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Friedman (first name unknown) is a character in AMC's Fear the Walking Dead: Dead in the Water.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Friedman's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that he worked as a crew member on the USS Pennsylvania.


Dead in the Water

"Something Bad"

Having developed appendicitis, Friedman is awaiting a medevac for treatment, but the USS Pennsylvania is unable to get into contact with one despite being in the Gulf of Mexico.

After Friedman becomes septic, Park is forced to perform an appendectomy on him despite never having done it before. The operation doesn't go well with Friedman's abdomen filled with pus, causing Park to grimly shake his head at Renwick, Riley and Bacon. The Fentanyl that Friedman is under wears off and he regains consciousness long enough to see his own abdomen cut open. Friedman goes into shock and flatlines, dying despite the best efforts of Park and his assistant. Friedman is then put into a body bag and moved to a shelf in the freezer. A devastated Park tells Riley and Pierce that Friedman went septic and it was already too late by the time that he got there. Park wonders how Friedman's death could've happened since "this isn't the Middle Ages. Nobody dies of appendicitis anymore."

Shortly after being moved into the freezer, Friedman begins to reanimate.

"A Good Sailor"

As the crew gathers in the mess hall to mourn Friedman, Cook hears a noise in the freezer and sees that Friedman's body bag has fallen off of the shelf. Cook opens the bag and the zombified Friedman attacks Cook, the fight spilling into the mess hall where Friedman bites Cook in the ear. Bacon and Park grab Friedman off of Cook and shove him up against the wall, causing Friedman's guts to spill out of his still open wound. Friedman bites Bacon in the arm and Captain Renwick shoots him in the chest to no effect. Park tries to restrain Friedman again, only to get bitten himself. Friedman advances on Renwick who shoots him several more times to no effect. Finally, as Renwick struggles to hold Friedman back, Riley shoots Friedman in the head, putting him down.


Killed by
  • Appendicitis (Alive)

Friedman develops appendicitis and the USS Pennsylvania is unable to raise a medevac for him. Friedman later becomes septic and Park doesn't have the antibiotics to treat him, forcing Park to try an appendectomy that fails. After waking up in the middle of the operation, Friedman goes into shock and dies. He later reanimates.

As a zombified Friedman attacks Captain Renwick, Riley shoots him in the head, putting Friedman down.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Friedman has killed:

  • Cook (Infected, Alive)
  • Bacon (Infected, Alive)
  • Park (Infected, Alive)
  • Possibly many enemy combatants (Pre-Apocalypse)


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