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Not luck, it's effort. We have a lot to be proud of, my friends. It's our family, our community. Future.
―Gabriel to Aaron and their friends about their accomplishments.[src]

Father Gabriel Stokes is a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's Television Universe. He is a main character in The Walking Dead and a minor character in The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live.

Prior to the outbreak, Gabriel was a priest at St. Sarah's Church. After the onset of the undead apocalypse, Gabriel barricaded himself inside for 17[1] to 18[2] months, haunted by the memories of leaving his former churchgoers to die, until he joined Rick's Group. Since then, Gabriel has hardened more considerably from his meek self, and now serves as one of Rick's most brave and trusted allies.

During the first assault on the Sanctuary, Gabriel was captured by the Saviors and was forced to work in Eugene's new outpost. Rendered nearly blind from an infection and suffering a crisis of faith, Gabriel nonetheless played a vital if inadvertent role in the defeat of the Saviors, restoring his faith in the process.

Six years after Rick's assumed death, Gabriel became the head of the Alexandria council and entered a relationship with Rosita Espinosa. He has also been trying to contact other survivors or communities with a radio. During the fair, Gabriel becomes one of the five co-leaders of the Coalition alongside Ezekiel, Tara Chambler, Carol Peletier, and Cyndie. Fighting in the Commonwealth, Rosita died from a bite when a massive herd invaded. Thirteen years into the apocalypse, Gabriel continues to raise Coco in Alexandria and leads the community with Aaron.


Gabriel is a deeply religious, wise, and generally well meaning, but also severely traumatized man. He is shown to have had extreme difficulty adapting to the nature of the post-apocalyptic world and instead retained his Christian faith.

Gabriel was initially shown to be a coward, as instead of helping members of his congregation by giving them shelter in his church, he refused to let them in (possibly out of fear), resulting in them being devoured alive by the walkers. This event has had a lasting effect on Gabriel and he is extremely damaged and remorseful as a result of it. He believes himself to be a bad person, smitten by God, initially even believing that Rick Grimes' group was sent to punish him.

When he meets the Survivors, Gabriel begins to see the reality of the new world, but remains in disbelief of certain attributes such as cold blooded murder and even killing of the walkers as a necessary way to survive. He still retains his religious faith even as a result of witnessing true horrors, and is one of the few members of the Survivors who still holds his faith.

Due to his cowardliness, lack of survival experience and religious nature, many members of the group initially do not seem particularly fond of Gabriel when they meet him, particularly Rick, Sasha Williams, and Maggie Greene. Gabriel, however, also seems to not care for the Survivors much following their massacre of Gareth and his people, as he betrays them to Deanna Monroe of the Alexandria Safe Zone and warns her that they are dangerous and bad people who have committed unspeakable atrocities. In this sense, Gabriel can also be classified as a hypocrite as he fails to see the irony that he is not a good person either and has also caused atrocities, although this could be seen as a self-serving act, him wishing to exile the only people in the world who know of his sins to secure his place in the community. Whilst Gabriel is talking to Deanna, both are unaware that Maggie is listening nearby, and she shows pure shock and anger in her face towards Gabriel's betrayal and hypocrisy.

After Gabriel finally kills a walker and a suffering man, he turns cold and cruel for a brief period of time towards Sasha, who almost ends up killing him when he throws guilt on her shoulders and insults her deceased brother, Tyreese, but after Maggie defuses the situation, Gabriel eventually feels remorse for his actions and finally gains the forgiveness of Maggie and Sasha.

In Season 6 it is revealed that Gabriel maintains his faith in God, and feels remorse for his betrayal of the Survivors, and is shown searching for forgiveness from Rick's son Carl. Gabriel is shown to have become more confident as he volunteers to help execute Rick's plan to deal with the walker herd, even though Rick shuts him down. He continues to demonstrate a growing inner strength, asking Carl for lessons on how to use weapons.

After a gigantic herd of walkers invades Alexandria, Gabriel assists in protecting the group and, when the time comes to leave the house they are holed up in, he promises Rick that once they are outside, he will not run or turn back, which Rick acknowledges. In "No Way Out", he keeps his cool as he travels with Rick, Carl, Jessie Anderson, and her sons Ron and Sam amidst the walker herd. When Rick changes his plan, Gabriel volunteers to take Judith by himself to safety in his Church. He confidently assures Rick that he will keep her safe, and Rick thanks him. Later on Gabriel watches from his church as Rick and other Alexandria residents take to the streets in a last stand against the walkers. He gives Judith to a woman in his congregation, grabs his machete and without hesitation, heads out to join the battle. He explains that their prayers for the salvation of the town have been answered; God has given them the courage to save Alexandria themselves. Through his selfless actions, Gabriel has earned the respect of Rick and redeemed himself from his past, as demonstrated when he battles with the survivors against the horde.

Gabriel has now shown to be brave and fearless as shown when he accompanies Rick and the group to attack a base under the control of the Saviors and personally executes one himself, showing that he is no longer afraid to take matters into his own hands. Gabriel has also shown to be becoming a leader as when Rick and the group leave to take Maggie to the Hilltop, Rick places Gabriel in charge of it's defense and Gabriel promises to not only protect Judith at all costs but Alexandria too, showing that he has now become a determined survivor who will do what it takes to protect those he cares about from danger.

In Season 7, following the death of Glenn Rhee, Gabriel becomes the new moral compass of the group and, using his religious faith and newfound optimism, gives helpful advice to his friends, such as Rick, Spencer Monroe, and Rosita Espinosa, while they are under the rule of Negan and the Saviors. During a visit by Negan, Gabriel remains optimistic of an eventual positive outcome, and says as much to Rick, who tells him that there is no way out. Gabriel, however, remains hopeful. He later counsels Rosita when she becomes obsessed with killing Negan by herself, telling her to have patience so that the group can figure out how to put things right together, and at an opportune time. Though she ultimately ignores his advice and ends up blaming him for her failure and the consequences of her actions, Gabriel calmly and pleasantly tells her that he has no regrets over what he said, and reiterates his plea.

While Rick and the others are out, Gabriel is ambushed within Alexandria by a member of a mysterious group called the Scavengers, and is taken hostage. When his friends discover him and are assaulted, he holds one of his captors at knife point and successfully manages to convince them to listen to Rick's proposition of an alliance to fight the Saviors, demonstrating his new-found resolve and determination. After the deal is made, he thanks Rick for believing in him and coming to his aid, and Rick tells Gabriel that he was what convinced him that enemies can become friends.

