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The following is a transcript of Episode 5: From The Gallows of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season 3.


Javier, David, and Salvador are playing dominoes.

David: While we're still breathing, Javi...

Javier: I'm letting the bones speak to me.

David: Heh... Oh, my god.

Salvador: Oh! I think I can hear them! They're saying, "You're gonna lose, come mierda, so play already."

Javier: I must've inherited patience from Ma.

Salvador and David's Comments

David: Oh... Come on, man!

Salvador: Calm down, David. No one is ever in a rush to lose.

David: My beer's getting warm!

Salvador: Drink faster!

Javi plays his domino.

David: ¡Victoria!

David plays his domino.

Salvador: ¡Carajo! I was so close! You're now my least favorite son, Javier.

Javier: Hey, he's the one who beat you!

Salvador: Fine. It's a tie. I hate you both equally.

Javi plays his domino.

Salvador: If he plays his last bone...

David plays his domino.

Salvador: You're out of the will, Javier.

David: Kicked out of baseball. Can't play dominoes. What exactly are you good at again, Javi?

Javier: At least I can actually play baseball. Slugger...

Salvador: That's enough, both of you! It's not Javi's fault he's a disgrace to the game of dominoes.

David: I won. That's ten bucks you owe me. Both of you. I know you're broke, Javi. You should sit out the next game, since we all know I'm gonna win. No shame in surrender. We would all understand.

Javier: Don't kid yourself. You got lucky.

David: Pfft! Fuck luck. That was skill.

Javier: Good game, David. Nicely played.

David: Nice or not, a win is a win.

Javier: Oh, don't break your hand patting yourself on the back. I'll beat you next time.

David: Should you even be betting on these games? Isn't that what got you in trouble to begin with? Do we need to have an intervention?

Javier: Oh, keep on talking, David. See what happens.

Salvador: Hey, hey, this is dominoes. Winning means you get to be a little bit of a...pendejo. Ha!

Salvador: You're welcome, David.

David: What?

Salvador: Who do you think you inherited your dominoes skills from?

David: Pay up, little brother. If you can...

Salvador: I'll cover for Javier.

David: Oh, is it your turn to do that now? I lost track. Poor, helpless Javi.

Salvador: Get my wallet, mijo.

David: Keep an eye on him. You don't want him snatching an extra 20 for gas money.

Salvador: It's on the counter.

Javier: Yeah. Sure, Pa.

Javi opens Salvador's wallet and takes out a piece of paper.

Javier: Pa? What's this?

David takes the paper from Javi.

Javier: Hey! Man, I was reading that! What? Wh--what's up?

David: What the fuck is this?

Salvador: None of your business!

Salvador takes the paper from David.

David: He has cancer.

Javier: What?! Pa, really?!

Salvador: I'm old! Old people get cancer. You didn't need to know.

David: That's not for you to decide! Oh, my god!

Javier: Jesus, Pa... I'm so sorry.

Salvador: Pfft! Be sorry for your dominoes skills.

Javier: Are you okay? I mean--are you in pain?

Salvador: I'm not happy I lost a game that I knew I should've won.

Javier: Pa, come on!

Javier: You really should have told us. It's the right thing to do.

Salvador: It's my cancer. I get to do whatever I want. You know now! What difference does it make?

David: You had no right, hiding that from us.

Salvador: It's my cancer. I get to do whatever I want. You know now! What difference does it make?

Javier: How...bad?

Salvador: It's okay, mijo. Ask me.

Javier: How bad is it?

Salvador: You won't have to worry about paying me back that ten bucks.

David: Oh, Jesus fucking Christ, Pa!

Salvador: Ay! Settle, David! Now!

David: You haven't told Mama!

Salvador: And neither will either of you. You hear me? Mouths shut.

Javier: I'll tell her. Someone has to.

Salvador: I guess that means I'll be dying of homicide instead of cancer.

Javier: Whatever you want, Pa. I--I won't say a word.

David: Oh, of course! I have to be the one who tells her! Am I the only one here with any sense of responsibility?

Javier: That's not okay, Pa! You have to tell her!

Salvador: Agh. When the time is right, I...I will.

David: That's not good enough!

Salvador: It's good enough for me.

Salvador: Ay... When the time is right, I'll...I'll tell her.

David: That's not good enough!

Salvador: It's good enough for me.

David: You're going to need her help with this, Pa. Driving you to the doctor, getting prescriptions...

Javier: Wait. What are your options? Treatment, stuff like that?

Salvador: (sits down) Chemo, radiation... All that expensive mierda.

David: Great! When do you start?

Salvador: I turned it down.

David: Turned it down?! You don't get to turn it down!

Salvador: So much money and for what? Another month? Another game of dominoes to lose? It's not worth it!

Javier: If I was still playing ball, I...could've paid for it.

David: I'll pay for it!

Salvador: It's not happening. Save your money.

David: Fuck the money, I can afford it!

Salvador: You can afford it, David, but my pride can't! Let's play another game.

David sweeps the dominoes away and slams on the table.

David: You're a fucking coward! A selfish coward! Javi, can you believe this shit?!

Javier: What the fuck, David?! Apologize, now!

Javier: Just because you're afraid doesn't mean he is, David. It's not always about you!

Javier: David. I get it, man. It's not fair, but come on! Take it easy!

David: This is disgraceful!

Salvador: Sit down.

David sits down.

Salvador: Both of you.

Javi sits down.

Salvador: You know, I prayed for daughters--every night your mother was pregnant with both of you. "Please, God! A daughter! Anything but a son--anything but another me. Anything but another hot-headed idiot with his heart in the right place. Anything but another foolhardy, handsome gambler. Anything at all."

David: Please, Papa. Don't give up. Fight. Fight for our name. For our blood! For our family! Please! Fight!

Javier: It's your life, Pa. Live it however you want...for as long as you want.

David felt betrayed.

David: You're both the same. Only thinking about yourselves.

David leaves.

Javier: Agh... Don't worry, Pa. He'll come around.

Salvador: You should've supported him.

Javier: Wha--what?! I'm on your side!

Salvador: Still.

Javier: You have to fight, Pa. We don't just give up! Any of us.

You told him to keep fighting.

Salvador: Okay.

Javier: Okay?

Salvador: Okay... I'll think about it.

David: Oh, thank you, Pa. Thank you, Javi.

Salvador: Now, can we play another game?

David: I'll grab some more beers.

David leaves.

Javier: So, what are you really gonna do?

Salvador: Truth be told? Whatever gets your mother off my ass. You think you two were mad at me for keeping secrets? But it's good to see you and David on the same side of things, for a change.

David felt betrayed.

David: You're both the same. Only thinking about yourselves.

David leaves.

Javier: Agh... Don't worry, Pa. He'll come around.

Salvador: You should've supported him.

Javier: Wha--what?! I'm on your side!

Salvador: Still.

Salvador: I'm gonna be a name carved in stone before you know it, Javier. That'll be me: letters on a rock that nobody wants to visit. I know you think you're strong enough to handle that alone. And so does your brother. And you're both wrong. You have to take care of each other. You two are all I'll leave behind. Like Gabe and Mariana will be for David. Legacy, Javier. It's all anyone leaves behind. That and their...bones. Be brothers! Before it's too late. That's not too much to ask. One last favor for your old man.

Javier: Okay, Pa. I'll try.

Salvador: As hard as you can?

Javier: As...as hard as I can.

You promised to be a good brother.

Javier: If he tries, I'll try too. That's the best I can do.

Salvador: He will try, Javier. If you show him the way.

Javier: It will never happen, Pa. Never.

Salvador: I have to keep fighting, but you get to give up? I don't think so, cabrón. You have to fight too.

Salvador: Don't be like me, Javi! You have to keep fighting.

Salvador: If you try...he'll come around. Show him the way.

Salvador: I still need to pay David.

Javier: Pa...

Salvador: ¡Oye! If you had just won the game, we wouldn't have had this problem!

Javier: So you're blaming me for all this?

Salvador: I'm depending on you, mijo. We both are.

Town Square

Javier: Kate!

Javier shoots a walker and starts to run up to the truck. He takes cover as the New Frontier fires at him. He tries to kill a walker nearing the truck, but just shoots off its leg. He fires at the New Frontier, injuring a soldier. A civilian wrestles for the other soldier's gun. As Javi leaves cover, a walker knocks him over, and he shoots it. Javi reaches the truck and kicks the nearby walker.

Javier: Kate?! Kate?! Gabe?!

A walker grabs his ankle, and Javi shoots it. He runs through the square.

Javier: Kate?! Gabe?! David?!

David: Over here?! Where's Kate?

Javier: She's not here. She must've gotten out.

David: If something's happened to her... If you've gotten her--you better hope she's alive.

Javier: Shut up, for once, and help me find her!

David: What do you think I'm doing?

Javier: We're here because of you. If something happens to her, that's on you.

David: I didn't start this, Javi. You did!

(If David didn’t punch you in the cell.)

Javier: How about a "you're welcome"? I just saved your life!

David: Is that what you're thinking about? Kate's more important than your ego!

(If David punched you in the cell.)

Javier: I thought you didn’t want me around anymore!

David: Forget about that!

David: I'm not fucking around here, Javi. If she's dead, you're dead! I'll throw you to the walkers myself!

Javi and David run through the square.

Javier: Kate!

David: Kate!

David sees a walker resembling Kate fall nearby.

David: Kate!

Javier: David, wait!

David inspects the walker, and it tackles him. Javi tries to pull it away with his bat. Kate hits it in the head with a crowbar.

Kate: I found you!

David: Kate, I'm so glad you're--

Kate: Javi! Thank god you're alright! (hugs Javi) I'm just glad you're still in one piece. Thanks for making it back to me.

Javier: Whoa! Hey, there... It's, uh...good to see you, too.

Kate: Okay. I guess...

(If Javi accepted Conrad's plan.)

Javier: Huh! Nice driving back there! You know, if you'd swerved a little more, you would have actually hit me.

Kate: Dang! Heh, heh. I'll make sure not to miss next time.

(If Conrad died in the square.)

Javier: Kate...you hit Conrad.

Kate: What?! Is he...

Javier: Yeah.

Kate: Oh, god... It was an accident!

Javier: I know... I know.

Javier: You're alive! I thought I'd lost you back there.

Kate: Same.


Kate: Don't worry. I'm sure you had that handled.

David: Kate, I'm so glad you're--

Kate: You okay? Good. Shit, that was too close. This has all gone to hell.

Javier: You don't know how happy I am to see you!

Kate: Same. Just glad I found you in time.

(If Javi accepted Conrad's plan.)

Javier: Huh! Nice driving back there! You know, if you'd swerved a little more, you would have actually hit me.

Kate: Good thing I wasn't aiming for you, then!

(If Conrad died in the square.)

Javier: Kate...you hit Conrad.

Kate: What?! Is he...

Javier: Yeah.

Kate: Oh, god... It was an accident!

Javier: I know... I know.

Javier: You scared the shit out of me. I thought you were dead!

Kate: I thought I was, too. You don't need to worry about me, Javi.

Kate: Just glad I got to you before she did.

David shoots an approaching walker and stomps on its head.

David: What the hell's the matter with you two? Focus on your surroundings!

David: Are you trying to get yourselves killed?

Nearby, Gabe and Clementine are surrounded by walkers.

Javier: There's Gabe and Clem!

Kate: Lead the way, Javi.

Javi, Kate, and David run up to them, killing walkers on the way.

Clementine: Get the knee, like this!

Clem kicks a walker's knee, then stabs it in the head. Gabe does the same.

Clementine: Nice!

Gabe: I got a great teacher.

Javier: You guys alright?

Clementine: Yeah.

Gabe: I'm fine!

Kate: Look at them. There's so many!

David: We'll be safer inside! Get in!

The group enters the nearby building.


The group barricades the door.

Javier: That should hold them for now.

David: You put up a good fight out there.

Gabe: I don't care what you think.

David: Gabriel! Do not take that tone with me!

Gabe: You murdered that man! After they let you go. You're a killer, just like they said.

Kate: You did that?

