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"Back in the 1950s, Uncle Sam built a bunker beneath this resort for, uh, government officials to wait out the, uh, inevitable destruction that was coming. It was long forgotten, 'til Riley found mention of it in a newspaper article about the hotel's bankruptcy. I... Uncle Sam was smart about what was coming, just not about when."
Teddy to Alicia.[src]

The Franklin Hotel is a location in AMC's Fear The Walking Dead.


In the 1950s, the US government built a doomsday bunker beneath the hotel for government officials to survive a possible coming nuclear war. The bunker was left fully stocked with enough food and water supplies to last survivors for years. However, the bunker was eventually forgotten about and the resort hotel ultimately went bankrupt. The bunker's existence was mentioned in a newspaper article discussing the bankruptcy.


Season 6


After the destruction of the Holding, the Doomsday Cult moves into the bunker which was discovered by Riley in an article discussing the resort hotel's bankruptcy. Convinced that Alicia Clark is the right person to lead the survivors of the nuclear destruction that he is planning, Teddy locks her in the bunker with many of his cultists who are unaware of exactly what he's planning, only believing that they are moving into a well-stocked bunker.

"The Beginning"

A nearby nuclear explosion destroys the hotel and shakes the bunker underneath it.

Season 7

"The Beacon"

The Franklin Hotel will appear in this episode.


The Franklin Hotel will appear in this episode.

"The Raft"

On the run from Strand's Rangers, Sherry takes a break in some ruins to tend to baby Mo. Shortly after Dwight joins his wife, the two notice signs revealing that they are in the ruins of the Franklin Hotel and they realize that it's the place containing the bunker where Teddy had imprisoned Alicia Clark. The two are able to contact Alicia over the radio and she reveals that there's another way out of the bunker through the drainage pipes on the other side. However, Alicia warns them that the pipes are unstable.

Dwight and Sherry make their way into the bunker where they are unable to lock the door due to it being shorted out. In the infirmary, Sherry recovers Alicia's abandoned Sharpened Barrel Shroud, but before they can enter the pipes, Morgan and Alicia reveal that someone has let all of the radioactive walkers out of the Crater and it is no longer a viable option to hold the herd. Instead, Sherry triggers the bunker's fire alarm as Wes and his men search for them. With Morgan and Alicia directing the herd from the outside, they are able to lure it into the bunker as an alternative place to hold it. The herd kills the six Rangers with Wes, but he manages to escape. As Dwight and Sherry crawl through the pipes with Mo, it collapses in front of them. Discovering that she's pregnant, Sherry is filled with renewed determination and she uses the barrel shroud to dig their way out.

On the surface near the drainage pipe exit, Alicia encounters and puts down the zombified Senator Elias Vazquez. Eventually, Dwight and Sherry safely emerge from the pipe and return Mo to Morgan while Alicia has Sherry keep her old weapon.





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