Later, the Saviors and the Scavengers invaded Alexandria, and Gabriel was present alongside Alexandria's inhabitants fighting against them. As the battle draws to a close, he fires his machine gun against Negan's truck, although Negan manages to escape, much to his frustration.

Gabriel later assists Rick and the Militia's plan in the assault against the Sanctuary and Negan by drawing a massive herd to the base and trap those within while taking out various outposts. With walkers quickly closing in on the Sanctuary, Gabriel restrains a hellbent Rick from killing Negan and further reminds Rick that their fight isn't purely about him. As Gabriel is about to leave with Rick, he notices a petrified Gregory and reluctantly comes to his aid only for Gregory to abandon Gabriel by stealing his car, showing Gabriel still believes in forgiveness of others like Gregory despite the latter's morally ambiguous and selfish character.

In the years following the defeat of the Saviors and the apparent death of Rick Grimes, Gabriel grows into a leader in his own right, becoming the leader of the Alexandria Council and, by extension, the de facto leader of Alexandria, only held back by Michonne refusing to accept the council's votes regardless of the decision. He has also become more ruthless, willing to kill other survivors if need be and even killing Mays after he had relented due to the potential threat that Mays continued to pose, much to the shock of Aaron.

By the time of the Reaper Conflict, Gabriel is suffering from a major crisis of faith, telling the dying Nicholls that "God isn't here anymore." However, Gabriel refuses to kill Mancea when he sees the other priest praying and is shocked and intrigued by Mancea's claims that God speaks to him. Nevertheless, Gabriel still kills Mancea when the man stands in his way, but he tells Daryl shortly thereafter that he's trying to regain his faith now.

Six months later, Gabriel has fully embraced his faith in God once again and enjoys working as a priest at the First Christian Church of the Commonwealth to the point that he has moved to the Commonwealth permanently and resigned from all of his other duties to enjoy just being a priest again. Witnessing one of Gabriel's sermons, Aaron notes how the message is one of hope rather than fire and brimstone as he was expecting, and Gabriel confirms that it wasn't an act either. Gabriel explains to Aaron that "in the beginning, I was just going through the motions. But then one day I just wasn't. It was like a switch was flipped, and I could hear him again." As a result, leading his new flock in the Commonwealth helped him to renew his faith. Gabriel is shown to be well-loved by his new congregation, recognizing Nelson as a man who had seemed to be considering coming to Gabriel about his troubles and using that to convince the dying Nelson to help them. Before Gabriel leaves the Commonwealth, he gives a last sermon to an empty church which doesn't appear to deter his enthusiasm for it at all.

During the Battle for the Commonwealth, Gabriel fully redeems himself for his previous cowardly and selfish actions. In a situation mirroring Gabriel locking his congregation out of his church out of fear, resulting in their deaths, a number of Commonwealth residents are locked out of the Estates with a massive herd bearing down on them. Rather than allow them to die as he did with his fellow congregants in the past, Gabriel makes a stand to save them, threatening to kill anyone who tries to stop him and bravely risking his own life in the process. With Daryl backing him up, Colonel Vickers relents, turning against Pamela Milton and ordering her men to give him the key to the gates.


Rural Georgia[]

Gabriel grew up in rural Georgia, although little is known about his early life. At a young age, he developed a deep faith in religion and thus desired to bring people together in order to help them navigate through their lives and improve upon their weaknesses.[3] Growing up, he would often run around the woods, and became accustomed to the sounds within it.

As an adult, he became a priest positioned at St. Sarah's Episcopal Church, where throughout his holy service, he conducted weekly mass and also helped to promote several fundraisers where he befriended an organist, someone he became close with and may have developed romantic feelings towards. Several members of his congregation often commented that Gabriel's humor left much to be desired.[4]


At the start of the outbreak, Gabriel barricaded himself inside his church for protection. Two weeks later, the morning after Atlanta was napalmed by the U.S. Military during Operation Cobalt, several members of his congregation arrived looking for shelter. Gabriel refused to let them inside due to being scared of what could happen if the supplies ran out. His congregation and their families were then devoured by the zombies. After burying the remains, a guilt-ridden Gabriel managed to survive nearly 18 months with the help of the collected canned goods, but became haunted by his cowardly actions.

TV Series[]

Season 5[]


Father Gabriel decides to leave his church after running out of food. In the woods, he is attacked by some walkers and climbs on top of a rock. He yells for help and is rescued by Rick Grimes and his group. The group seeks refuge at Gabriel's church, although Rick tells his son Carl that he doesn't trust Gabriel. Gabriel, Rick, Bob Stookey, Sasha Williams, and Michonne Hawthorne set off to find a food bank with supplies that Gabriel cannot get into as it was overrun by walkers. While in the flooded basement, Gabriel seems to be focused on a female walker with glasses and refuses to kill her, trying to run up the stairs which rot and give away. Gabriel is ultimately saved by Rick, who figures out that Gabriel knew the walker as they head back to the church. While the group celebrates the decision to head to Washington, D.C. with Abraham Ford for their survival, Rick threatens to kill Gabriel if his sins end up hurting his "family" in any way. Gabriel pulls out a photograph of himself and the woman whom he saw as a walker at the food bank and prays over it.

"Four Walls and a Roof"

Gabriel is threatened by Rick and Sasha, finding it suspicious that three members (Daryl Dixon, Carol Peletier, and Bob) have gone missing right after he shows up. Gabriel denies any involvement in their absence and ties to an outside group. After being forced to talk by Rick when he asks what happened to that woman he saw as a walker and the "You'll burn for this" marking on the side of the church, Gabriel admits that he kept the church doors locked at the onset of the outbreak and refused to open them for members of his congregation who had come for refuge from the apocalypse at his church, being forced to listen to them screaming for help as they were devoured by walkers, and that he believes the Survivors has been sent to kill him as he is damned. Gabriel offers to help Rick and the group find the elementary school where Gareth's group is hiding out when they drop an injured Bob off at the churchyard, but ultimately stays behind with Carl, Eugene Porter, Rosita Espinosa, Rick's infant daughter Judith, Sasha's brother Tyreese, and Bob when the Terminus survivors enter the church. After the Terminus survivors are all massacred when they are ambushed by the survivors who went looking for the elementary school, Gabriel is shocked that they would kill people in a house of God. The following night, he is seen talking to Michonne outside the church. He tells her that she hears the voices of the people he locked out. Michonne tells him that the voices won't stop, but they won't be heard all the time. Michonne hears rustling in the bushes, and Gabriel quickly runs back inside the church.