David: You don't understand. It was them or us! I had to do it! They would never let us go! They still would've killed us, sooner or later.

Javier: They were negotiating with us, David. Doing that to Clint...wasn't necessary.

David: That's how you see it. I would do it again.

Javier: It wasn't pretty, but you're right. Joan was going to kill you to cover up her own crimes! We couldn't trust her to keep a promise.

David: Exactly.

Javier: You screwed up, David! You were completely out of control! Now everyone in town's going to think you've lost your mind.

David: You know I'm right. I had to strike first!

Gabe: His brains...splattered all over me!

David: You are my son. I'm doing what any parent would do to keep you safe. You do not get to judge my actions. Do you hear me?

Gabe: Hey... Dad. I'm glad you made it out.

Kate: Joan's probably looking for us.

Gabe: No. She isn't. Javi shot her.

Kate: What?!

David: Good riddance.

Gabe: You were negotiating. I heard you. You didn't have to shoot! Everyone started panicking and shooting. We almost died!

Javier: You know what Joan's done: Prescott, Mariana... They're gone because of her. I couldn't trust her to keep her word.

Gabe: We'll never know now.

Javier: I shot her so we could save David. End of story.

Gabe: So why didn't she just shoot you? You were outnumbered. They only attacked after you pulled the trigger!

Javier: Joan doesn’t deserve your pity. Think how many people have starved because of her! How many people lost their familes and homes because of her? Killing Joan was the only way to stop it.

Gabe: You didn’t stop it. You made it worse.

Gabe: You should have listened to her. You were outnumbered.

David: Javi's right. Joan had to go. I would have done it too.

Gabe: That's because you don't mind killing people, do you?

Gabe: Those dead guys--they were your friends.

Gabe: I'm tired of being told people had to die! It's bullshit!

Javier: Gabe, that's not fair.

Gabe walks away and stands behind Javi.

David: Hey, you do not walk away from me! When someone speaks to you, you stand up and answer them. Even if you don't want to.

Javier: Cut it out, David! You don't need to show how big and bad and tough you are to a fourteen-year-old boy.

David: He needs to be taught the same way I taught you.

Javier: David, that's enough. He's not a little boy! He doesn't need that from you.

David: What he needs is to learn to keep his opinions to himself until he understands what the hell he's talking about.

Javier: He's scared. Cut him some slack.

David: He's scared because you've coddled him! He has to learn to deal with his problems.

David: You are just like your Uncle Javi. All talk when there's someone around to defend you--spineless when there isn't.

David: I'm just... I'm trying to protect you, Gabe. I lost you once. I won't let it happen again. Okay?

Javier: We made it through alive. Let's just be glad about that.

David: We need to check the other entrances. Make sure we're safe. Gabe, wanna help me out?

Gabe: Javi?

David: Gabriel!

Javier: Go help him, Gabe. It's okay.

David: He doesn't need your permission!

Javier: I'll help you, Gabe. Let's go.

David: No. We don't need you.

Javier: Just be careful, buddy. Lot of muertos out there.

David: Gabe and I will watch each other's backs.

David: Now!

Clementine: I'll help too.

Gabe: O--okay.

Gabe, Clem, and David go downstairs.

Javier: Hey, Clem's with them. It's fine.

Kate: It's not that. It's--let's just... I'm all over the place. I need to focus on something. Anything. Just need to focus. On...whatever.

Javier: Let's just go upstairs. The further we are from these doors, the happier I'll be. I just want to get as much distance between us and the muertos as I can.

Kate: Yeah...yeah, okay.

Javier: Let's see if there's any way we can help.

Kate: Do you really think there is? After the damage we've done?

Javier: Let's find out.

Javier: Let's see if there are any other survivors. It'd be good to know who's still around.

Kate: I don't want to think about how many people may have just died. But I guess I'm gonna have to find out eventually.

Kate: You know what? Let's just put distance between us and the muertos. Let's go upstairs.

Kate: Let's go.

Javi and Kate go upstairs.


There are several survivors in the hallway, most of which are wounded.

Kate: Oh, my god. This is a fucking nightmare.

Child: Mommy! It's them!

Kate: I'm glad Mariana didn't live to see this. To her what her father's become. To see what...I've done. She'd be just like that little boy: scared that the monsters are coming after her next. She would never trust us again. And I wouldn't blame her.

Javier: We'll get through this. Together. we have for years, right?

Kate: But what about these people, Javi? They're not as lucky as we are.

Javier: Kate, come on. We're not monsters.

Kate: I don't know who we are anymore. But it's not the people she knew.

Javier: Leave Mariana where she is. In peace. In the past.

Kate: How many children become orphans today because of us? How many parents are now childless?

Kate: I don't know who we are anymore. But it's not the people she knew.

They walk through the hallway, and see someone crying over the body of their loved one.

Kate: I did this to them. That hole is there because of me. This is all my fault.

Javier: I'm just as responsible for it as you are.

Kate: You weren't behind the wheel, Javi. It's different.

Javier: What happened was an accident. A bad one, but still... You didn't do it on purpose.

Kate: But it's still my fault.

Javier: This is the world we live in now. If it wasn't this today, it'd be some other shitty thing tomorrow.

Kate: The world didn't do this. I did.

Javier says nothing.

Kate: I can't leave until I make this right. All of this. Let's fix this. As best we can.

Javier: Really? I thought you hated this place. All you've tried to do is get out.

Kate: These people--they didn't ask for this. Just like we didn't ask to lose Mariana. We couldn't do anything about that...but maybe we can do something about this.

Javier: Alright, Kate. Let's make things right.

Kate: I don't know if it's actually possible. But I feel a lot better knowing you're there too.

Javier: Did you not see it out there? It may not be something we can fix.

Kate: Someone's gotta try.

Kate: Someone's gotta try. Might as well be us.

Javier and Kate enter one of the rooms.


Eleanor is treating Fern or Rufus, depending on whether Rufus is alive or not.

Eleanor: Tripp was my best friend, Javi! He died because of you! He didn't deserve this.

Javier: I didn't think she'd do what she did! Joan lied to me!

Javier: This is all because of Joan. It's on her, not us.

Javier: You have no one to blame but yourself. Your actions betrayed Tripp. And to think of how much he cared about you...

Javier says nothing.

Eleanor: I never thought it would be like this. You have to believe that!

Eleanor: Everyone from Prescott is dead. Everyone but...me.

Eleanor: What's done is done. I don't have to like it, but I can't change it. But you...

Eleanor: You've got a lot of nerve showing up here, after the bullshit you pulled! You're unbelievable. Absolutely unbelievable.

Javier: We're here to help. Let's settle this and focus on that.

Eleanor: You want to help? Yeah, that's laughable.

(If Javi shot Joan.)

Javier: After everything Joan's done: the looting, the lies, the blood she spilled... Someone had to stop it. I shot her for the good of everyone here. Even you. There was nothing good inside her, and you knew it. So...

(If Javi took the deal.)

Javier: You saw what happened, Eleanor! I tried to negotiate. I wasn't the one who started shooting! But still...

Javier: Oh, I've got a lot of nerve? Everything that happened is because of you! This is all your fault!

Eleanor: Is that supposed to intimidate me? 'Cause it doesn't.

Eleanor: I told you I wanted you out of my life after what you did to Conrad.

Eleanor: I told you I didn't want to leave. You didn't listen. Joan did.

Javier: Why did you tell Joan what we were doing?

Eleanor: I was triaging a bad situation.

Eleanor: Their doctor is barely functioning.

Eleanor: Their doctor is dead.

Eleanor: And before you guys fucked it all up, their walls worked. It's not only about me. I can actually save lives here--not just stitch them up and hope for the best. These people will die without me, Javi.

Kate: I know she...well, fucked us over, but she's trying to help them. She's trying to make something right. That's worth forgiving, right? She's trying. That counts.

Javier: Eleanor's one of us. Maybe she forgot it, but I haven't.

Eleanor: Thank you, Javi.

Javier: She can go to hell! I want nothing to do with her.

Eleanor: I'm sorry you feel that way.

Javier: She's doing a good thing now. But she's got a long way to go before I forgive her.

Eleanor: You're one to talk.

Kate: She fucked up. Everybody does. What you do afterwards is what really matters.

Eleanor: We should try to help--not everyone here is guilty.

Gabe, Clem, and David enter the apartment.

Rufus: Fern? Is that you, darlin'?

Fern: I'm here, handsome.

David: Fern and Rufus... What's wrong with him?

Eleanor: Bitten. He's slipping in and out of delirium.

Rufus: We have to find Ida. We have to find our daughter.

Fern: I...I know, hon.

Javier: These poor people.

Javier: It's not right to leave him like this. He's gotta be put down.

Javier: I know that guy. We had a...situation. He's lucky I didn't shoot him.

David: Looks like his luck just ran out.

Eleanor: There's... Fuck! There's nothing I can do.

Eleanor: Let them have a minute. It's the least we can do.

Fern: (holding axe) Y'all get over here! You gotta...cut his arm off!

Eleanor: It's too far along. I'm sorry.

Fern: Bullshit! It can work! I've seen it!

Eleanor: Do you want his last moments alive to be more painful than they need to be?

Fern: I just want to try. I can't...lose everyone. Please! I'm begging you. Please!

Javier: I'll try. Hand over that axe.

Fern: Thank you. (gives axe)

Javier: Don't thank me yet.

David moves the coffee table and places Rufus' arm on it. Javi amputates it and Rufus screams, then dies. Fern checks his pulse.

Fern: No. No! No! No!

Eleanor: I told you. He was too far along. The blood loss didn't help either, I'm sure.

Javier: I'm sorry, I tried.

Kate: So what can I do?

Javier: No. I'm sorry. It's too late.

Fern: He's gonna fucking die!

David: Fern. You need to put him down when he turns. That's an order.

Kate: I want to help you.

Eleanor: Okay, well...

Javier: No way! I'm not a doctor. They're the only ones who should do that.

Eleanor: I already said no.

Fern: He's gonna fucking die!

David: Fern. You need to put him down when he turns. That's an order.

Kate: I want to help you.

Eleanor: Okay, well...

Fern: Please! He's gonna fucking die!

David: Fern. You need to put him down when he turns. That's an order.

Kate: I want to help you.

Eleanor: Okay, well...

Fern: Did you see a little girl out there? She was right behind me!

Eleanor: I'm sorry. I haven't seen any little girls.

Fern: First Rufus... And now my baby girl.

Javier: She knew Rufus?

David: He was her husband--until you shot him in the back. She's one of my people, Eleanor. What's going on with her?

Eleanor: She'll be alright. She's not bitten or anything. She lost her daughter out there.

Fern: Ida... I'm so sorry...

Javier: After what just happened? She's pretty damn lucky to be alive.

David: She just lost her entire family, Javi.

Javier: Christ. There's nothing worse than losing a child.

David: Tell me about it.

Javier: Poor woman.

Javier says nothing.

Eleanor: Give her some privacy. It's the least we can do.

Kate: I want to help you.

Eleanor: Okay, well...

Fern pulls out a gun and points it at Javi.

Javier: What the...

Fern: We're all fucking dead because of you!

Javier: Hey... Easy. We're--

Fern: You blew a hole in our wall! Got my little girl killed!

Fern: Got my whole fucking family killed!

Fern: Richmond was fine until your stupid ass showed up!

David: Easy, Fern...

Fern: We're dead fucking meat, David! Might as well take out this asshole while I can!

David: Fern...

Fern: Shut up!

Javier: You're wrong! This wasn't my fault!

Fern: Ida was my baby!

Fern: Wasn't your fault? Who shot Joan, then? Guns don't just fire on their own!

Javier: Put it down. You don't want to hurt anyone.

Fern: Ida was my baby!

Fern: Just like you "put it down" for Joan?!

Javier: I didn't mean for this to happen! I'm so sorry about your daughter!

Fern: You can apologize to her face in just a second!

David: It was a mistake, Fern.

Fern: Yeah? Well, this isn't!

David: Stand down. That's an order.

Kate steps in front of the gun.

Javier: Kate, no!

