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This article is about the Funeral Home in Fear. You may be looking for the Funeral Home in the TV Series.

This Funeral Home is a location that appears in Season 6 of AMC's Fear The Walking Dead. It is located in Dallas, Texas.


Little is known about this location before the outbreak occurred. It was once an funeral home.


After the outbreak, the funeral home became home to a group of 15 survivors that managed to make it through part of the outbreak unharmed. However, it was eventually targeted by the Doomsday Cult who wiped out the survivors and left them to turn them into walkers. The cult embalmed one of the walkers and took the funeral home's embalming equipment for their own use at the Holding.

Season 6


Althea and Dwight break into a funeral home and clear out the walkers, all while filming. Al then recites the time and place of their encounter to the camera, while Dwight loots a wallet off a dead walker and tosses it to Al. She checks the driver's license, but throws it away, as she already has several from Arizona. A walker then approaches, which Dwight believes could be from Alaska, one of the most coveted states for their driver's license-collecting game. After killing it, he is disappointed to discover the man is from Montana. Al notices there are 15 sleeping bags, which is more then the number of walkers they killed. Dwight goes to check upstairs, while All heads to the basement. She explores the processing room, before a voice sounds from a walkie. Al searches for a notepad to record the conversation. A female voice asks the other person if they copy. Al tells the voice that she copies, without pressing the push-to-talk button, revealing the female voice to be Isabelle. She fails to notice a figure creeping up on her until it is too late. As Al scrambles to find her weapon, she is grabbed by a remarkably well-preserved walkers, who seems to have trouble opening its mouth. Dwight comes to Al's rescue before she can be bitten and kills the walker. Dwight asks if the walker just turned, but Al smells formaldehyde, and concludes that someone embalmed the walker. Dwight radios their dispatch to let them know the status of the funeral home, but the Pioneer on the other end prevents them from going home until they figure out what went wrong, so they can avoid the same fate. Al doesn't want to stay, and is disillusioned with their new profession all together. Dwight tries to look on the bight side, and says that at least they're not in one of the settlements. He then shows Al a crate of beer he found.

They crack open their beers in the back yard, and are both disgusted by how stale it is. Dwight asks if Al thinks about "beer lady", a nickname for Isabelle she voices her disapproval of. Dwight remembers how Sherry used to say bad beer goes down better with pretzels. The pair toast to their respective loved ones. The walkie then comes alive, but Dwight grabs it before Althea can. He interrogates all about the voices on the radio, before realizing it's "beer lady". After making sure Dwight's camera is off, Al confirms that it is, that she's been tracking the group's movements, and that she knows where Isabelle might be. Excited, Dwight asks why they're not heading there right now. Althea tries to make excuses, but Dwight insists that she could run off with Isabelle, but Althea points out Ginny would kill them if she did. To this, Dwight suggests Althea fake her own death by passing off a walker corpse as her own, this being his plan in case he ever found Sherry. Al doesn't think it fair to but that kind of burden on Dwight, but he reminds her she is talking to a guy who walked half way across the country because his wife left him a note. Al points out Dwight hasn't found her, but he jokes that if he knew where his wife might be, and Althea didn't push him to go, he'd kick her ass. Al finally agrees to search for "Drop Site Baker", where Isabelle might be.

"The Holding"

After seeing embalming equipment in the Holding, Al realizes that the Doomsday Cult destroyed the funeral home and took the equipment.




Fear The Walking Dead

Season 6


  • Despite the funeral home being destroyed by the cult, it is not depicted in Derek's mural of the communities that they have destroyed. However, Derek was still working on the mural when Wes found him and simply may not have added it yet.