After Daryl's return, Gabriel watches as the survivors begin barricading his church with wood from the pews and pipes from his church organ. He asks Daryl if they would be using the cross as well; Daryl simply responds, "If we need it." He is left behind with Michonne, Carl, and Judith while the others head off to rescue the kidnapped Beth Greene and Carol. While Michonne and Carl board up the front door, he notices dried blood splatters caked deep into the wood floor - remnants of the recent slaughter. He desperately tries to clean the blood out, during which Carl brings out some weapons for him to choose, telling Gabriel that they are likely to leave and that he has to learn to defend himself. Gabriel picks up a machete, and when Carl tries to teach him how to wield it he feigns sickness and heads to his office, where he secretly begins using the machete to pry out the floorboards and escape. Michonne knocks on his door later to see if he is all right and offer counseling if he needs it, which Gabriel nervously appreciates before locking the door again and finishing his work. He crawls out from underneath the church and to the outside, but accidentally steps on a nail on the ground outside, forcing him to limp away. He soon fights off a female walker and impales her on a narrow tree stump, but stops short of killing it when he sees a necklace with a gold cross hanging from its neck. Gabriel walks away, tormented by the sight.


Gabriel goes to the infested school building where the Terminus gang camped outside; he finds Mary's personal Bible and the rotting and burnt remnants of Bob's leg over the extinguished campfire. He is disgusted by what he sees and breaks down crying, having finally realized the brutal reality of this new world. He is forced to flee when the walkers trapped in the building finally bust out and give chase. He leads them back to the church, where he begs Michonne and Carl to let him back in. The pair break down the door but the rescue allows the small herd to enter the building. They escape through the hole Gabriel made in his office, then barricade the walkers inside the church. They wait outside and watch as the walkers begin to break down the doors, but Abraham's group suddenly arrive in the firetruck to block them back in again. Michonne informs Maggie that her sister is still alive and they all drive over to Grady Memorial Hospital, where Gabriel and the others see Rick's rescue team exit with Beth's body.

"What Happened and What's Going On"

Gabriel is seen reading a passage of the Bible at the beginning of the episode, while the group is burying a then-unknown person. He is then seen again near the end of the episode, when the scene is played again, but this time revealing the grave is Tyreese's.


Gabriel is seen with the group in this episode, talking to a depressed Maggie and telling her that he understands her pain and he is there if she ever wants to talk about her father Hershel or Beth. Maggie instead coldly says that he doesn't know shit about her pain and that he did not know Hershel or Beth, bringing up Gabriel's cowardice by hiding and shutting out members of his flock from the church. After Sasha kills a pack of dogs who were preparing to attack the group and after they barbecue them for consumption, Gabriel pulls off his clerical collar and drops it into the fire. Soon after it rains, and he becomes remorseful after burning it, saying, "Sorry, my Lord."

When the storm approaches the group, he and the rest reside within a barn Daryl found located near the road they were walking along on. He is seen sitting down and again when the entire tries desperately to block off a group of walkers from entering the barn they were settling in as the storm wreaked havoc outside. He is also seen in the next morning, asleep along the others after the chaos the night before.

"The Distance"

Gabriel is first seen in the barn watching as Aaron, who reveals himself as a recruiter for a community called Alexandria, is led inside. He witnesses Rick bound and interrogate him. When Maggie's husband Glenn Rhee, Maggie herself, Michonne, Abraham, and Rosita are sent out to see if Aaron's telling the truth about there only being two vehicles in the area, Gabriel remains behind. Later on, Gabriel is present as the group travels to Alexandria. When the RV's battery runs out, Gabriel is seen standing behind Carl as Glenn fixes it. Eventually, the group reaches the gates of Alexandria and is content, Gabriel included.


Gabriel is briefly seen when the group arrives in Alexandria, in the background when the group is handing over their guns and again together with the rest of the group in the house.


Gabriel enters a room and starts angrily tearing pages out of a Bible after seeing a gift from a citizen called Rosemary. Later that day, he goes to talk to Deanna and recount how Satan disguised himself as the angel of light, which he relates to Rick and his group being evil disguised as light and that they've done terrible things and they don't deserve paradise because of this, also stating that they are dangerous. Unbeknownst to Gabriel, Maggie is listening to Gabriel's warning from the basement steps, and she shows pure anger regarding Gabriel's comments.


Gabriel first appears at the gates of Alexandria as Spencer Monroe lets him out. Gabriel claims he wishes to take a quick walk, and leaves the community. Gabriel then approaches a walker distracted by eating a corpse, and calls out to it, saying "I'm ready!", intending to let the walker kill him. He then notices the corpse the walker was eating to be moving, notifying that the person has just reanimated. The walker turns and approaches him, and, even though he knew that it was not human, he still found it emotionally difficult to kill it. He rips its head off and smashes its head in with a rock, killing it. He then neared the zombified man and crushed his head in too. Due to this emotional trial, he breaks down on the road and cries. He then returns to the community where Spencer asks if his walk around outside the community was okay, Spencer then tells if he could close the gate himself and makes a half-hearted attempt to close the gate, failing to shut it properly. At night, he declines attending the gathering and instead goes into the chapel. He finds Sasha there, requesting emotional guidance, which he coldly denies her. He then taunts her over her sins causing Bob's and Tyreese's deaths. Sasha angrily strikes him and threatens to kill him, and he is entirely unconcerned over it. Maggie intervenes and stops Sasha, to which Gabriel tells her she made a mistake in not letting Sasha kill him. Maggie convinces both of them to pray with her.

Season 6[]

"First Time Again"

Gabriel is first seen having a conversation with Deanna, who tells him that he was wrong about the Survivors. When Rick needed volunteers to carry out his plan to lure the quarry herd away from Alexandria, Gabriel tries to volunteer, but Rick instantly declines his offer after his betrayal to him and his group.


Gabriel is first seen approaching Carl as he is walking Judith. He apologizes for saying bad things about the group and insists on wanting to learn how to survive. Carl tells Gabriel that he should tell everyone. Before walking off, Carl arranges a meeting with him. He tells Gabriel to come by at 3 o'clock to learn how to use a machete.

Later on, Gabriel is seen when the Wolves attack Alexandria. He attempts to flee from one of the attackers, but falls. The Wolf is about to execute him when Morgan Jones saves him by knocking the attacker unconscious. Gabriel then watches as Morgan bounds him and then watches as Carol shoots the subdued Wolf.

"Heads Up"

Gabriel is seen placing posters for a prayer service at 1:00 by the solar panels up but Rick coldly rips them down when he, Carl and Ron walk by heading for gun training, showing that he still despises him for his betrayal of him. Gabriel in response simply places new ones up.

Gabriel is later seen giving his prayer service by the solar panels as the burned watchtower falls down, destroying a large portion of Alexandria's walls.