Kate: Fern. This is all because of me. I caused the explosion. I killed your daughter. Please...forgive me. It's my fault. Please.

Javier: Please, forgive both of us.

Javier: This won't bring your daughter back.

Javier: I am begging you. I hardly have any family left. Please don't take any more away from me.

Kate: Please... From a mother to a mother.

Fern's hand shakes and she starts to cry. David grabs her wrist and breaks her arm, taking her gun.

Kate: No!

Eleanor: Fern!

Gabe: Holy shit.

Kate: DAVID!

Javier: Oh, my god!

Rufus: David...

David shoots Rufus.

Rufus starts to reanimate. David shoots Rufus.

Gabe: Oh, my god! Dad!

David: You're welcome, Javi.

David tosses the gun to the floor.

Kate: David, what are you doing?

Gabe: This isn't right!

Clementine: David!

Eleanor: Oh, my god!

Kate: This is unacceptable!

Javier: She wasn't going to shoot!

David: Believe me, she was. Because I would have.

Javier: Did you really need to break her arm?! That wasn't necessary!

David: Okay. Don't thank me.

Javier: Thank you! You just saved my life.

Kate: She was just a scared woman, David!

David: It's done. Get over it.

David: Okay. Don't thank me.

Fern scoots backward, nearing the gun. David draws his own pistol.

Gabe: No!

Gabe grabs David, and gets elbowed backward.

Javier: David!

David: Gabe! Oh, my god, I--I'm so sorry! That was an accident!

Gabe: You were going to kill her!

David: She was going for her gun!

Gabe: Look at her!

David looks at Fern, who is huddled in the corner, crying.

David: Gabe, I'm--

Gabe: She can't even stand up! What the hell is wrong with you?!

Javier: He was just being safe, Gabe.

Gabe: That doesn't mean she has to die! That hasn't isn't the answer for everything!

Javier: It was over the line, Gabe. You're right.

Javier: Fern pulled a gun on me, Gabe. And Kate! Don't feel sorry for her.

Gabe: That doesn't mean she has to die! That hasn't isn't the answer for everything!

Javier says nothing.

David: Gabe... I'm sorry. I--I didn't mean to do that to you... You know that. Why the hell are you all looking at me that way?

Javier: They're just... They're scared, David.

David: Of what?! I'm protecting them!

Kate: Then why are you pointing a gun at us?!

David: So I'm all alone? Fine, then. You people are on your own.

David puts his gun away and leaves the room.

Gabe: Such an asshole.

Kate: I've seen that look in his eyes before. You should go after him.

Javi leaves the room.


Javi walks onto the roof of the building. David is standing on the ledge.

Javier: David? What are you doing?

Javier: Come on! Just take step back! You wouldn't want to...you know...slip, or something.

Javier: That's a long way down. You'll fall fast, but you'll fall, all the same.

Javier: Thinking it over isn't gonna do you any favors. If you wanna jump...just jump.

Javier says nothing.

David: Come over here. Or are you afraid of me, too? I know the rest of them are. Right?

Javier: I won't lie to you, man. You have been acting pretty scary.

David: So you are afraid of me.

Javier: You brought it on yourself, David.

David will remember that.

Javier: I'm a lot more afraid of falling. And I'm even more afraid of landing.

David: There's nothing to be afraid of. It'd be over in an instant.

Javier: Even if they are, I'm not. I've dealt with scarier than you, brother.

David will remember that.

David: There's no "if", Javi. They are.

You avoided the question.

David: Why am I even asking? Of course they are. And you are too.

David: My wife, Javi. My son... They look at me differently.

Javier: Maybe you're seeing them differently.

David: I want to show you something. Stand with me.

Javier: That's enough, man, c'mon.

David is disappointed you didn't join him.

Javi looks over the edge. The streets below are swarmed with a large herd of walkers.

Javier: Just stand down, man!

David steps off the ledge, back onto the building.

David: I didn't expect you to understand.

Javi stands on the ledge next to David. The streets below are swarmed with a large herd of walkers.

You stood beside your brother.

Javier: Uh... Why the hell are you smiling?

David: See that sewer line over there? Perfect placement for a trench. That hill about a hundred paces west of it... A sniper's wildest dream come true. I'm a soldier, Javi. I see this landscape like a painter sees a blank canvas. Like how you used to see a baseball diamond. I'm a soldier. This makes sense to me. I was made for this. I thrive in this.

Javier: You've said some weird shit before, man. But that's your blue-ribbon winner there.

David: I didn't expect you to understand.

Javier: Maybe it's crazy... Sometimes crazy things make sense, if only a little.

David: I'm surprised you understand.

Javier: Baseball was a lifetime ago. I miss it so fucking much.

David: When I wasn't deployed, I'd miss being out in the field. Now, that's all I am. Every day.

David: I didn't expect you to understand.

David: A soldier isn't a husband... Or a father. A soldier is a soldier... Nothing else. Nothing... Nothing at all.

Javier: Call yourself whatever you want... I still see you as my brother.

David: That is kind of you to say, Javi. I wish...I wish I had your heart, sometimes.

Javier: Nothing wrong with being a soldier. Hell, we should all be one.

David: Yeah... I used to think the same thing.

Javier: I don't quite buy it. Maybe you are a soldier now... But you were a son, once.

David: That was...a long time ago. Maybe too long...

Javier says nothing.

David: I want to change, Javi. I always have.

Javier: Really? All you ever tried to do was get me to change.

David: Only because I couldn't bring myself to do it first. It's the one war I could never win. And I'm wondering why. Is it because I don't know how? Or because it's impossible to change who you really are?

Javier: You don't need to change a goddamn thing about yourself... Except thinking that you need to change.

David appreciates your compassion.

David: That is kind of you to say, Javi.

David: Like I said...I wish I had that heart of yours.

David: I wish...I wish I had your heart, sometimes. Maybe you're right.

Javier: Maybe.

David: Just gotta live long enough to find out.

Javier: Just like with anything else.

Javier: I don't know, man. Some things... Some things can't be moved, no matter how hard we push. Maybe you're one of them.

David appreciates your honesty.

David: Maybe... I hope you're wrong, Javi. But like Pa always said, "Hope in one hand, shit in the other..."

Javier: "See which fills up first."

Javier: There's a way. There always is, no matter how lost you are. You just have to keep looking until you find it.

David appreciates your loyalty.

David: Looks pretty messy.

Javier: For now...

David: Maybe you're right.

Javier: Maybe.

David: Just gotta live long enough to find out.

Javier: Just like with anything else.

David noticed your silence.

David: You don't have to say anything. I know what you're thinking. It's impossible. I can't change. Maybe you're right.

Javier: Maybe.

David: Just gotta live long enough to find out.

Javier: Just like with anything else.

Javier: I did what you asked.

David: You did. Thanks for that.

Javier: So now will you step back?

David: Sure.

David and Javi step off the ledge, back onto the building.

Kate opens the door to the roof.

Kate: I found them! They're up here! Be careful, Javi. I ran into--

Clem, Gabe, and Tripp/Ava walk onto the roof.

Clementine: He was still outside when we checked on the entrances.

Gabe: The muertos were everywhere! We got him inside just in time. So we let him in. There were so many muertos out there.

Javier: Thank god you're okay, man. I was worried. Tripp...about earlier.

Tripp: Yeah...about that.

Javier: Well...this won't be awkward whatsoever. Tripp...about earlier.

Tripp: Yeah...about that.

Javier: That was the right thing to do. Proud of you, buddy. Tripp...about earlier.

Tripp: Yeah...about that.

Tripp: Let's hash it out. No time like the present.

Tripp: I ain't gonna punch you in the teeth. Though I got every right.

Javier: Really? Figured you'd put up a little bit of a fight.

Tripp: Oh, I'd love nothing more, but... Ah, just...can't shake this "slippery" feeling I got. Like I'm...standing in shoes that don't quite fit. You picked me to die, and someone else did instead. Ain't sitting right. Not one bit.

Javier: I don't know what to tell you, man. It was...fucked up.

Tripp: No doubt. Top to bottom.

Javier: I knew she wouldn't shoot you. I...I knew she was gonna shoot Ava instead.

Tripp: Don't bullshit a bullshitter, partner.

Javier: I stand by my decision. I'd do it again.

Tripp: I respect that--strength of conviction.

Javier says nothing.

Tripp: I keep putting myself in your position...about Conrad, about all of this. Asking myself over and over again, whether I'd do the same. I'd love to tell you I wouldn't. I really would. But I can't. If someone threatened my family, I'd shoot 'em in a heartbeat. Hell, I'd shoot 'em twice, to make sure the lesson stuck. It's a complicated world. But at least there's people to share it with. Bygones? How about it? I'm in, if you are.

Javier: I'm lucky to know you, Tripp. You're a good man.

Javier: Glad you're finally seeing things my way. Took you long enough.

Tripp: Heh, heh... Alright, dickhead.

Javier: You bet. Bygones.


Tripp: Try not to piss me off again. Please.

Tripp: I ain't gonna ask why you picked Ava. After Eleanor...I'm done trying to sort out what's in other people's hearts. Let's just figure out this shit before more piles on.

Clementine: She was still outside when we checked on the entrances.

Gabe: The muertos were everywhere! We got her inside just in time. Seriously, I've never seen so many muertos. It's awful out there.

Javier: I'm glad you're okay, Ava. It's great to see you. Look, about earlier...

Javier: Well...this won't be awkward whatsoever. Ava, about earlier...

Javier: That was the right thing to do. Proud of you, buddy. Ava, about earlier...

Ava: Got nothing to say, huh? You're a special kind of coward, aren't you?

Javier: I guess I owe you an explanation. About what happened on the stage, with Joan and Tripp.

Ava: You don't have to say anything to me. Your actions said plenty. I read you loud and clear. But go ahead and say whatever you want.

Javier: Hey, don't get mad at me! It was a total no-win scenario.

Javier: I saw through her little scheme. I...I knew she was gonna shoot Tripp instead.

Javier: I stand by my decision. I'd do it again.

Javier says nothing.

Ava: Just be glad the situation was what it was. And that she didn't make me pick between you and your brother.

Kate: There's so many. They're pouring in.

Tripp: It's even worse than you think. The streets are overrun. Nowhere to go except inside the buildings. And those smelly fuckers are beating down every door. We're sittin' goddamn ducks here. Everyone in town is.

Ava: You don't know the half of it. The herd has taken over Richmond. The streets are filled with walkers. With that hole in the wall, this city is fucked. We're not safe here. No one is.

Kate: Jesus Christ, what the fuck have we done?

Gabe: So what do we do?! I don't wanna die up here.

David: None of us do, Gabe.

Javier: We watch out for ourselves. We're top priority.

David likes your plan.

David: Absolutely.

Kate: The best way to protect ourselves is to protect this place. I saw construction vehicles when we got the armored truck. We can use those to stop the muertos, seal the breach, and save Richmond.

Javier: Take out each and every one of them. Kill them before they kill us.

Gabe likes your plan.

Gabe: I saw construction vehicles when we got that truck. Bulldozers and stuff. What if we used one of those to just...I don't know...run the muertos over?

Javier: Stabilize the city. Figure out how to make it safer for everyone.

Kate likes your plan.

Kate: I saw construction vehicles when we got the armored truck. We can use those to stop the muertos, seal the breach, and save Richmond.

Kate: The best way to protect ourselves is to protect this place. I saw construction vehicles when we got the armored truck. We can use those to stop the muertos, seal the breach, and save Richmond.

David: That's over by the motor pool at the water tower. We could use the highway overpass to get to the water tower.

Javier: Come on. Let's jump!

Javi runs and jumps off the roof onto the fire escape.

Javier: Come on! It's an easy jump.

The rest of the group jumps over to the fire escape and climbs up to a different roof.

David: Keep your eyes open, stay aware of your surroundings. All of you. Let's move out.

David: When we found Kate earlier, she hugged you. Why do you think she hugged you?

David: When we found Kate earlier? She walked right past me. Like she didn't even know who I was. Right past me... And right towards you.

David: Why was that? Just wondering.

