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The Free Comic Book Day Special is a stand-alone mini volume of Image Comics' The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard. It was released on May 4th, 2013 as part of Free Comic Book Day. It features three previously released specials, and one all new special featuring Tyreese.


"Michonne Special"[]

The story begins with Michonne Hawthorne running towards home, the street full of zombies. Michonne gets home and finds her boyfriend, Mike and his best friend, Terry. When Michonne enters, a zombie attempts to follow, and in the process of killing it, Mike gets bitten. At that time, Michonne bandages Mike, unaware that he has become infected.

That night, Michonne searches the neighbor's house for supplies, finding a sword. She becomes pinned down in the house during the night and returns home the next day, finding that Mike and Terry have become zombies. She survives their attack and manages to lock them away. Her noisy encounter with them causes her street to become overrun, and she becomes trapped and runs out of food. Then, noticing that the zombies don't attack one another, she hacks off the arms and lower jaws of Mike and Terry, and chains them up to use them as escorts for an escape.

The story then ends with Michonne narrating aloud to the zombies of Mike and Terry, to help remember who they were, and because she has no one to talk to.

"Tyreese Special"[]

Tyreese is surrounded by zombies near some stores on a run. He uses a gun to try and shoot their heads, but ends up shooting them in the shoulder, arm, and stomach. He has to get close to them to get a shot in the brain. Soon, he runs out of ammo and uses the gun to smack them in the head while he runs. He throws the gun and makes it over to a tool box as one walker is right behind him. Right as the walker is about to bite him he smashes it's head in with a hammer. He fights his way through a small herd of zombies only using the hammer.

He runs to a big house and opens the door. As he steps inside, he is almost hit with a fire poker by Chris. Chris apologizes and Tyreese complains that zombies don't know how to use doors. Julie comes out and asks if Tyreese found the gun. He explains it was in his office right where he left it and saw the keys for cars for a dealership but before he could open the gates, he was swarmed. Tyreese says there were enough of them for him to learn they don't need guns because he's a terrible shot.

Chris asks for the gun and Tyreese responds by saying he threw it when he ran out of bullets. Chris yells and says he could have helped and Tyreese should stop treating them like kids. He asks what he did get and Tyreese says a hammer that he is about to put through Chris's head. Chris backs down. Julie sighs and apologizes to Tyreese. She admits that she and Chris are scared. Tyreese tells her to not be scared and that he will protect her and never leave her alone with Chris, no matter how much she wants him to. Julie laughs and mentions that they have a hammer at their house already. Tyreese agrees but says that this one is special because it saved his life.

"Morgan Special"[]

Morgan Jones is chopping wood for a fire. Duane Jones sits by the door, reading his Invincible comic, waiting for his father. Morgan knocks on the door, and Duane unlocks it. Morgan claims that it gets colder out there by the minute and that since it got cold, the walkers have stopped coming around.

Morgan says that he has something for Duane. The two sit down and Morgan hands his son a present. Duane opens it, and inside he finds a Gameboy, games, and batteries. Duane is overjoyed by the fact that he can actually play with it. Morgan tells him that once the batteries run out, he can't play with it anymore. Duane promises to turn it off when he's not playing with it and then thanks his father. He tells him that he loves him. Morgan responds by saying "I love you too, son". Morgan then leaves to put another log on the fire before it burns out.

As Morgan chooses a log to put in the fire, he tells Duane if they should stop worrying about paying for the stuff they've taken. Morgan states that its been five months since the apocalypse started. Morgan goes on to say that he hasn't seen anyone living around since that 'fella' gave them a police car, and that he was helpful giving them the guns. "Food's one thing--we've got no choice there," he states.

After Morgan gives his speech, Duane simply replies with "Huh?" Morgan's eyes water, and he wipes it away. Lastly, he tells his son Merry Christmas.

"The Governor Special"[]

The Governor enlists Scott Moon's help in obtaining fish tanks for his apartment. When asked about their purpose, The Governor tells him that he has a responsibility to lead the people of Woodbury and be strong, decisive, and brutal. However, he admits that those qualities do not come easily to him, and he needs to prepare himself for the horrors of the new world. To do this, he tells Scott that he plans on filling the fish tanks with severed heads and make himself stare at them, until they no longer frightened him and he starts to become amused by them. He then tells Scott that he plans on starting his collection, with his head being first.




  • The Michonne special explains her origins and how she got her katana, as well as who the two walkers with her were.
    • In her story, Michonne swears that the neighbor's son killed her dog. However, in the comic series, she swears he killed her cat.
  • The Tyreese special explains how Tyreese comes across his signature hammer (that he uses throughout his life in the issues) and why it is so special to him.
  • The Morgan special shows Morgan and his son, Duane, five months after the apocalypse around Christmas time.
    • This further confirms the tapes found in Crawford by Lee Everett are accurate, meaning the worldwide outbreak possibly happened on July 19th.
    • The same story is featured at the end of Issue 34 as a flashback.
  • The Governor special reveals the origin of the fish tanks and why he uses them; also revealing who the first victim was.
  • This is the first issue to contain multiple Walking Dead Specials.
  • Michonne is the only character from this special to still be confirmed alive.