"Start to Finish"

After the walls crumble, Rick yells for everyone to flee to their houses. After Gabriel's prayer circle attendees scatter, he regroups with Michonne, Carl, and Ron to help Rick and an injured Deanna. As they are nearly overwhelmed by walkers in the streets, Jessie steps in and shoots some of the horde before she ushers them to rush to her house.

After the fight between Carl and Ron which causes the walkers to stream to the garage, Gabriel and the rest are shoving a couch in order to block the walkers from entering. Later, he, Jessie, Ron, Michonne and Carl watch as the herd finally begins to infest most of the streets of Alexandria. Afterwards, he helps the others keep the herd at bay as they begin to force their way in through their makeshift defenses but are forced to retreat upstairs as the walkers finally breach in. When Rick instructs them to smear on guts to camouflage themselves, Gabriel asks what should they do with Deanna as Michonne walks up and checks on her for the last time.

As they are preparing to leave, Gabriel tells Rick no matter what will happen outside he will not give up and run away in which Rick replies "I know", indicating he has possibly forgiven him. Gabriel is then among with the group, smeared with guts, standing outside on Jessie's front porch as they look out on the massive horde before continuing to pass by them.

"No Way Out"

Gabriel appears when the group is seen still walking through the herd, when Rick announces that they will need to go for the cars to drive the herd away back to the quarry. He volunteers to take Judith to his church to keep her safe, Rick thanks him for it. After that time he is seen again inside the church with the remaining Alexandrians and watches as Rick and the others fight the oncoming horde, he then does the unthinkable, he gives Judith to Anna, picks up his machete, and tells the Alexandrians that they can keep Alexandria safe because God gave them the courage to do so and runs outside killing walkers. After the attack, he is shown in brief montage clips hacking and slashing away, this results in him surviving and winning the fight with the others.

"Not Tomorrow Yet"

Gabriel is among the townspeople sitting inside the church as Rick gives them a speech about attacking The Saviors. He is part of the Survivors to head off to the Savior's compound. When they all stop on the road to format a perimeter, Gabriel is seen walking out of a vehicle, strapped with a rifle on his shoulder. When Rick asks why Gabriel is still wearing his priest garment, he replies that he is still who he is and jokingly adds that it would be harder for the Saviors to see him in the dark which Rick laughs and pats him in the shoulder. As the other members break in and infiltrate the Saviors' outpost, Gabriel and Tara remain inside the vehicle alongside Jesus, Andy and Craig. When they hear the alarm, Gabriel, Tara and Jesus rush to help the others as Andy and Craig, told by Tara to drive back to the Hilltop to seal the deal. Outside, Gabriel loads his rifle and spots an injured Savior, lying on the ground. He recites a prayer and proceeds to shoot him. In the morning, after the bloody gunfight, Gabriel and the rest of the group are outside the building when a Savior tries to escape with a motorcycle which Daryl recognizes as his. After they capture the Savior, a woman's voice can be heard from his walkie-talkie, ordering Rick to lower his gun. She tells them that they've got Carol and Maggie with them. Gabriel and the rest remain on guard as they wait to see what will happen.

"The Same Boat"

Gabriel arrives with Rick and the group rescuing Carol and Maggie. He moves forward to see if there are any other Saviors left in the building.

"Twice as Far"

Gabriel is seen patrolling the streets of Alexandria.

"Last Day on Earth"

When Rick and the group leave to escort Maggie to the Hilltop, Rick trusts Gabriel to look after Judith and Alexandria. Gabriel reassures Rick that he will do all he can to keep Judith safe. As Rick leaves, Gabriel proudly stands tall, and watches his friends leave.

Season 7[]

"The Day Will Come When You Won't Be"

Gabriel briefly appears in a dream sequence with the rest of the group at Alexandria having dinner outside.


When Negan inquires about Maggie's whereabouts, Gabriel approaches and asks if Negan wants to pay his respects. Negan asks if Maggie didn't make it. Rick says nothing but shakes his head hesitantly. Gabriel leads Negan to the graveyard where Glenn, Abraham and supposedly Maggie are buried.

Later, Gabriel, Rick and Aaron search Spencer's house for the missing guns. Rick commends Gabriel on his Maggie ruse with Negan earlier at the graveyard: "It was quick thinking. Thank you." Gabriel is optimistic that they will prevail in the end, referring to the fact that there was a time when they once weren't friends, despite Rick's insistence that there is no way out.

"Sing Me a Song"

Gabriel and Spencer drive up to the gates to find Rosita and Eugene preparing to leave. Gabriel suggests they all travel together, but Rosita and a reluctant Eugene leave on their own.

Out on the road, Spencer asks Gabriel if it is a sin to hate someone. Gabriel tells him it is not, and Spencer confesses that he hates Rick. He says he is a bad leader and hopes he doesn't make it back from his supply run. A shocked Gabriel asks him to stop the car. He reaffirms his belief in Rick and calls Spencer a "tremendous shit", but that he doesn't have to be eternally. He gets out of the car and starts walking back to Alexandria alone.

"Hearts Still Beating"

In the church, Gabriel urges Rosita to refrain from attacking Negan by herself. He agrees that Negan needs to die, but recommends she wait for the right moment so the community can take him down together.

Gabriel and some of the other residents gather round as Spencer and Negan play pool in the street. He watches in horror as Negan disembowels Spencer, and is horrified when Olivia is shot in the face by Arat as punishment for Rosita's attempt to kill Negan.

At night, Gabriel keeps watch at the gate, unaware that someone is watching him through binoculars. The dark figure then heads towards Alexandria.

"Rock in the Road"

Gabriel reads his bible during his night shift at the Alexandria gate. He stares into the darkness, a worried expression on his face, and leaves his post.

In the pantry, Gabriel hurriedly fills crates with food and weapons. His bible falls to the ground as he skims through the weapons registry with shaky hands. He loads the crates into a car and leaves Alexandria. A dark figure is visible in the passenger seat.

"New Best Friends"

Gabriel is first seen when Tamiel retrieves him after he was kidnapped along with Alexandria's supplies. During a brief fight between Rick and the Scavengers, Gabriel holds Tamiel at knife-point and threatens to kill Tamiel if they are not let go. He tells Jadis the Saviors have lots of things that they want, and if they join them they will be rewarded more than they can imagine. Jadis says they want something now, and Gabriel says that Rick can do anything.

Back at the junkyard, Gabriel explains to Rick that he heard a noise in the pantry and was jumped and the woman was angry because she didn't get the supplies from the boat so made him pack up everything else. He said he hoped Rick knew what he meant by boat and Rick credits him for getting them there. Gabriel says they will set things right but things will get hard before that time comes. He asks Rick why he was smiling, and Rick tells him that someone showed him enemies can become friends.