Javier: I...don't know what you're talking about, man. You're seeing things.

David: Yeah... I guess it was pretty crazy out there...

Javier: That can only mean one thing. She likes me more.

David: Not a great time to joke around, Javi.

Javier: You really wanna know? Then ask her.

David: She won't even make eye contact with me.

David: It was just weird. That's all.

On the streets below, the soldier who stabbed Javi is devoured by walkers.

David: We need to be careful up here or else the exact same thing will happen to us. Stay sharp, and do not fire your guns. We're gonna be fine. That guy was all alone. We're not.

The group climbs over a fallen billboard and onto the highway.


David: Everyone hold back. Let Javi and I clear out these walkers.

David and Javi kill the walkers on the highway.

David: Good to go, let's move.

In the distance, a herd of walkers follows the group.

Javier: You okay, bud?

Gabe: When I was little, Dad used to ask me what I wanted to be when I was a man. And I'd point at him. He always liked that. I thought he was such a great guy. It would always make him smile. Every time.

Javier: If he asked you again right now... Would you say the same?

Gabe: He hasn't asked me yet.

Javier: Yeah, lots of kids hero-worship like that. It's part of the job.

Gabe: Yeah. I guess it was.

Javier: David may not be perfect... But he's not the worst role model in the world.

Gabe: Maybe...

Javier says nothing.

Kate kills a nearby walker.

Gabe: "Never be like your uncle!" He told me that all the time. "Don't be a man who relies on other people to solve your problems... Because then you're not a man at all." I used to think he was right. Not anymore, though, Javi. I can only hope I grow up to be like you. So... Here's hoping.

Javier: Oh... Well, thanks, buddy! Means a lot.

Gabe: I'm sorry I never really said it before. I should have.

Javier: Thanks a million.

Gabe: You're welcome a million!

Javier: I just can't believe your dad said that. It's pretty shitty.

Gabe: He was wrong. You know that. So do I.

Javier: I hate to admit it, but... The guy may have had a point. I screwed up pretty badly, buddy.

Gabe: So what? You bounced back. Dad was wrong.

Javier says nothing.

Gabe: You took such good care of me. Now we need to take care of Dad. He's the one that needs our help.

The group reaches a section that is blocked by a pile of cars.

Javier: We're gonna have to go around the side.

Kate: There's barely any room.

Javier: No time to waste. Come on.

The group walks along the edge of the highway.

Kate: You know, I didn't there was much that could scare me anymore. And yet, here we are. Just goes to show you, life is full of surprises.

Gabe: Oh, my god, oh, my god, oh, my god.

Javier: This isn't that bad. I believe in you, guys! You can do this!

Javier: I'm not just scared. I'm fucking terrified.

Javier: Fear is the coffee of emotions. Wakes you up, keeps you sharp. It can be a friend if you let it.

Javier says nothing.

Everyone but Javi and Tripp/Ava reach the other side. A car behind Javi falls slightly, bumping into Javi.

Tripp: Take my hand, man!

Javi grabs Tripp's hand and steadies himself.

Javier: Thanks, Tripp. That was...

A walker in the car jumps out at Tripp.

Tripp: Shit my nuts!

Tripp throws the walker off the highway.

Tripp: Aaah! Fuck you, fuckstick! Son of a goddamn!

Javi and Tripp reach the other side.

Tripp: This ain't nothin'. Once we're back on the ground? That's when this shit's really gonna get scary. Got a bad feeling. Good Lord. It's nasty down there. Can't even describe it...

Javier: Thought I was toast there.

Tripp: You almost were.

Javier: If we make it down there, I'll owe you one.

Tripp: When we make it down there. There'll be plenty of opportunities for that.

Javier: You just saved my life...thanks, Tripp. I'm glad you have my back.

Tripp: Lucky catch, that's all.

Javier: God, it never ends. This shit is way too fucking dangerous.

Tripp: Amen to that. Still, though, I'll take dangerous to dead any day.

Tripp: You'll see.

Ava: Grab my hand!

Javi grabs Ava's hand and steadies himself.

Ava: You've got to be more careful!

Javier: I was being--

A walker in the car jumps out at Ava.

Ava: The fuck?!

The walker and Ava fall off the highway.

Javier: Holy shit!

David: Oh, my god! Ava! Fuck! Oh--goddamn it, no!

Javier: I'm sorry, man. I know she was important to you!

David appreciates the sentiment.

David: I would've died a long time ago without her. Thank you, Ava. Goodbye, my friend.

Javier: Ava sacrificed herself to save me. She was a fighter. Didn't take shit from anybody. You were lucky to have her. We all were.

David appreciates Ava's courage.

David: I would've died a long time ago without her. Thank you, Ava. Goodbye, my friend.

Javier: I was gonna die! She saved my life, David.

David appreciates Ava's courage.

David: She would do it again, too. Let's keep going. Ava would kick my ass if she knew I was sitting around crying.

David: Let's keep going. Ava would kick my ass if she knew I was sitting around crying.

The group reaches an area that is broken across the middle, with only a helicopter between the two sides of the highway.

David: We have to get across.

Gabe walks over to the edge. David grabs his arm to pull him back, and Gabe shrugs him away.

Clementine: I know Gabe doesn't see it, but David really is trying to look out for him. He's not doing the best job, but...no one gives you a rulebook to raise a kid.

Javier: They sure as shit don't.

Clementine: There's just one thing I don't get, though... Did David really think he was helping AJ by letting him go? Why did he stop guarding him?

Javier: Parenting isn't easy. You give 'em all you got--they tell you it's not enough--but you love the little shits anyway. C'mon, you must've learned that too.

Clementine: I did. That's what makes it even harder to understand, though.

Javier: Maybe you should ask him that? It might be that he just didn't care. Not everyone's like you, Clem. Not everyone wants to take care of a baby.

Clementine: I guess not, but...

Javier: He was afraid. Holding a baby in his arms probably scared him ten times more than any muerto.

Clementine: I don't understand.

Clementine: Just getting rid of him?

Clementine: After you put in all that work. So much of your heart...

David: AJ was a brat. He lived with me after we kicked you out, Clem. And I had already raised two kids--thought it'd be a piece of cake! Pfft! Not with that tyrant!

Javier: Is that why you gave him away?

David: We had a bad winter. Destroyed every crop we had. I couldn't leave Richmond--and AJ couldn't stay in Richmond. I gave AJ to Lingard and told him to do whatever he had to to save his life. I miss that brat. Never asked Lingard about it again. Though I've wanted to... Often.

Javier: You should've tried harder. There's always a way. He was your responsibility! You don't get to abandon that.

David: Don't think it doesn't haunt me.

Javier: Sounds like it was your only option. You did the right thing.

David: I hope so. I think about it...every day.

Javier: I'll bet the little brat misses you too. Both of you.

David: Don't think it doesn't haunt me. Not a day goes by where it doesn't.

David: It wasn't easy, Clem. Remember: far as I knew, I had already lost two children. Wasn't any easier with number three.

Javier: It's never easy.

David: I'm gonna keep you alive--keep all of us alive--and hope that that's enough... Enough for atonement.

Clementine: We're all abandoned, one way or the other, eventually. I guess AJ's no different.

Clementine: No one survives by doing what their heart says. They survive by doing what their brain says. If that was his best chance to live--I get it.

Clementine: Huh. He was a brat, huh? A goofy little brat... You were trying to take care of him. Sometimes, that's not so easy. Reminds me of someone who did the same thing for me. You did the right thing.

Clementine: He was your responsibility! No matter what.

David: I thought...it was best.

Clementine: You thought wrong!

David: Yeah... Maybe I did.

David and Clem walk away. Javi approaches the helicopter and sees a walker cut in half.

Javier: Holy shit! Chopped right in half...

Javier: What the hell happened here?

Javier: No way we're jumping across that.

Javier: There's the water tower. Not too far away.

Javi grabs the helicopter blade.

David: You're not thinking...

Javier: It's that, or go back.

David: We should go lightest to heaviest, that way it won't break on the first swing.

Gabe: I'll go first, Clem.

David: Get a long run-up, but not too long. If you take too many quick steps, you'll propel yourself upward instead of out. Same with your jump: just run off the end. Don't leap. Try not to--

Clementine: David, he's got this.

Gabe: She's right. I do.

Gabe grabs the chopper blade and swings across to the other side. He pushes the blade back to the others.

Javier: Come on, Clem. Your turn.

Clementine goes across.

Kate: For the record, I do not trust this thing. Not at all. It's one thing for the kids to swing across, but us?

Javier: You've got this. I've seen you do things that are way scarier.

Kate: Okay. I can do it.

Javier: So you'd rather stay here? I thought you wanted to fix things.

Kate: Yeah, yeah... You're right. Okay. Here goes nothing.

Javier: Here's the secret: I guarantee you, you'll be just fine if you follow my advice perfectly.

Kate: Okay.

Javier: Whatever you do...don't fall.

Kate: I'm gonna push you off the side of this thing.

Javier: Well, you can't deny I'm right!

Kate: We can't go back, right? Okay. Here goes nothing.

Kate goes across.

Javier: Alright, David. You're up.

David: You're the little brother... You should go first. You're definitely lighter.

Javier: Aw, c'mon! You know the drill! Age before beauty.

David: Ah, you fucker.

Javier: After you. Show me how it's done.

David: Okay. Pay attention!

Javier: Maybe I am younger. But I'm not little anymore.

David: Okay, big guy!

David: We can't wait around forever.

David goes across, bending the chopper blade. The herd approaches Javi and determinantly Tripp.

Tripp: I'm going last, brother.

Javier: Tripp, you don't have to.

Tripp: Just go, before I throw you across.

As Javi goes across, the blade breaks and bends downward, but Javi manages to hold on.

Kate: Javi!

Clementine: Javi!

Gabe: Javi!

David: Javi, hang on!

The top half of a walker is tied to a rope connected to the chopper. It reaches toward Javier as he climbs up the blade. Javi grabs its intestines and swings it to the side, and it gets impaled on a piece of rebar sticking out of the highway. As he continues climbing, the blade breaks again, and he grabs onto a pole.

David: C'mon, man!

Javi manages to climb up and join the others.

Javier: Tripp!

Tripp: It's alright, y'all!

Tripp fires at the approaching walkers.

Tripp: Shit!

Clementine: We should go back for him!

David: How?

Tripp: Don't be fucking thick! I can...I can handle this!

Tripp continues firing, then runs out of ammo.

Tripp: Oh, shit.

Kate: Tripp!

David: Don't give up!

Kate: Oh, my god!

Javier: He'll figure this out.

Javier: We gotta try! We can't just leave him!

They will remember that.

Javier: There's no way to save him. This isn't fair!

They will remember that.

Javier says nothing.

Tripp: Y'all head out now. I don't want you seeing this.

Clementine: No! Come on!

Gabe: Tripp!

Kate: No!

David fires at the walkers, but several of them manage to grab Tripp.

Javier: Tripp, no!

The walkers tackle Tripp off the bridge, and he gets hit by a piece of rebar.

Clementine: He went out fighting. I hope I do, too.

David: I'm sorry about your friend, Javi. He seemed like a good guy. The kind of guy you want on your side in a fight. That's priceless.

Javier: Come on. We're almost there.

Kate: You okay?

Javier: That was quite the little ride there! Definitely can't go back now.

Clementine: Glad you made it!

David: Enough! Come on.

Javier: Oh, my--fuck that! Seriously? Fuck you, helicopter!

Javier: Good work, everyone! Just like we rehearsed.

Kate: I don't know, I think we can do better. Head back over. Let's try that again!

David: Enough! Come on.

Kate: No more of that, ever.

Clementine: Glad you made it!

Javier: Almost there...

The group continues walking.

Water Tower

The group reaches the water tower. The garage below is swarmed with a herd.

Javier: I miss when all we did was track the herd. From a safe distance.

Kate: We need to get down there. We're not getting anywhere without one of those vehicles.

David: It's not like we can just ask all those walkers to move out of the way.

Gabe: How about we make some noise and distract them? We can use that generator.

Javier: That's a great idea, Gabe.

