to confirm the identity of the bodies.

"Blood and Lies"

After Lyla Belshaw kills Barca using gas, Frank and some soldiers enter the lab and informs her there is a problem. Later, Huck privately tells Jadis her theory that Lyla is covering for Leo because she thinks he took the vial. Jadis orders Frank and some soldiers to find Lyla, saying they found their conspirators. Frank and the soldiers bring Lyla to the interrogation cell. He listens as Lyla presents the missing vial and declares that Leo and his daughters stole it. Frank takes the vials. He continues to stand guard and listens to the conversation. Jadis orders Frank to release a security detail.

"Returning Point"

Frank, Jadis, and her team enter Leo's apartment and find that no one is there. Frank informs Jadis that Dr. Bennett is not in his usual class like they suspected and that Felix has abandoned his post. Jadis orders Frank to initiate standard evacuation drill protocols for the facility's civilian personnel. Frank thinks it's to flush them out, but Jadis tells him it's so it'll tell her who is with the Bennetts. Later, Frank gives Jadis a paper of everyone that is checked in for evacuation. He informs her that the Bennetts aren't there. Jadis points out the civilian research staff and their security details also isn't there to which Frank thinks it's just an error. Jadis says that now they know there are more than just the Bennetts they are dealing with. Jadis orders Frank to initiate full facility lockdown then to sweep every inch of the building to find where they are hiding.

Later, Huck checks in with Frank for an update. Frank says the Bennetts and the researchers have locked themselves into a biocontainment unit and that they will have to wait two hours before the system reboots, allowing the doors to open again. Later, Jadis realizes that the Bennetts had been counting on her initiating lockdown. As Frank and the CRM soldiers rush into the biocontainment unit after the doors open and are met with a large blast sending some soldiers flying. Frank and his soldiers enter the room to find that the Bennetts and the scientists have escaped.

"Death and the Dead"

Felix meets Frank outside where the two trucks are waiting. Frank tells him that there are no tricks since they didn't want to risk anything while their group has Mason Beale. Frank then tells Felix that if it were up to him, he'd put a bullet in his head for getting his men killed. Felix tells Frank to back the trucks up to the service entrance. He declares that if he seems Frank again, he will kill him.

"The Last Light"

As Felix meets up with Leopald and the researchers in the woods, Frank and his soldiers arrive and asks for the group to surrender. A shootout ensues between the two groups. Felix makes a plan to circle around to draw Frank out, saying he'll take the bait. Frank sees Felix running and takes the bait and follows him. Frank chases Felix until he runs into a gated fence with empties on the other side where Frank corners him.

Frank says that people like Felix are worse than the dead since they are helping them win. Frank shoots some walkers that appear behind him but runs out of ammo. He says that it's better he doesn't have a gun so he and Felix can have a clean one-on-one melee fight. Frank proceeds to taunt Felix for about his inability to protect the Campus Colony and how he's been a disappointment to everyone in his life. Felix breaks the lock to the gate, unleashing a stream of empties on Newton. Frank manages to take out the empties with ease. He is shown to be intimidated when Felix takes out his double-bladed S-Pole. The two fight while simultaneously taking out empties. Felix manages to stab Frank in the stomach and proceeds to disembowel him. Frank's guts spill out and he falls to the floor as empties approach. Felix leaves Frank to be devoured by the empties.


Killed By

During a fight between the two men, Felix disembowels Frank with his double-bladed S-Pole and leaves him to be devoured by a herd of empties.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Frank has killed:


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