"Say Yes"

Gabriel is shown at the church. Rosita visits him and she yells at him for dissuading her from killing Negan, even though it might have gotten her killed. Gabriel patiently defends himself; he argues that the rest of the group still needs her.

Gabriel accompanies the others in delivering the guns to Jadis and her group. They looks defeated when Jadis says it is not enough and they need nearly twice as many. Rick insists on keeping 20 guns to help them in their search for more. Jadis agrees.

"Something They Need"

Gabriel accompanies Rick and the others to Oceanside. As they round up the residents, Gabriel reassures them that nobody has to get hurt. He helps the others defeat the incoming walkers.

Later, when the group is gathering the guns, Gabriel asks if it is really necessary to take them all. Rick insists that it is.

"The First Day of the Rest of Your Life"

Gabriel is seen fighting against the Saviors and Scavengers in the battle in Alexandria.

Gabriel presides over Sasha's funeral in the graveyard, and afterwards, listens to Rick's speech.

Season 8[]


Gabriel travels to the Sanctuary with Rick and everyone to attack Negan and the Saviors. Gabriel tries to leave the Sanctuary but then spots Gregory in need to help, so he gives him a hand, but Gregory leaves Gabriel behind by taking his car and driving off. Gabriel rushes to safety to escape the walkers and find a trailer house. Inside he finds Negan there as the trailer house is surrounded by the dead.

"The Big Scary U"

Gabriel appears in the same room as Negan, Negan gives a speech on how Rick got his people killed, and explains that he has killed people that deserved it. As Negan talks to Lucille, Gabriel takes his gun and tries to shoot him, he then locks himself in a little storage area inside the room and refuses to come out unless Negan confesses about his real wife. Once Negan mentions he had a real wife and couldn't put her down, he described himself as "weak". Gabriel comes out and Negan drags a walker out of a hole. He and Gabriel then rub walker guts on themselves and head outside. Once they are outside, they begin to make their way through the herd of walkers, Gabriel trips over a walker, and is saved by Negan, and he later saves Negan in return. They finally make it inside where they regroup with the other saviors, Negan orders his men to put Gabriel in a holding cell, Eugene later comes in and knocks on the door, unlocks it and sees Gabriel on the floor wounded. Eugene says "we need to get you to Dr. Carson 2.0", Gabriel then says "Dr. Carson is Maggie's, we need to get him out of here".

"Time for After"

Gabriel is seen in the infirmary at the Sanctuary, being treated by Harlan Carson. He reveals to Eugene that Gabriel has a few infections and will need more help. He asks Eugene to watch over Gabriel as he heads down to the marketplace in search of medicine and herbs to treat Gabriel's infection.

Gabriel reaches for water and Eugene watches him struggle a bit before helping him get a drink. Gabriel asks if Eugene is going to help him get the doctor out, but Eugene insists he only does what is in his own best interest. Gabriel tells him to have faith and trust himself. "It's absurd," Eugene tells him. Gabriel continues his plea, urging Eugene to do the right thing. Eugene sees the red paint on his own finger and has thoughts about Dwight.

Awhile later, after the walkers get into Sanctuary, Eugene storms into Gabriel's room and tells him he will never help him escape and says that he will never put himself at risk for anyone other than himself.

"How It's Gotta Be"

Gabriel is first seen in the hospital bed when Eugene comes in and reveals that he will allow him and Harlan to escape. Eugene has taken out the guard at the North Gate and prepared a vehicle so that Harlan and Gabriel can make it to the Hilltop and Harlan can take care of Maggie. Gabriel asks Eugene to come with him to the Hilltop, but he refuses and Eugene "drops" the key to the gate, and Gabriel compliments Eugene for doing the right thing.

"Dead or Alive Or"

Gabriel and Carson sit in their car, having lost their bearings on the road and trying to determine their position on a map. Carson notices Gabriel shifting the map in an effort to read it better, concerned that his infection may also be attacking his optical nerves and blinding him. Gabriel assures that their situation can still be handled provided they keep their faith in God's plans intact; Carson is unconvinced. As Carson attempts to start their vehicle again, Gabriel barely notices a walker with a chain on its ankle crawling alongside them.

After disposing of the walker, Carson performs a vision check on Gabriel, whose condition is worsening. He condemns himself for allowing Gabriel to leave the Sanctuary in his current condition. Gabriel notices a noise emanating from the forest and both go to investigate. They find an abandoned building with a slab of metal swinging in the wind, but Carson is uneasy about the area.

Gabriel and Carson enter the log cabin, finding it clear of intrusion. Gabriel finds a notepad and, in his attempts to read it, concludes that the cabin was used as a radio station. While Carson is pessimistic about their chances of finding help through the station (having read the logbook and finding several empty entries), Gabriel tries to find the light in their situation. However, the morale boost is wiped away upon Carson's discovery of the radio operator, having turned after supposedly committing suicide.

As Carson searches the room for anything useful, he notices Gabriel sitting up on the bed, trying to read an antibiotics container. Carson realizes that the antibiotics are exactly what Gabriel needs to combat his infection. Having administered antibiotics to Gabriel, Carson performs another diagnosis, finding that his fever has gone down but his vision remains impaired. He shows concern that Gabriel does not seem too fazed by his predicament. Gabriel instead remains true to his faith in God's plans for the two of them. As he explains his feelings, he accidentally knocks over a piggy bank he found earlier, revealing a set of car keys and a map of the area. Carson reads the map, finding that they are in fact not too far off from their destination.

Gabriel and Carson head outside of the cabin in search of a car. As Gabriel passes the swinging metal sheet, he manages to make out a message written on one side - a warning of traps in the area. He is too late to warn Carson, as he is crippled by a bear trap. Walkers begin to swarm towards the sound of his cries. Gabriel scrambles towards Carson as he fends off the small horde. He barely survives when Gabriel finds a revolver and manages to hit the final walker with a lucky shot.

Gabriel helps Carson into a truck. Carson thanks Gabriel for his help, but their moment is interrupted by the presence of the Saviors, who were drawn by Carson's gunfire, and the two are recaptured. Gabriel again remains faithful that God has a way for them. Carson agrees, before making an attempt on the Saviors by upholstering one of their weapons. He is too late to fire, as he is shot down by another Savior. Disappointed that they have lost another doctor, the Saviors retreat back to the Sanctuary, leaving his body behind, while a mortified Gabriel sobs, having failed his mission to bring Carson to Maggie.