David: When'd you get so smart, Gabe? You really aren't the same kid I remember. I'm impressed Really.

Javier: Hey, don't give him too big of a head. He's still got some learning to do.

David: Don't listen to him, Gabe. You're doing just fine.

Javier: Oh, what can I say? I taught him well.

David: Oh, my god, Javi. Really?

Gabe: It's okay, Dad. He's right.

Javier: It's pretty obvious. You should've tried noticing.

David: I'm definitely paying attention from now on. Proud of you, Gabe.

Gabe: Uh... Thanks.

Gabe: Oh... Thanks, Dad.

Kate: We still gotta get to the generator somehow.

Clementine: Cut a walker open and cover yourself with its guts. Then you can slip right through them. What?

Javier: That's a great idea. Gross idea, but great. I could've saved my water bottle!

Javier: Please, tell me you're kidding. (Clem shakes her head) I said please.

Javier: That works? You can do that? Learn something new every day.

Javier says nothing.

Clementine: So...who's gonna do it?

Clementine: You know, you...do kinda owe me one. You let Conrad use me as trade. That wasn't very polite.

Javier: If it makes us even...

Clementine: Javi, you've been willing to do some crazy stuff for me before. I know shooting Conrad wasn't easy. But it showed me I can always depend on you.

Javier: Of course, Clem.

Clementine: Look, it smells really bad, like, way worse than you think.

Javi climbs down the water tower.


Javi hides behind a dumpster.

Javier: You'll do.

Javi whistles, and a walker approaches him. He kills it and drags it behind the dumpster.

Javier: Okay...you can do this, Javier.

Javi cuts open the walker.

Javier: Holy fucking god...ugh. God. Ughh. I think...I'm gonna be sick.

Javi scoops up some guts.

Javier: Oh, this sucks, this sucks, this sucks, this sucks...

Javi covers himself in the guts.

Javier: Do you just literally eat shit all day long? Is that why you smell so bad? Okay, that better be enough.

Javi walks through the herd and turns on the generator. While the walkers are drawn toward the noise, the rest of the group joins Javi in the garage.

Clementine: You did it, Javi!

David: Barely.

Javier: Now that we're here, we've gotta find something to seal the breach with. All we need is the right vehicle.

Javier: Now that we're here, let's find something we can take out all the muertos with.

Gabe: Definitely.

Kate: We're saving the city before we do anything else. We've gotta find something to seal the breach with. All we need is the right vehicle.

Javier: Now that we're here, let's find something reinforced like you said, David. Something to help us move around. Safely.

Kate: We're saving the city before we do anything else. We've gotta find something to seal the breach with. All we need is the right vehicle.

David walks up to a truck.

Javier: Uh, that's not gonna do the job, man...

David: Yes. It is.

Javier: What are you doing?

David: The right thing. I'm leaving. We're all leaving.

Javier: What? And going where? You saw it yourself, we're surrounded by the herd!

David: I'm taking my family out of here. You helped keep them safe, Clem. You're coming, too. Let's go! Everyone. We can't wait around.

Kate: This is bullshit, David!

Javier: Absolutely not! Everyone in Richmond will die without us!

David: They don't matter, Javi. Don't you get that?

Javier: We can't split up. We're dead if we do.

David: Then we don't split up. We protect each other. Like family.

Javier: They don't exactly love us back there. That's not a bad idea, David.

Kate: What?!

Javier says nothing.

Kate: This all started the day we knocked on Richmond's door. We brought this upon these people. All of us! We can't abandon them! Not after what we've done!

David: We're going home, Kate! Back to the last place we were a family. We're starting over. We're all together again. Finally. It's time. All of us. A new day. A new life.

Javier: That's crazy talk, David. Home is gone. Just like everything else.

David: I thought you guys were gone once, and I was wrong. Maybe you're wrong, too.

Javier: What about here, man? Make Richmond our new home.

David: Richmond is gone, Javi. I'm not gonna let the people I love die trying to save a dead dream.

Javier: I wouldn't mind starting over. Maybe not back home, but...somewhere.

David: It's right out there waiting for us, brother.

Kate: There's no home to go back to, David! It's gone!

David: I thought you guys were gone once, and I was wrong. Maybe you're wrong, too.

Gabe: I'll go with you, Dad.

Clementine: Gabe?

Gabe: He's my father, Clem. I'm sorry, but...you really wouldn't understand.

Javier: Think this over, buddy.

Kate: Gabe, is this what you really want?

Gabe: I know it's scary out there, but...I have to.

David: You don't have to be afraid, Gabe. I won't let what happened to Mariana happen to you. You have my word. I'll protect you. The right way.

Javier: Don't you dare say her name. Your men killed her. Which means you killed her.

Gabe: Javi, just...stop.

Javier: That's fucking bullshit, David. She was lucky to have us. At least we were actually around to raise her.

Gabe: Javi, just...stop.

Javier: We always hoped you would come back. I wish you had gotten to know her. Her smile, man...it was like sunshine.

David: I'm not missing another minute with my family now.

David: I'm not missing another minute with my family now.

Gabe: This is what I want.

Kate: I...I understand, Gabe. I'm still going back. I won't be able to live with myself if I don't try to help the people in Richmond.

David: You won't be able to live at all if you do that. Richmond is compromised. Doesn't matter if there were five of us trying to save it or five hundred. We'd all die. I know a losing battle when I see one. We're moving out. Everybody get in. That's an order!

Kate slaps David.

Kate: How fucking dare you! What will it take, David? What will it take to show you that you do not get to do that?! We are not your soldiers! Run away home. Be a deserter. I am done with you.

Kate: Let's go, Javi.

David: Why the fuck do you think he would go with you?

Kate kisses Javi.

Kate: Tell him.

David: What the fuck is this? Javi!

Javier: David, I thought you were dead. We were together in that van for years, David. I mean, years! You...you shouldn't be so surprised.

You admitted to the relationship.

Javier: You weren't a good husband to her, David. She deserves better. That's me.

You defended your relationship.

Javier: I love her, man. (holds hands with Kate) We're...in love!

You defended your relationship.


Kate: I can't believe I ever loved you. I can't believe I ever loved either of you.

David: Javi, what the hell is she talking about? Javi!

Javier: Those were her feelings, David, not mine. I'm innocent.

You blamed Kate.

David: How much of a fucking idiot do you think I am, Javi?

Javier: I never acted inappropriately. I could have, I didn't. The end.

You denied the relationship.

David: How much of a fucking idiot do you think I am, Javi?

Javier: I may have felt...something...once. When I found out you were alive, though, I pushed those feelings away. You have to believe me.

You admitted to the relationship.

David: I don't have to believe a goddamn thing.

You avoided the question.

Kate: Don't worry, David. Javi made it pretty clear. There isn't anything between us.

David: How much of a fucking idiot do you think I am, Javi?

David: I should've known. I should've known the night Pa died. The night you weren't there. Blood is worthless to you. Just like he was to you. Just like I am to you. Well, it's time for you to finally learn what blood really means.

David punches Javi.

Kate: David!

Gabe: Dad!

David: What do you have to say for yourself...brother?

Kate: David! Stop it!

Javier: I love you.

David: No...no, you don't get to say that!

Javi punches David.

You broke your promise to your father.

You chose to fight.

Javi punches David again.

Javier: Fuck you, David!

Kate: Jesus Christ, stop!

David punches Javi.

David grabs a wrench.

David: You bastard! You're not taking my family from me!

Kate: David, no!

Clementine: Both of you, stop!

Javi blocks David as he tries to hit him with the wrench.

Javi headbutts David.

Javier: Fucking asshole!

David shoves Javi away.

David: Fuck you!

Gabe: Guys, stop!

Kate: That's enough, both of you! Stop!

David charges Javi, who can punch him in the stomach.

Javier: Get off me!

David hits Javi with the wrench.

David knocks Javi to the ground.

Gabe: Dad, no!

Gabe grabs David's arm, and he hits Gabe with the wrench.

Kate: Gabe!

Clementine: Oh, my god!

David chokes Javi with the wrench.

Kate: David, no!

David: I'm gonna fucking kill you!

Javi tries to push the wrench away.

Javier says nothing.

David repeatedly punches Javi.

Kate: Jesus Christ, stop!

David grabs a wrench.

David: How fucking dare you!

Kate: That's enough! Stop it!

Clementine: David, stop!

Gabe: Oh, my god!

Javier: I love you.

David: No! Stop saying that!

(Same as the other "Fight back" option, without Javi's first two punches.)

Javi says nothing.

David hits Javi with the wrench.

Gabe: Dad, no!

Gabe grabs David's arm, and he hits Gabe with the wrench.

Kate: Gabe!

Clementine: Oh, my god!

David chokes Javi with the wrench.

David: You're not taking my family from me!

Kate: David, no!

David: I'm gonna fucking kill you!

Kate: Fucking stop!

Clementine: I'm warning you! Stop!

Javier: I love you...brother.

You kept your promise to your father.

You did not fight your brother.

David: Noooo!

Javi slaps David across the face.

You did not fight your brother.

Clementine shoots David in the shoulder.

David: Ahh, fuck!

Clementine points a gun at David's head. He gets up and raises his hands.

Clem shoots at an approaching walker.

David: Fuck!

Kate: Holy shit!

David and Javi fight off some of the walkers.

Kate: Javi!

Clem, Javi, and Kate run into the garage.

Javier: David?

David closes the garage door.

Javier: What the hell is he doing?

Javi opens the door.

Clem opens the door.

David and Gabe drive away in the truck, attracting the herd.

Clementine: David took him!

Kate: We can't wait any longer. We have to go help Richmond. I'm getting on that bulldozer!

Clementine: But Gabe!

Kate: Gabe wanted to go! He did! We all heard it!

Clementine: You're...you're right.

Kate: I'm going to save Richmond. Someone has to.

Clementine: I'm with you, Javi. We can go after Gabe on that motorcycle, or go help Kate on the bulldozer. Wherever you go, I go.

Clementine has decided to go with you.

Clementine: I'll use that motorcycle and go after Gabe. Javi, you should help Kate.

Javier: What about you, Clem?

Clementine: I can take care of myself.

Clementine has decided to go after Gabe.

Clementine: You're gonna need as much help as you can get, Kate. I'll go with you.

Kate: Okay. Javi, you hop on that motorcycle and go after Gabe.

Javier: What about you two?

Clementine: I can take care of myself.

Clementine has decided to go with Kate.

Clementine: Let's split up, Javi. I'll go after Gabe on that motorcycle if you don't. Otherwise, I'll go with Kate on the bulldozer.

Javier: Are you sure you'll be okay without me?

Clementine: I can take care of myself.

Clementine will help the person you don't choose.

Kate: We're out of time!

Clementine: Javi... I'm sorry, I've been here before. More than once. It's not gonna end well for everyone. You have to decide.

Clementine's Comments

Clementine: It's hard to be caught in the middle. I know that.

Clementine: Don't worry about me, Javi! I'll be okay!

Clementine: We're running out of time!

Clementine: Listen to your heart, Javi.

Clementine: You're gonna have to pick the person you care about most.

Clementine: Javi!

Javier: I'm not gonna risk either of you getting hurt. We save the city. Together. Let's go seal the breach.

Clementine: Then we go after Gabe?

Javier: Then we go after Gabe. If we don't die first.

Javier: I can't let Kate go by herself, it's too dangerous. I'm going with Kate to save the city.

Clementine: Okay, I understand.

Javier: Be careful out there, Clem.

Clementine: You too. Both of you.

Javier: I can't let Kate go by herself, it's too dangerous. I'm going with Kate to save the city.

Clementine: Okay, then I'll go after Gabe. It's the smart idea.

Javier: Be careful out there, Clem.

Clementine: You too. Both of you.

Javier: I can't let Kate go by herself, it's too dangerous. I'm going with Kate to save the city. What about you, Clem?

Clementine: Like I said, I'm with you, Javi. Let's go save Richmond. Then we go after Gabe?

Javier: Then we go after Gabe. If we don't die first.

Javi takes some guns.

Javier: If we're gonna drive into the herd, we're going to need these.

