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"Wwwwoodbury! - W-w-woodbury! - The n-name of the town is Www-w-woodbury!"
—Frank to Spencer-Lee.[src]

Frank Steuben is a character appearing in The Walking Dead: Return to Woodbury. He is part of the Haralson community. Frank is described to be a heavy-set man built like a German sedan, all round, sturdy and practical.



Nothing is known about Frank's life before the outbreak, except he used to be a landscaper.


Haralson Outskirts

At some time of the apocalypse, Frank made it to Haralson.

Frank is seen patrolling with his two comrades, Quinn and Caleb. They discover a pack of campers chasing a smaller one, and start to follow them.

After the chain crash occurs, Quinn's team finds the remaining people of Lilly's convoy. They save Lilly, Tommy and Ash from walkers by shooting them from the woods, but are soon surprised from behind. Caleb is bitten three times, and the rest of the group start to flee from the woods with Quinn's Jeep. At this point Spencer-Lee had arrived to the crash site with his companion Daniel, and starts to assemble a RPG he had stashed in the camper. He shoots a missile towards Quinn's Jeep. The Jeep blows into pieces, instantly killing Quinn, Caleb, Daniel and throws everyone else to their backs. The survivors, excluding Spencer-Lee, leave the crash site.

Frank, however, miraculously survives the explosion. He was catapulted out of the vehicle, still on fire, to the ground. He manages to extinguish himself, and is able to hide from the walkers although he is badly injured. He is soon rescued by Spencer-Lee Dryden, who starts to medicate him which keeps most of the pain away. However, Frank absorbed severe scalds from the explosion, has lost a lot of blood and has his leg impaled with a sharp splinter of the fence he hit after the explosion. Spencer-Lee then demands him to reveal everything he knows about Lilly and Ash, and tortures him even when he could not answer due to his pain and medication. Frank eventually answers his questions, and stays alive for hours even though he is supposed to be dead by now. Finally, his vision starts to blur and his speech starts to hesitate at the same time the pain grows within him.


Killed By

After Frank tells everything Spencer-Lee needs to know, he kills Frank by shooting him in the head. Spencer-Lee thinks this as of a mercy kill, due to Frank's pain.


Jamie Quinn



Novel Series

Return to Woodbury

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