At the Sanctuary, Negan busts in the room with Gabriel, who is covering for Eugene. He says Gabriel can help make bullets despite his vision. Eugene deflects it and suggests launching the dead their enemy via catapults. Negan then leaves Gabriel in charge of arranging Eugene's bullet casings. Eugene approaches Gabriel, who is still traumatized by Carson's death. He laments that he believed he had found his purpose. Eugene brushes this off and shoves a tray toward Gabriel, demanding he begin sorting casings.


Gabriel continues helping at Eugene's outpost helping to make bullets. Though Gabriel is recovering from his illness, he is still mostly blind and is forced to wear a mask to prevent others from getting sick. Eugene discovers that Gabriel has been tampering with the bullets which will cause them to backfire and harm the users. Gabriel explains that he only intended to make them ineffective so that no one would get hurt and is forced to sit to the side by Eugene.

Following Eugene's brief capture by Rosita and Daryl, he returns filled with new determination and puts Gabriel back on the bullet-making line. Eugene warns Gabriel that he can either follow directions this time "or you can cry and die."


Gabriel is brought back to the Sanctuary with Eugene where Negan decides to take Gabriel along with him for another "confession." Negan confesses that he is luring the Militia into a trap and intends to slaughter them all, outlining the details to Gabriel who is confused as in the past, Negan seemed to not want to kill everyone. Seizing his chance when Laura is forced to swerve by a walker in the middle of the road, Gabriel tries to escape, but is nearly killed by another walker. Saved by Laura, Gabriel is recaptured by Eugene who berates Gabriel for his lack of faith. Negan hits Gabriel in the stomach with Lucille, bring him to his knees. Negan looms over him with Lucille before ordering Gabriel to be put back in the car.

During the Savior ambush of the Militia, Negan holds Gabriel at gunpoint as he prepares to kill everyone with the intention to kill Gabriel himself. After reaching the end of the countdown, Negan fires, only to have his gun explode in his hand along with all the rest of the Savior weapons. As Negan tries to attack Eugene, Gabriel attacks him followed by Dwight, causing Negan to run away. In the aftermath, Eugene explains to Rosita that after briefly being captured by Rosita, Eugene changed his mind and decided to help by sabotaging the Savior bullets, taking inspiration from Gabriel's failed attempt at sabotage.

After the end of the war, Gabriel, still mostly blind but recovered from his illness, returns to Alexandria. Now using a walking stick to help get around, Gabriel enters the burned-out ruins of his church and prays and weeps with gratitude, finally understanding the purpose God had for him in the war.

Season 9[]

"A New Beginning"

During the year and a half that passed since the end of the war, Gabriel became blind in his right eye, turning a milky white color.

Gabriel and the group go to the Smithsonian in Washington D.C, to search for a covered wagon and farming equipment. Inside, Rick tells everyone to be safe and the group separates.

In a hallway, Gabriel drives a machete into a walker's head and leaves it hanging on a human evolution display. He and Anne smile at the irony of this.

Then, when Rick thanks Anne for her lead in finding packages of seeds and beans, she tells Gabriel that she knew of this because she once brought her class back when she was teaching.

Shortly after, the whole group reunites and gingerly uses ropes to drag an old covered wagon down the stairs and over the glass floor. The glass finally gives way and Ezekiel falls through it, dangling by the rope. Before the walkers can bite him, Daryl shoots at one and Rick and the others finally pull him to safety. Carol joyfully kisses him to celebrate.

The group leaves D.C. and prepare to head back to their own communities.

On the road, Rosita and Daryl catch up with everyone to inform them that the main bridge is out due to a storm. Rick tells Tara, Gabriel, Aaron and Anne to head back to Alexandria and the rest will go to an alternate route and spend the night at the Sanctuary.

"The Bridge"

At the camp, Anne draws a picture to Gabriel and laments that no one trusts her except him and Rick. Gabriel tells her that at first, no one trusted him either until Rick made it possible. She strokes his hand and thanks him for staying on her side.

When the herd arrive at the labor site and a commotion ensues, Gabriel arrives with Rick and the others to help.

At night, Anne asks Gabriel who the woman she drew for him was, and he says she was his organist that he loved and lost. She asks him if he is still afraid but is cut short when he kisses her. They smile and start to make out until Gabriel remembers he's supposed to be on watch. Anne replies with "then watch", as she starts to unbuckle his pants.

"Warning Signs"

At the camp, the Saviors are furious with the news of Justin's death. Alden promises they'll get to the bottom of it but is punched in the face by Jed, who claims he isn't one of them anymore. Carol steps in with her gun at her hip, stopping Jed.

Gabriel defends Anne from Norris as the Saviors start accusing her and Daryl of being the culprits. They grab axes to retaliate when Rick rides in the middle of the group with his gun drawn and warns everyone to back off.

After they disperse, Rick questions Gabriel on where Anne was last night when Justin disappeared. Gabriel vouches for her but Rick instructs him to keep an eye out for her. Later, inside a tent, Gabriel tells Anne about Rick's suspicions and asks if she knows anything about Justin's disappearance, but she denies this asking him if he thinks she is hiding something before leaving

At night, Gabriel follows Anne to the Junkyard and spies on her as she retrieves walkie and radios the unknown man from the helicopter. After hearing their conversation, Gabriel appears behind her and asks who she was talking to and if she had anything to do with Justin.

Anne admits she's been trading people for supplies and she was planning to trade Gabriel and Rick back when she abducted them. She asks him to leave with her to a new place that is much better and is far away, but that he can't tell anyone. Gabriel says he has to tell Rick, but she says, "All this time, I thought you were a B," before knocking him out with her walkie.

"The Obliged"

At the junkyard, Anne kisses a tied up Father Gabriel before rolling up one of her walker experiments to kill him. He wakes up and begs her to stop before telling her he forgives her. She leans the walker over him and then stops, before putting another chloroform rag over his mouth to knock him out.

A while later, Gabriel wakes up untied and alone. He finds a note in his pocket from Anne telling him, "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. I want to go fast." Gabriel breaks down in tears.

"Who Are You Now?"

Following Rick's presumed death, Gabriel retrieved the radio he found in cabin with Carson and has been trying to contact other survivors or communities without luck. He also entered in a relationship with Rosita.

Six years later, in Alexandria, Gabriel watches as Magna's group arrives and gets escorted inside. Rosita updates Siddiq on Yumiko's condition and he escorts her to the infirmary. Magna tries to tag along but is stopped by D.J.