Javier: Someone has to go after Gabe. I guess I'm that someone.

Clementine: Okay. Kate and I will watch out for each other.

Javier: You're gonna have to.

Javier: Someone has to go after Gabe. I guess I'm that someone.

Clementine: Okay, then I'll go help Kate. It's the smart idea. Kate and I will watch out for each other.

Javier: You're gonna have to.

Javier: Kate's gonna have to save Richmond on her own. I have to get Gabe. I'm going with you, Clem.

Kate: I understand.

Clementine: Please be careful, Kate.

Kate: Don't worry about me. I got a fucking bulldozer. Those muertos are pancakes.

Javier: I have to go after Gabe.

Clementine: Like I said, I'm with you, Javi. We're going after him together. Please be careful, Kate.

Kate: Don't worry about me. I got a fucking bulldozer. Those muertos are pancakes.

Kate: C'mere, ugly.

Kate and Javi kiss.

Kate: Go get him.

Javier: Yes, ma'am.

Kate: I want you to be safe out there, Javi.

Javier: No problem. Do you mind returning the favor?

Kate: Sure. Thanks for asking.

The group heads out.


The bulldozer mows down walkers. Jesus and other Kingdom soldiers are killing walkers.

Jesus: Well, there's a happy sight. Can you help us get the gate open?

Javier: Almost didn't recognize you, Jesus!

Jesus: Once I got in contact with my people, I headed right back. Had to make sure you folks were safe.

Kate: I think I'm getting the hang of this!

Javier: We'll keep the muertos away. Just get me to the gate so I can open it up.

Clementine: I got your back, Javi!

Javi and determinantly Clem shoot at the walkers. Kate continues to bulldoze over them.

Kate: We're almost there! Javi, get in the busket and I'll lift you to the top of the gate!

Javier: Busket?

Kate: The thing in the front! The "scooper" thing. Whatever! Get in it!

Clementine: I'll keep them off you.

Javi starts to climb down and a walker grabs his leg; he kicks it away and it gets run over.

Javier: Aw, yuck!

Kate: Javi, the busket!

Javier: Right. Yeah. Busket.

Jesus: Nice of you folks to drop by!

Javi gets into the busket, and it lifts Javi up. He climbs onto the top of the gate.

Javier: I'll have it open in a second!

Javi climbs up to the control panel.

Javier: They couldn't just have an "open gate" button?

Nothing happens.

A loud honking sound is heard.

Javier: Ah, shit!

Jesus: Are you trying to attract even more walkers?

Javier: No!

A loud beeping sound is heard.

Javier: Definitely not.

The wall shakes.

Javier: Okay. Never pull that lever again, Javier.

A squealing sound is heard.

Javier: Ah! Nope!

Javi pushes the green button and the gate opens.

Kate: You did it, Javi!

Javier: Bingo.

Kingdom Soldier: Let's get inside and wrangle the walkers together! If we get them in one group, we can lead them right out!

The group moves through the streets of Richmond, soon reaching a large group of walkers.

Javier: Full steam ahead!

Javi and determinantly Clem fire at the walkers.

Javier: There's too many! Try the other setting!

Javier: Aw, fuck this!

Javi and determinantly Clem change the setting on the gun and rapidly fire at the walkers.

Kate: They're piling up on the thing! The busket!

They fire at the walkers on the busket.

Javier: Shit, I'm empty!

Kate shoots the walkers.

Kate: Here! Take over!

Javi gets in the driver's seat.

Kate: Let's plug the breach with the damn truck!

Javi drives through the street and bumps into a truck.

Javier: Here we go...

Javi uses the busket to lift up the truck.

Javier: Fingers crossed...

Javi drives forward and sets down the truck to block the hole in the wall.

Javier: That's it! Let's get out of here!

The group gets off the bulldozer. The Kingdomers continue killing the walkers inside Richmond.

Kingdom Soldier 1: Jesus! Over here!

Kingdom Soldier 2: We need to round up these walkers!

Kingdom Soldier 1: Head 'em towards the gate!

Javier: Welcome back.

Jesus: I thought we were coming back to... Well, not to this. Just a little surprising. That's all.

Javier: I'm just glad you didn't give up on us. Real glad.

Jesus: I gave you my word.

Javier: This? Oh, this is just another Tuesday in Richmond!

Jesus: We need to get it under control. Trouble in one place usually finds its way to another.

Javier: Yeah, we've had some...difficulties.

Jesus: Certainly one way to put it.

Jesus: We need to get it under control. Trouble in one place usually finds its way to another.

Clementine: Javi, we have to go after Gabe. These guys can take care of the rest of the walkers.

Kate: Go, Javi! I'll help out here.

Javier: Okay. Let's go, Clem!

Javi and Clem find Gabe and David's truck crashed and surrounded by walker corpses. Inside, they see David with his head smashed in.

Javier: David, no...

Clem kills some approaching walkers. Javi finds Gabe lying in an alley nearby, covered in blood.

Javier: Gabriel! Oh, please, no!

Gabe: I...I...

Gabe shows that he has been bitten on the wrist.

Javier: No... No!

Gabe: I tried to stop him, Javi... That's when we crashed.

Javier: Goddamn it. David!

Gabe: He fought for me, Javi. Until they... But I couldn't...there were so many... I fucked up. After everything you taught me... It really hurts! Really bad!

Javier: You didn't fuck anything up, buddy. You fought as hard as you could. I'm proud of you.

Gabe: I tried. I really did.

Javier: I know.

Javier: No... No, no! Not you, too!

Gabe: I'm so sorry.

Javier: Easy, buddy. Don't worry about any of that now. I'm here for you.

Gabe: You always have been.

Gabe: I'm so sorry...

Clem joins the other two.

Clementine: No... Gabe?! No!

Gabe: Do me a favor, Clem...

Clementine: Gabe, no!

Gabe: Take my cards.

Clementine: Wh--what?

Gabe: My playing cards. Grab them. (takes out cards) Teach AJ euchre, okay?

Clementine: Okay...

Clem takes the cards.

Clem holds Gabe's hand.

Clementine: Be strong, Gabe. For whatever comes next.

Gabe: I will.

Clementine: You better. Bye, Gabe.

Gabe: Bye, Clem.

Clem caresses Gabe's face.

Clementine: I always thought...I'd be alone. Then, I met you.

Clem kisses Gabe.

Clementine: Bye, Gabe.

Gabe: Bye, Clem.

Clem hugs Gabe.

Clementine: Bye, Gabe.

Gabe: Bye, Clem. Hey, wait.

Clementine: Yeah?

Gabe: Can I have...one more hug?

Clem hugs Gabe again.

Gabe: Thanks.

Clementine: Of course, you dork.

Clementine: This is wrong. You deserved better.

Gabe: I got to meet you. Can't be all wrong.

Clementine: Bye, Gabe.

Gabe: Bye, Clem.

Gabe: Give me your gun, Javi. I don't want to...turn into a muerto.

Javier: Gabe...Gabe, I--I don't know if I can let you do that to yourself.

Gabe: And I can't make you guys do it for me.... Just give me the gun. Hurry! Javi... You...you have to...hurry.

Javier: No... No, Gabe. I'll do it.

Gabe: Okay... Okay. You may not...be my father, Javi... But you were...a great dad. I love you, Javi.

Javier: I love you too, buddy.

Javi shoots Gabe.

Javier: Okay, Gabe. Here you go. (Javi gives Gabe the gun)

Gabe: You may not...be my father, Javi... But you were...a great dad. Please...walk away. I don't want you to see this.

Javier: Okay...

Gabe: Bye, Javi.

Javier: Bye, buddy. I love you.

Gabe: I love you, too. I'll say hi to Mariana for you.

Javi and Clem walk away, Gabe then shoots himself.

Kate: Javi, look! It's Clem!

Clem supports an injured Gabe.

Javier: Gabe? Is he...?

Clementine: No! No, he's fine. He's just banged up.

Javier: What happened, Clem?

Clementine: Their car got overrun with walkers and crashed. I was barely able to save Gabe.

Javier: What about David?

Clementine: David's dead.

Kate: I'm just glad you found Gabe in time. Thank you.

Javier: Thank you for saving Gabe. I don't know what I'd do if I lost him too.

Clementine: Of course.


Javier: What?! Are you serious?!

Clementine: I'm sorry.

Javier: No! No! David!

Javier says nothing.

Clementine: When I got there, it looked like David had turned. And that Gabe had to...stop him.

Javier: Oh, god. Gabe, that's horrible!

Gabe: Javi... My--my dad...he...

Javier: I know, buddy. He's--he's gone.

Gabe: No, no. He wanted me to tell you... Take care of each other.

Kate: Where did you find them?

Clementine: A little ways outside of town. Not too far.

Kate: Can you take Gabe somewhere safe?

Clementine: Yeah, uh... Sure.

Kate: Come on, Javi.

Javier: Where are we going?

Kate: A funeral.

Kate and Javi arrive outside town.

Javier: Over here, Kate. This way.

They follow a trail of walker corpses to find David and Gabe's truck. David lies dead beside it with his head smashed in.

Javier: Oh, my god. Poor David!

Kate: Poor Gabe. I can't imagine.

Javier: Gabe's come a long way. He's really grown.

Kate: Did he really need to learn this lesson, though?

Javier: I had to do the same thing to Pa. After he turned.

Kate: Oh, my god. That's right! Oh, Javi, I'm sorry.

Javier: Yeah... Poor Gabe. He shouldn't have had to suffer that.

Kate: Yeah...

Javier says nothing.

Kate: He talked about this every day. What to do when he died.

Kate closes David's eyes.

Kate: He was convinced it would happen in the field. Every day... As common as talking about the weather.

Javier: Not surprising... He was a soldier.

Kate: I used to hate talking about it. But it seemed to...soothe him.

Javier: Then be happy, David. You got what you wanted.

Kate: More than you realize.

Javier: That's fucking morbid. Goddamn, David.

Kate: I used to hate talking about it. But it seemed to...soothe him.

Kate: I used to hate talking about it. But it seemed to...soothe him.

Kate takes David's dog tags off his corpse.

Kate: He'd talk about his military funeral the way that other people talked about retirement plans. He'd only change the subject if I promised I'd bury these. (shows dog tags) He didn't care about burying his body. As far as he was concerned, this was him. Help me dig. It doesn't have to be much.

Javi and Kate dig a hole and bury the dog tags.

Kate: We should probably say something. That's what you do... Usually.

Javier: I'm gonna keep watching out for Gabe. We'll...take care of each other.

Javier: I won't lie to you, David. I'm glad you're gone. And that you'll stay gone this time.

Javier: When you see Pa... You tell him I said hi. And that I'm sorry for not paying him back that ten bucks.

Kate: Okay. You don't have to.

Javier: Do you, uh... You want to say something?

Kate puts her ring on David's grave.

Kate holds Javi's hand.

Kate: Let's go.

Javi and determinantly Clem drive the motorcycle through the streets.

Clementine: How long do we keep driving? We may not find them. They could be too far ahead of us.

Javier: I don't know. Just don't let your hat blow away.

Javier: We're going to find them, Clem. We can't think otherwise.

Javier: Until we're out of gas! And then we walk after them.

Clementine: Here's hoping!

He/they find a trail of walker corpses.

Javier: They must've gone this way. Hopefully, the roadkill will lead us right to them.

Javier: That's gotta be David's work. Thanks for leaving the trail of roadkill, brother. Should lead me right to you.

Javi takes out his bat.

Javi decapitates a walker with his bat.

Javi swings and misses.

Clementine: You know, hitting them might help! Just a suggestion.

There are more dead walkers.

Javier: This way!

Javi and determinantly Clem reach Gabe and David's truck, which is surrounded by walkers.

Javier: Oh, god. No!

Gabe: They're everywhere!

David: Don't let them get you!

Javier: Hang on, Gabe!

Javi/Clem kill the walkers outside the truck. Javi shoots a walker behind him, disorienting himself due to the gun firing so close to his ear.

Gabe: Help! Somebody help us!

Javier: Hang on, Gabe!

