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Gabriel Harris, better known as "Gabe", is a comic-adapted main character first encountered in The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor. He is an overweight resident of Woodbury and one of the Governor's right-hand men and most trusted allies alongside Bruce Cooper. He is described as "a hefty, middle-aged man in a black turtleneck sweater". He "has a Northern accent. His close-cropped blond hair is peppered with gray, and he has a wrestler’s neck and a stevedore’s barrel chest. His big porcine belly hangs over his belt."


As the Governor's lieutenant, Gabe acts as one of his main enforcers and displays complete loyalty to his leader. In turn, he is one of the few Woodbury residents the Governor trusts completely, alongside Bruce. Gabriel is generally depicted as aggressive and short-tempered. After Bruce's death, he often advocates for direct and immediate action against the survivors, much to the Governor's frustration. Gabriel has a tendency to act before thinking, as shown when he attempted to kill Michonne when she held the Governor hostage, resulting in his leader almost getting killed. Despite this, he is shown to be rather observant, as it was he who suggested to the Governor that the riot suits Rick and Glenn wore might have come from a prison, since they lacked any police markings. Ironically, during the second assault on the prison, Gabe starts acting as the voice of reason as the Governor, consumed by vengeance and desperation, refuses to call off the assault despite Woodbury's mounting losses.


Northern United States

Nothing is known about Gabe's life prior to or as the outbreak began except that he comes from somewhere up north as evidenced by his accent. It is possible that he was a resident in Woodbury before the outbreak began.


Woodbury, Georgia

Shortly after the outbreak began, Gabe arrived in Woodbury and helped construct the first walls around the town. Either there or before, he became friends with Bruce Cooper.

Rise of the Governor

Shortly after Philip, Brian and Nick arrive in Woodbury, Gabe who is constructing the wall along with Bruce, notices the newcomers and jumps down off a bulldozer to question them. Bruce grabs a shotgun off a nearby cooler. Philip aproaches with his hands raised with Brian and Nick close behind. Bruce asks if they've got weapons so Philip slowly reaches for his nine-millimeter to show them. Gabe asks the other two who show their weapons. He asks if it's just the three of them and notes Brian's wounds. Philip tells him Brian just had a run in with a few biters. Gabe lowers his shotgun and asks if they're from Atlanta and have seen any National Guard around? The survivors have no food or cigarettes and Philip simply asks for a place to stay and rest up before they move on. Gabe and Bruce exchange a quick glance as if sharing a private joke, before Bruce laughs and tells them it's the wild west now, and nobody cares what you do.

When Brian Blake kills Major Gene Gavin, Gabe sees him as the town's new leader and starts to follow his every command, becoming a loyal soldier to "Philip" and eventually his bodyguard and right-hand man alongside Bruce.

Just Another Day at the Office

After the death of Gene Gavin, a small herd of biters attacks the town and Gabe fights alongside their new leader, Bruce and Caesar Martínez. He helps save a young lost child.

The Road to Woodbury

When Josh Hamilton's group arrive in Woodbury, they wait in the courthouse to meet the town's leader. Philip Blake enters flanked by a heavily armed Bruce and Gabe who introduce themselves with quiet grunts. Scott Moon compares Philip to the President with Bruce and Gabe being his "secret service dudes". Philip prefers 'The Governor'. Bruce and Gabe spend a lot of time make preparations for the arena fights by willingly chopping up corpses to feed the captive biters.

Lilly, Martínez, Dr. Stevens and Alice Warren plan a coop against the Governor. Martínez gathers four of his most trusted men to help with the plan. Taggert asks what they should do with Bruce and Gabe but the group agrees that they're too far up the Governor's ass to change sides and that they'll need to go too. After the big new years arena fight begins, the Governor feels on top of the world and goes to find his henchmen. He stops and feels like something is wrong when Gabe isn't at his post, and he notices his gun abandoned on the floor. Philip joins Bruce and Gabe tied up and thrown in the back of a van. The conspirators drive the three out away from town towards the woods to be executed. Lilly starts to taunt the Governor in the back while Swede holds Bruce and Gabe at gunpoint. The drivers, Stevie and Broyles run into a massive herd gathered by the storm and are devoured as the van is surrounded. Bruce starts to cut his hands free and tackles Swede, grabbing his .45 before unloading three rounds into his chest. A shootout commences in the back of the van and Bruce dives for cover. He manages to cut Gabe free too but Philip orders them not to kill Lilly or Martínez.

Lilly accidentally knocks the van's backdoor open when she falls against it and dozens of walkers from the herd attempt to climb inside. Philip is cut loose and the two groups team up to fight the horde. After closing the doors, Bruce holds a knife to Lilly's throat and the group starts waving their guns around again. The Governor threatens to kill Bruce if he doesn't let Lilly go, so he complies. Philip proposes that they all need to work together if any of them want to survive. They find an RPG and blow the van's backdoor off, catapulting half a dozen biters into the air. They get out and make their way to the front of the vehicle, push over Broyles' not yet reanimated body and drive out of there. Meanwhile, Martínez climbs on top of the van and fires off a mortar; obliterating a bunch of biters and diverting the others away from their position and the direction of the town.

Back at Woodbury, Lilly and Martínez are held in a concession room under the racetrack. Bruce goes to get Stevens and Alice who lent the conspirators the stun gun and brings them in at gun point. The Governor spares the four of them and makes an agreement that as long as he keeps the town safe, none of them question his leadership.

The Fall of the Governor - Part One

Bruce and Gabe stage a fight in the arena for the entertainment of the town. Gabe tells Bruce that he's fighting like a girl and at 3:00 PM wins the fight.

After the Governor murders Christina Haben, Bruce and Gabe join him on a visit to Stevens. The henchmen hold him at gunpoint and Philip scolds the doctor for his disobedience, threatening that the only reason he's still here is because of his skills. Gunshots are heard from the front gate so Bruce and Gabe join the Governor to investigate.

Main Article: Gabriel Harris (Comic Series)

The Fall of the Governor - Part Two


Main Article: Gabriel Harris (Comic Series)


Killed By

While trying to convince the Governor to halt the assault at the prison, Gabe is promptly shot in the back of the head by Andrea.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Gabe has killed:

  • Numerous counts of zombies and possibly unnamed people


Brian Blake

Gabe, like Bruce Cooper, was very loyal to The Governor. He was one of his right-hand men, and one of his closest friends. The two were seen together planning on means to eliminate the prison survivors, although it was shown that The Governor didn't respect Gabe as much as Bruce Cooper (usually beating/threatening Gabe whenever he questioned his orders). The Governor was also very angry when Gabe had lied about killing Michonne. Nevertheless, The Governor seemed visibly shocked when he witnessed Gabe's death.

Bruce Cooper

"Goddamnit, Governor! After what they did to Bruce?! We need to take them down now!"
—Gabriel to Brian about Bruce.[src]

Bruce and Gabe were The Governor's right-hand men and were often seen together, they were also shown to be friends when Philip, Brian and Nick arrive at Woodbury, talking and joking while constructing the walls around the town. They would at times battle each other in the Arena, mocking and messing around with each other to give the audience a good show. After Bruce was killed, Gabe was angry and expressed to The Governor how they killed Bruce when The Governor ordered to hold off the attack, showing that he cared for Bruce.

Lilly Caul

Gabe and Lilly had a decent friendship. After Gabe almost gets killed by a horde of walkers, he is saved by Lilly, making him respect the lady more. He even stands up for her when Bruce asks who made her the surrogate leader of Woodbury.