Michonne arrives on horseback and doesn't look pleased to see the new arrivals. She frisks Magna and asks Eugene why they're here. Aaron claims it was his call but Michonne reminds him it's not his call to make. "I decided," Judith tells her. Michonne scolds her but Aaron says they're here now and they should decide their fate together, while Gabriel suggests they vote tomorrow. Michonne agrees and instructs her people to put them in holding. She leaves as her sheriff figurine falls out of her pocket and Judith picks it up.

The next day, Magna's group stand before Gabriel and the rest of the council for questioning. They ask who their leader is and Magna claims they're a team, while Luke explains their group used to be bigger. Gabriel asks about their former professions. Luke was a music teacher, Magna was a truck stop waitress, Connie was a journalist and Kelly was a high school student. Luke says they should trust them, but Michonne isn't done with questions. She stands up and asks Magna to see her left hand, which has a prison tattoo. Michonne then calls her out for the hidden knife on her belt, which she puts on the table. Michonne storms out, saying she'll second any of their motions. Magna tries to question her but is shut off.

Later, in another room, Gabriel tests out the radio and tells Rosita he thinks there could still be more survivors out there they could help. He suggests they set up a remote amplifier to boost the signal and find new communities, and Rosita instructs him to stay in town while she and Eugene set it up. Rosita then kisses Gabe and he tells her she's amazing.

When Magna's group is supposed to leave, Gabriel is present.


In Alexandria, Gabriel helps Negan meditate in his cell. Negan compliments him on Rosita and brags that he's heard some interesting things about her from the gossip outside his cell. Gabe ignores it and leaves. Outside, Barbara informs him that Rosita has been injured and is at Hilltop.

Later, Negan taunts Gabriel with cleaning his potty to the point where he gets mad. Gabe confesses he's upset he has to take care of him while Rosita recovers at Hilltop. Negan expresses genuine sympathy but is shut off by an angry Gabriel who storms off.


In Alexandria, Gabriel, alongside the other members of the council, are scolded by Michonne for keeping her in the dark about their radio mission. Gabriel argues they should be more open to new communities, but Aaron reminds him about the Whisperers and how they should trust Michonne's discretion. Siddiq argues that Michonne's not always right and her decision to cut ties with The Kingdom proves it. Michonne draws a hard line and asserts she's not willing to sacrifice her people to save the Kingdom.

A while later, Gabriel goes to his home and tells Rosita about his problems at the council. He doesn't elaborate so she brings up her pregnancy, saying she wants him to stay despite carrying Siddiq's baby and tells him she will be at her house when he's ready to talk.

At his church, Eugene shows Gabriel his risk/reward calculations if he should stay with Rosita or not. Gabriel brushes it off but Eugene warns him he’d be a fool to let her go. Eugene briefly reminisces on their time with the Saviors, and how Gabriel believed in him even when he himself didn't. He then offers him new sweatpants for him to give Rosita as a peace offering.

Later, Gabriel visits Rosita, who is talking with Siddiq on her house porch, to talk with her. She smiles at him for his choice and they all go inside to talk.


In a flashback, Gabriel, Michonne, Eugene, Rosita, and Aaron follow Winnie to a factory where they find several kids hiding out. Later, at night, Gabriel enjoys a bonfire in Alexandria alongside Jocelyn’s kid group and the community kids, playing with his blind eye.

The next day, Gabriel watches as Michonne and Daryl return to Alexandria with the missing kids. He immediately goes over to help the injured Daryl.

"The Calm Before"

In the Kingdom, Gabriel watches from the crowd as Ezekiel declares they've finally accomplished Rick, Carl, and Jesus' dreams of reuniting the communities. "Let the fair of a new beginning begin!" Ezekiel says as everyone celebrates and applauds.

Later, Gabriel is inside the theater when Michonne convenes the leaders to tell them she's finally ready for Alexandria to help out. "We're here now," she says. Gabriel announces Alexandria is willing to grant asylum to Lydia, but Tara warns if her mother retaliates it'll be against Hilltop. Michonne reminds her that none of them were trusted when they were first introduced to the Survivors, and Tara relents.

They all agree to send some of their own to Hilltop to guard against any potential attacks from the Whisperers and Michonne decides to re-establish the charter, establishing that an attack against Hilltop counts as an attack against all of them. Ezekiel then retrieves the original charter as Tara and Michonne finally make up. They all sign the charter, and Michonne tells Gabriel he should sign for Alexandria as the head of the council.

At the fair, Gabriel talks with Tara and Rachel about looking for areas for the residents to train in case of a fight. He then tells Tara he thinks she's a good leader and watches as she goes to gear up to go with a second escort to Hilltop. Later that day, he looks for Tara around the fair and asks Eugene if he has seen her.

The next day, Gabriel listens from the crowd as Siddiq delivers the tragic news regarding the fate of the missing residents from the fair, tells them how brave everyone was in their final moments and how he was intentionally kept alive to tell this very story. He encourages everyone to remember the fallen as brave heroes and to honor them.

"The Storm"

Several months after the fair massacre, at Alexandria, Gabriel and Rosita keep warm by staying close but Eugene interrupts them to report on the storm. He concocts a plan to group up next to large fireplaces in the church and realizes they'll have free Negan from his cell so he doesn't freeze.

In the church, Gabriel tells Negan to be serious but he jokes about Rosita's love quadrangle and taunts him by calling him "father…not the father," to Eugene's amusement. Suddenly, the group smells something and Eugene pulls Siddiq and Gabriel away from the fireplace before it explodes. He says the chimney makes it unsafe to light anything else on fire, so Gabriel decides they're moving to Aaron's house. They all tie a rope around themselves and head out into the blizzard.

In the middle of the path, Gabriel tells Judith to return as she runs off after Dog. The next day, after the storm is over, he and Rosita move back to their house.

Season 10[]

"Lines We Cross"

Some months after the blizzard, Gabriel is radioed by Aaron and informed that the militia has discovered a Whisperer mask at the Oceanside beach. He is left wondering if the Whisperers have returned and proceeds to inform the others. Gabriel and the council then enter the meeting house to discuss the recent discovery.

After the meeting is over, Gabriel goes to Negan's cell to check on him. Negan advises him to temper the coming dangers to his people as to not cause a panic. Gabriel asks if he should lie. "No, not lie," Negan tells him. "At most, I'm talking about a little strategic omission." Outside, Gabriel instructs his people to lock up the walls and double security. Suddenly, an explosion rings out and Gabriel witness a satellite fall from the sky.


Gabriel and the rest of the Alexandria residents face against waves of walkers pouring onto the community gates over the next 49 hours. After prevailing from the exhausting battle, the community discovers that a new herd of walkers is approaching from multiple directions. In the morning, Gabriel helps to clean up the community from the corpses while Eugene warns that it will be an hour until the next wave hits.