Javi realizes he is out of ammo and kills the walkers with his bat.

Javier: That's right... Focus on me! Come on! Yeah, that's it, that's it!

Javi leads the walkers away from the car and kills them.

Gabe: Javi! Clem! Is that you?! Help us!

Javier: You get David. I'll get Gabe!

Clementine kills a walker about to attack David.

Gabe: Javi! Is that you? Help!

David: Get the fuck off me!

Javier: Hold on, Gabe!

Javi kills a walker attacking David.

Gabe: They got Dad!

Javier: Get away from him, you bastard!

Javi kills a walker near Gabe's door.

Clem opens David's door.

Clementine: I'll help you.

David: I'm sorry.

Javier opens Gabe's door.

Javier: I'm here, Gabe. I got you.

Gabe: Okay... Okay.

Clementine: I'll cover you!

Clem kills some walkers. Gabe sits down.

Javier: Are you okay?! Are you bitten?

Gabe: No! They didn't get me!

Javier: Oh, thank god!

Gabe: I--I'm fine. It just... It--it hurts. I tried to stop him, Javi. That's why we crashed. You came after me, Javi. After everything I've done.

Javier: What are you talking about?

Gabe: I was always arguing--always making life harder. And I was a bad son. I wouldn't have come after me.

Javier: Hey, knock that off, buddy. You're a great son.

Gabe: I don't feel like one.

Javier: Don't worry. It's not up to you to decide.

Javier: I'm just glad you're okay, buddy! Be glad with me.

Javier: You had your moments, from time to time. Nothing I couldn't handle.

Javier says nothing.

Gabe: I--I'm gonna be better from now on. I swear.

Clementine: Gabe! You okay?

Gabe: Yeah. Thanks to you guys.

David: Figured we were done, brother.

Javier: "You have to take care of each other." That's what Pa said to me once.

David: Yeah... He told me the same thing. I wonder what he'd say to me now. I wonder that a lot, actually. I'm sure you do, too.

Javier: He'd say you fucked up--big time. He'd call you "pendejo". And then he'd ask if you wanted to play dominoes.

David: Pfft. You're right. That is exactly what he'd do. I wouldn't deserve to play that game with him, though. With either of you.

Javier: He would be ashamed of you. Too ashamed to speak.

Javier: Hey, leave Pa out of this. He's not here, I am. If you're looking for forgiveness, ask me to my face.

David: There comes a point where forgiveness isn't possible anymore, Javi.

David: Yeah... He'd be speechless too, huh?

David: I can't change, Javi. I want to, but...we're in a war that's never going to end. I was kidding myself. We're...never going home. That hope died the same day we all drove away. The same day Pa died. That's the last lesson he taught me. I had to teach it to my son too. Someone had to. Finally.

Javier: That lesson of yours is bullshit. Just because you gave up, doesn't mean the rest of us have.

David: It's not giving up. It's clarity.

Javier: Yeah? Well, you almost got him killed. Almost got both of you killed, you idiot!

David: I'm not wrong, Javi. The war will never end.

Javier: We are still your family, David. There's hope here. And there will always be hope here, brother.

David: I'll take clarity over hope any day...

David: I'm not wrong, Javi. The war will never end.

Javier: We're going back to Richmond. We have to help Kate.

David: I can't face Kate, Javi. I can't see that different look in her eyes. Or yours. I can't. It's too much. Too much for anyone to handle.

Javier: You should come back with us!

David: Thanks. But too much has changed, Javi.

Javier: That doesn't matter.

David won't forget that.

David: Maybe it doesn't matter to you...

Javier: Well, keep walking. No one's stopping you.

David: Yeah. I guess no one is.

David won't forget that.

David noticed your silence.

Javier: Legacy, David. It's all anyone leaves behind. Figure out the kind you want.

Gabe: My dad.

David has been bitten in the neck.

Javier: David?!

David: I couldn't fight them all, Javi. I'm sorry.

Javier: No, no, NO.

David: I'm sorry. Gabe, look away.

Javier: Come on, man. I got you, David.

Javi helps David get out of the truck and sit down.

Javier: Did they get you?!

Gabe: I--I'm fine. It just... It--it hurts. I tried to stop him, Javi. That's why we crashed.

Javier: I'll go talk to him... Unless you want to.

Gabe: No... No. Can you? Please?

Javier: Of course. Keep an eye out for the muertos.

David: You know what Pa told me...the day Gabe was born?

Javier: What's that?

David: "It takes everything...to raise a child, mijo. And I don't mean money or time or patience. I mean...everything." When you give everything, it's hard to know what to do when you...lose everything. It's...

Javier: I know you were doing what you thought best, David. That's never an easy thing.

Javier: I can't believe you ran away! I thought a soldier never surrendered.



David: Gabe... Take care of him, Javi. You have to take care...of each other. Please. Please, Javi.

Javier: You know, Pa said the same thing... About you and me.

David: He was a smart guy. Lousy domino player, but...at least not as bad as you.

Javier: Every day... You have my word.

David: My little boy...



David: Te quiero, Gabriel. Te quiero, Mariana. Te quiero, Javier.

David dies.

Gabe: I'll do it. Before...he turns. It's my responsibility. I...I can do it.

Javier: Okay, Gabe. He'd be proud of you.

Gabe: I hope so.

Javier: I know so.

Javier: Gabe, I could never ask you to do that. It's too much. I don't want that for you.

Gabe: I know. But he's my father, Javi. I have to.

Javier: You sure? I'll do it if you can't. He was my brother.

Gabe: And he was my father. I'm sure.


Javi gives his gun to Gabe, and he shoots David.

Javier: We have to head back. Come on.

They return to Richmond, where Jesus and some Kingdom soldiers are killing walkers.

Jesus: Well, there's a happy sight.

Javier: Let's get inside! We gotta find Kate!

They get out of the truck.

Javier: Jesus! Man, am I glad to see you! Looking a little bit different, though!

Jesus: Once I got in contact with my people, I headed right back. Had to make sure you folks were safe. Can you help us get the gate open?

Javier: You gotta boost me up, Gabe!

Clementine: Hurry up, guys!

Gabe boosts Javi up to the top of the gate.

Javier: I'll have it open in a second!

Javi climbs up to the control panel.

Javier: They couldn't just have an "open gate" button?

Nothing happens.

A loud honking sound is heard.

Javier: Ah, shit!

Jesus: Are you trying to attract even more walkers?

Javier: No!

A loud beeping sound is heard.

Javier: Definitely not.

The wall shakes.

Javier: Okay. Never pull that lever again, Javier.

A squealing sound is heard.

Javier: Ah! Nope!

Javi pushes the green button and the gate opens.

Javier: Bingo!

Kingdom Soldier: Let's get inside and wrangle the walkers together! If we get them in one group, we can lead them right out!

The group moves through the streets of Richmond.

Kingdom Soldier 1: We need to round up these walkers!

Javier: Kate! Kate, where are you?!

Kingdom Soldier 2: Head 'em towards the gate!

Clementine: What's going on?

Javier: I can't find Kate!

Clementine: We got separated after we sealed the breach. We were going to open the gate, but... There were so many walkers. I barely made it through.

Javier: No, I did. We have to find her.

Javier: Help me look?

Clementine: Of course.

Javier: Kate!

Clementine: Kate! Kate, where are you?

Gabe: Kate! Kate, please!

Javier: Kate, call out to me!

Clementine: Looks like she's got the hole covered.

Javier: Kate! Kate!

Javi sees Kate as a walker in the herd.

Javier: No!

Clementine: She's gotta be around here somewhere. Javi? No!

Javi shoots Kate. He drops his gun and screams while kneeling.

Gabe: Wh--what happened?

Javier: She's... She's gone.

Gabe: What? N--n--no!

Javi lowers his gun.

Gabe: Wh--what happened?

Javier: The herd got her.

Gabe: What? N--n--no!

Javier: I was too late.

Gabe: No! Kate, no!

Javier: She wanted to save Richmond. And she did. I hope it was worth it.

Gabe: Javi, are we all alone now?

Javi sees David nearby.

Javier: I guess we'll see.

Gabe: It's just you and me now.

Javier: Let's hope that's enough.

Gabe hugs Javi.

Clementine: Kate! Kate!

Javier: Kate, please!

Clementine: Kate! Kate, where are you?

Javier: Kate! Kate!

Clementine: Javi... I think she's...gone. Just...gone.

Javier: No... No! This isn't fucking happening!

Clementine: Javi...

Javier: This is all because of me. This is all my fault!

Clementine: No, it isn't. Saving Richmond is what she wanted.

Javier: Oh, god! Oh, Kate, I'm so sorry!

Clementine: Saving Richmond is what she wanted.


Gabe: Wh--what happened?

Javier: I don't know, buddy. We can't find her. I can't stop looking. Kate, where are you?

Clementine: Kate! Kate!

Gabe: Kate, please!

Javier: Kate, where the fuck are you?!


3 Days Later

Javi enters the church and looks at the memorial wall. He places a photo of David, Gabe, or Kate on the wall.

Kate: It was his own fault. If you regret helping me... If you're feeling any guilt... Bury it. I mean it. Don't let it eat you up inside.

Javier: You're right. He dug his own grave.

Kate: Absolutely.

Javier: He was my brother, Kate--my blood. He was my responsibility, and I failed.

Kate: He failed himself. You did the best you could.

Javier: We need to move on. Move forward.

Kate: We do, and we will.

Javier says nothing.

Kate places a photo of Gabe and Mariana on the wall.

Kate: I'm glad you helped me, Javi. But I can't stop wondering how things might be different if you hadn't. Maybe Gabe wouldn't be with Mariana right now. They deserved better, Javi. Better than us. Gabe... Mariana...

Javier: They were my responsibility. They're dead because of me!

Kate: We're all to blame, not just you.

Javier: We need to move on. Move forward.

Kate: We do, and we will.

Javier: This wasn't our fault. This was David!

Kate: It was all of us.

Javier says nothing.

Kate: Usually, the quiet scares me.

Javier: What about now?

Kate: There's a lot of work to be done. The herd could come back. Still, though, I feel more calm here than...than I ever did in an old van on streets with no streetlights. We earned this, Javi. We earned feeling calm in the quiet. Let's start a family. You and me. A fresh start. What do you say? I think it'd be good for us.

Javier: You're on. Let's start a family!

Kate will remember that.

Kate: You don't think it's selfish? It's not the safest world outside of Richmond. Or inside it, truth be told.

Javier: So long as I got you? I'm not too worried about it.

Javi and Kate kiss.

(If Gabe is dead.)

Javier: We already had a family, Kate. I--I'm not...I'm not ready for that yet.

Kate will remember that.

Kate: I understand. Maybe you'll change your mind someday. Don't worry, I'll stick around.

(If Gabe is alive.)


Javier: I don't know, Kate. After everything that just happened... It all feels so soon. Maybe someday...but not right now.

Kate will remember that.

Kate: Okay, maybe someday. But don't think I'm forgetting about this one, García.

Kate noticed your silence.

Kate: Take a breather, hotshot. Think it over. We've got plenty of work to do to keep us busy.

Javi and Kate kiss.

Kate: We'll be up there before we know it.

Javier: Better do something worthwhile in the meantime.

Javier: So...is Richmond everything you thought it would be?

Kate: Not yet. I'm staying here until it is, though. It's not safe out there...or in here. I'm pretty sure I can fix one of those. I'm not saying I want it to be this way forever, but... I want you...to keep your distance. Not forever. But...for a little while.

Javier: Can do. It's no problem at all.

Kate will remember that.

Kate: Pretty quick answer there.

Javier: You said it's what you want.

Kate: Yeah, okay. Thanks.

Javier: Really? Can we not be friends?

Kate will remember that.

Kate: Not yet, Javi. I need you to understand that. We can work together to stay safe, but that's it...for now.

Javier: We can try... But Richmond isn't that big.

Kate will remember that.

Kate: I need you to respect this, Javi.

Kate noticed your silence.

Kate: Just try your best, okay? That's all I ask.

Kate: I don't hate you. But I hate knowing what our future could have been.

Gabe: Maybe you should have stayed with her instead of going after me. Maybe she'd be okay...

Javier: Maybe you wouldn't be.

Gabe: I was such an asshole to her. All the time. I'm sorry, Kate.

Javier: Forget all that, buddy. She loved you. Plain and simple.

Gabe: I loved her, too. I don't think I ever told her.

Javier: It's okay, buddy. Who isn't an asshole nowadays? It isn't a nice world. Why should you be any different?

Gabe: I just wish I could've apologized in person.

Javier: I won't lie, you had your moments. Nothing we couldn't handle, though.

Gabe: I just wish I could've apologized in person.

Gabe: I love you, Kate. I'm sorry I never told you.

Gabe adds a picture of David to the wall.

Gabe: I tried to stop him, Javi. That's why we hit the muertos! Thought I could save him... I thought I had to! Dad...

Javier: You don't deserve that guilt. You took a stand. You tried to do the right thing.

Gabe: He died because of it, Javi!

Javier: Sometimes that's what happens. But that doesn't mean we stop trying.


Javier: He was beyond saving, Gabe. No one could have done it.

Gabe: I had to try.


Gabe: Mariana. Kate. Dad... I wonder which one of us will be up there next.

Gabe: Ever since you saved us and we all came back to Richmond... My dad won't talk to me. Not after...what happened.

Javier: He won't talk to me, either. But I think I know why. I'm surprised, though. Why won't he talk to you?

Gabe: I tried to stop him, Javi. That's why we hit the muertos. I thought that if we just went back... I thought I could save him. I thought I had to! Someone has to.

Javier: It's not hopeless. We'll take care of him. You and me. Together.

Gabe: Sure...

Javier: That's David's job. Not yours. Never yours.

Gabe: I don't know if he can, Javi. Not by himself.

Javier: What are you talking about, Gabe? By stopping him from driving away? You did save him.

Gabe: Thanks, Javi.

Gabe: I think it's too late now...

Gabe: I wonder if Dad will ever come back. He can't be too far away. Unless he never stopped walking.

Javier: He might, but even if he does... He's not the same anymore, Gabe. He's a different person now.

Gabe: Yeah... He really is, huh?

Javier: I hope so. I'd like to see him again.

Gabe: He needs to know about Kate.

Javier: I really hope not. I don't think it would end well.

Gabe: Maybe. Just would've been nice...to actually get to say goodbye this time.

Gabe: Maybe we're better off.

Gabe: We used to talk about Dad a lot. It made missing him a lot less painful. I wonder which one of us will be up there next.

Gabe: That's all that's left of them. Pieces of paper looking back at us... But never seeing us. What the hell are we supposed to do with that? What do we do...with any of this?

Javier: Maybe we can figure that one out together.

Gabe will remember that.

Gabe: We're gonna have to.

Javier: We do what we've always done. Survive. Keep moving forward. Try not to look back.

Gabe will remember that.

Gabe: I'll try.

Javier: Tell stories about them... Laugh at the jokes they used to tell... Keep living. Keep loving. Keep them in our hearts. Can you do that?

Gabe will remember that.

Gabe: Yeah. I can.

Javier says nothing.

Javi and Kate/Gabe step outside the church. Kate/Gabe walks away.

Conrad sits on the church steps, reading from a book.

Conrad: "And yet death was not something you could ignore. It had its weight. It seemed to her she had better not form the practice of ignoring death. If she tried it, death would find a way to answer back--it would take another of her loved ones, to remind her to respect it."

Javier: What's that you're reading?

Conrad: Oh, some old book Francine always tried to get me to read. Cowboys and shit like that. Told her it wasn't my style. She would insist, though. Huh! And I'd insist right back otherwise.

Javier: Cowboys? Ugh, boring!

Conrad: That's what I said. Let me tell you, though...it's not half bad.

Javier: I could use a good book. Mind if I borrow it when you're done?

Conrad: Only if you use a bookmark. Can't stand dog-ears. Hmm!

Javier: Francine must've had good taste. Looks like you're enjoying it.

Conrad: Just don't tell Francine.

Conrad: Hate to say it...but she was on to something.

Town Square

Javi walks down the church steps and out into the square. Jesus rides up on his horse.

Javier: Heading out?

Jesus: Yes, indeed. We came here to put an end to the raiding. Looks like that's been done. Glad we got it settled. Gotta move on.

Javier: We lost a lot. We may have helped fix things, but... There was a cost to it all.

Jesus: There usually is, unfortunately.

Javier: We could use you around here. Please, stay.

Jesus: We got other people depending on us, Javi. Just the way it is.

Javier: I gotta admit, man... You're a fucking badass!

Jesus: You're a real charmer. You know that? Through and through.

Javier: Oh, you know what they say... Takes one to know one.

Jesus: That they do.

Javier: Are you really sure you don't want to stay? There's room.

Jesus: Oh, uh... I'm sure there is, but... We got other people depending on us, Javi. Just the way it is.

Javier: Meant to tell you... That, uh, armor you got is great.

Jesus: Oh... Oh, uh... Hmm... Well, uh... Thanks, um... It gets the job done.

Javier says nothing.

Javier says nothing.

Jesus: I was worried about you, Javi--about who you are inside. You helped save these people, though. That goes a long way for me.

Jesus: I don't meet a lot of people like you, Javi. Someone genuinely good. It was my pleasure.

Jesus: Second chances are in short supply these days. That's what this place can be, if you let it. Trust me, though, life within walls is a hell of a lot different than life on the road. Don't take shortcuts like Joan. You gotta do the right thing. Always. Good days, and especially bad.

Javier: Absolutely. The right thing. No matter what.

Jesus: Good to hear!

Javier: I don't know if I'm gonna stick around. Richmond and I have had...issues.

Jesus: Understandable, but if you do... After dust settles, people start looking around. They may look at you for what to do.

Javier: I'll do what it takes to survive. Whatever that may be. Shortcuts can work sometimes.

Jesus: This isn't like searching a gas station for a bag of chips. Communities have to be better than that, better than just scavengers. Keep that in mind.

Jesus: After dust settles, people start looking around. They may look at you for what to do.

Jesus: I read people pretty well. Little gift of mine. You're a capable guy, Javi. Change is in the air here. You can lead that change, and I think you should. For the better. God knows this town could use it.

Javier: No thanks. This place can take care of itself.

Jesus respects your honesty.

Jesus: I understand. But do me a favor... At least stick around until the rest of this mess is sorted out? You do owe me one.

Javier: You know what? I'm gonna step up. Lead this place in the right direction.

Jesus admires your commitment.

Jesus: Then as far as I'm concerned, Richmond's in much better hands than it was.

Gabe: Hey, uh...Jesus?

Jesus: Hey, uh, Gabe.

Gabe: Thanks for...you know... Not letting me get killed. And for coming back to help us.

Javier: Yeah. Thanks for that, man.

Jesus: Pay it forward.

Jesus: Be vigilant. Trouble never stays too far away.

Jesus, Javi, and determinantly Gabe wave goodbye. Jesus and determinantly Gabe leave. Clem walks up to Javier.

Lingard walks through the square.

Javier: You're alive.

Paul: Don't remind me. I'm not gonna say thank you for keeping me alive. But I'm gonna try and find something out there that might make me say thank you...someday.

Clementine: So where's AJ? Tell me. Where?

Javier: You know Clem won't rest until she finds AJ. Where is he? Please, man, for her sake.

Paul: He's at McCarroll Ranch.

Javier: Start saving your soul today. Tell us where AJ is.

Paul: Don't know how much of that soul I got left.

Javier: Please.

Paul: What the hell... He's at McCarroll Ranch.

Javier: We saved your life. We saved your city. You owe us info. Where's AJ?

Paul: So polite. He's at McCarroll Ranch.

Clementine: Please. I'm begging you. Please!

Paul: McCarroll Ranch.

Paul: It's not too far from here. That's...that's where we left him, at least.

Clementine: Thank you. Good luck out there, doctor.

Lingard leaves.

Javier: You're outta here too, huh?

Clementine: Yeah. It's time. I have to find AJ, Javi. I've waited so long. But could you do me one last favor, before I leave?

Clem takes off her hat and sits in a chair while Javi cuts her hair.

Javier: I used to do this for my niece.

Clementine: That's nice of you.

Javier: She thought I was terrible at it.

Clementine: Were you?

Javier: None of your business.

Clementine: I'm really gonna miss Gabe. I mean--he's super annoying sometimes, but...I've gotten used to having him around. At least to have someone to talk to. Even if he is a total dork.

Javier: I couldn't lose more of my family.

Clementine: Hey, Javi, it's okay. You need him more than I do right now.

Javier: I'll keep an eye on the guy. Don't you worry.

Clementine: I'm not worrying. He couldn't be in better hands.

Javier: Not that he's said anything to me in particular, but... You know the guy's got a mondo crush on you, right?

Clementine: Ah! He does not!

Javier: Oh, my gosh, you have a crush on him too!

Clementine: I do not!

Javier: Ah, you both have my blessing.

Clementine: I'm gonna stab you with those scissors!

Javier says nothing.

Clementine: I have to see AJ, Javi. I have to see that he's okay. Do you think he remembers me? At least a little? Maybe?

Javier: I don't know. When they're that young, they're not exactly known for their memory skills. More...drooling and pooping.

Clementine: He did do a lot of both of those.

Javier: So long as he's safe...who cares what he remembers?

Clementine: Yeah. I guess so.

Javier: Who could forget you, Clem? No one who knew you, I guarantee it.

Clementine: Yeah. Maybe.

Clementine: Probably not.

Clementine: Everyone told us he was better off. After everything's that's happened, I'm starting to think they're right. I don't know if I was a good mom or not. I can't stop thinking about it. I really wish I could.

Javier: It's not about good or not good. You kept him alive. You did your job.

Clementine: Until someone else had to do it for me...

Javier: I don't know, Clem. You did...lose the little guy.

Clementine: He was taken from me!

Javier: Because of a mistake you made. Sorry, Clem, but you know it's true.

Clementine: I'm...sorry. You're right.

Javier: Did you love him?

Clementine: With all of my heart.

Javier: Then of course you were.

Clementine: Maybe they're right.

Clementine: Gabe told me you used to play baseball.

Javier: I did. I loved it.

Clementine: He told me you fucked it all up, too.

Javier: Yup. Sure did.

Clementine: Well, you survived.

Javier: I had to.

Clementine: But you loved it. How do you survive that? How? If you really loved it? How?

Javier: You get back out there... And find something better.

Clementine will remember that.

Clementine: There may not be something better out there.

Javier: You won't know until you step outside.

Javier: I'd really like to tell you that it fades away and you just.... You get over it, but... When you really love it? You never do. Not really.

Clementine will remember that.

Clementine: Yeah... That sounds about right.

Javier: That's what's good about a broken heart. When you're looking at it all broken and shattered on the floor... You figure out the pieces you need versus the ones you liked. If you're ready to move on, that is...

Clementine will remember that.

Clementine: If...

She noticed your silence.

Clementine: Sorry.

Javier: All done!

Clementine: Well, how's it look?

Javier: You know what? I'll grab your hat.

Javi picks up Clem's hat.

Javier: Huh. I remember this team. Your dad ever teach you about baseball?

Javi gives Clem her hat.

Clementine: No, not really.

Clem puts her hat back on.

Javier: Well, you come back, and I'll tell you all about it.

Clementine: It's a deal.

Javi and Clem shake hands.

Clementine: If I bring AJ back with me, will you teach him too?

Javier: You bet. He belongs with you, Clementine. Bring him back.

Clementine will remember that.

Javier: Clementine. Listen to me. If you find him, and he's happy? Let him be happy. Leave him be.

Clementine will remember that.


Javi, Clementine, and determinantly Gabe/Kate walk outside the walls of Richmond. If Gabe is alive, Clem hugs him. Javi and determinantly the others wave goodbye to Clem, and she waves back. Javi/the others go back inside. Clem walks away from Richmond, past the train tunnel and the gas station, killing walkers along the way.

Clementine: I'm going to find you, AJ.

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