Later that day at an emergency council meeting, Gabriel listens as Michonne decides that instead of retaliating against the Whisperers, she and a small group will meet with Alpha at the border to work things out. Under Michonne's plan, Gabriel is placed in charge of leading a team to take out the northern wave of walkers. Later, Gabriel informs Aaron he is going to work alongside Negan due to a lack of soldiers at the moment.

"Silence the Whisperers"

Gabriel accompanies Rosita while she strolls Coco around the streets over the night as they pass beside Lydia. The following morning, Gabriel is at the dining hall enjoying a meal when Lydia makes a scene by gutting a dead squirrel, upsetting Gage, Margo, and Alfred. He watches as the three leave in disgust before returning to his meal.

Later that night, Gabriel and the council reunite in the meeting house to discuss Lydia's attack. They question Gage and Alfred, who lie and say they were attacked. Gabriel asks why Lydia's the one in the infirmary. They claim to them how their friends got beheaded by the Whisperers and now Margo is dead. The council then lets them go. While the council discusses their vote on Negan's fate, Daryl arrives and says he believes Lydia, which ties the vote. Gabriel announces he'll take the night to make his decision by tomorrow.

The following morning, Gabriel visits Negan's cell to check on him only to discover he is gone. He immediately runs over to inform Daryl and then alerts the whole community. Later that day, Gabriel and Aaron discuss Negan's escape when Lydia walks by and tells them she is responsible, much to their shock and confusion.

"Open Your Eyes"

Gabriel is informed about the captured Whisperer and scolds Carol for risking the safety of the community with her actions against the council's wishes. Despite Carol's protests, he orders that the Whisperer's wounds be treated first and demands to be present during the interrogation. He then has Siddiq and Dante called to the cell to tend to the prisoner. When Siddiq becomes nervous after he is taunted by the Whisperer, Gabriel promises him that Dante can handle the situation on his own while he heads outside to relax.

A while later, Gabriel is present during the Whisperer's interrogation and watches as he spits food onto Carol's face and then is punched by her after a discriminatory remark. He then listens in surprise as the Whisperer claims he won't betray Alpha because she loves her people so much she sacrificed her own daughter.

Later that day, Gabriel arrives along with the others at the cell to help the Whisperer who suddenly starts convulsing. When Dante holds him, he spits blood onto his shoulder before dying from the poison. Gabriel is then left in shock as Siddiq blames Dante for treating him with hemlock plants despite him claiming innocence and accusing him of packing it. Shortly after, Daryl prevents the Whisperer from reanimating and Gabriel offers to help him hide the body.

"The World Before"

Gabriel is present during Dante's interrogation in the infirmary after his identity as a Whisperer spy is exposed. He asks Dante why he killed Siddiq after having tortured him months ago at the barn. When Dante confesses his motive for infiltrating the community and says he's looking forward to them arguing over what to do with him as they did with Negan, Gabriel angrily asks him if he thinks he deserves a public reckoning.

Later that day, Gabriel delivers a moving eulogy at Siddiq's funeral and helps bury him. Shortly after, he goes home and puts Coco to sleep before rewatching Dante's interview where he claims he had a son. When Rosita arrives at their house, she tells him she almost died fighting walkers recklessly and laments how vulnerable she feels because she doesn't want Coco to be left an orphan. Gabriel says that feeling will pass and his main concern at the moment is to figure out how Dante managed to blend within the community in the last four months.

Gabriel later visits a prisoned Dante at the cell and asks if he even had a son like he said in his videotape interview. When Dante says it doesn't matter, Gabriel walks into the cell and admits to being deeply saddened by the loss of Siddiq whom he loved like a brother and because of his death Coco won't ever meet her father. After Dante asks whether people deserve a second chance, Gabriel appears to agree but then pulls out a knife and brutally stabs him to death. He then screams in a rage and cries into his blood-covered hands. That night, Gabriel burns Dante's body when Rosita approaches and puts her head on his shoulder. They reconcile and watch the scene.


When a Whisperer named Gamma arrives at the gates to inform everyone that a group has been trapped in the cave with Alpha's horde and that they may be still alive and needing help, Gabriel questions her intentions, pointing out the horde wasn't where she told Aaron it would be. She explains she wants to help because the baby left at Hilltop is her nephew before Rosita knocks her unconscious and orders for her to be put in a cell. A while later, Gabriel and Rosita visit Gamma in the cell and confront her about Dante's actions. They say she has to prove she's different from the other Whisperers or she'll get killed. When Gabriel insists she is hiding something and calls for a sincere confession, Gamma tearfully reveals she killed her sister for Alpha, which makes Gabriel accept her help.

Gabriel is later present in the meeting hall to discuss a possible plan when Gamma tells everything she knows about the cave and its entrances. He proposes to Laura and Scott to send two rescue teams when Rosita says she doubts the authenticity of her words, which prompts him to insist that they shouldn't be afraid of the Whisperers since they're cowards and encourages them to capture any Whisperer and brutally torture them until they can break them. Shortly after, Gabriel and Rosita prepare for the outing. He suggests she'd better stay at home but she refuses, adding that he is acting erratic and is itching for a fight. Gabriel doesn't understand her point, and Rosita claims she can feel that Coco is wondering where Siddiq is and she doesn't want her daughter to be left an orphan if both of them die.

Sometime later that day, Gabriel listens as Echo Post informs about a hundred-walker herd incoming and explains to Scott they try to not let them use the traitor's information. As they think about this situation, he notices that Rosita is nervous about going outside. While starting to draft people for the scout team, Gabriel changes the plan at the last minute and orders for Rosita and Laura to stay back with a skeleton crew while he and others will head out on the recon mission. Before leaving, he tells Rosita he isn't trying to decide for him and listens as she tells him she has been having nightmares about the Whisperers killing her and worries about Coco's future. They kiss goodbye.

That night, Gabriel and his team find the soldiers from Echo Post murdered and realizes the Whisperers forced them to give false information about the herd so they would leave Alexandria and weaken the inner defense. They immediately rush back to the community. On their way back, they ambush Beta escorting a captured Gamma and Gabriel tries to shoot him but fails and watches as he flees into the woods. He then turns his gun to Gamma as she tries to convince him she hasn't betrayed them and ultimately believes her. They then return to the community.

The following morning, Gabriel is informed by Scott that Beta infiltrated Alexandria trough Cheryl's grave which connected to a tunnel system. He then hugs Aaron when he arrives and listens when he tells them not everyone escaped from the cave. Afterwards, Gabriel is left with Coco under his care since Alexandria is safe at the moment and kisses Rosita goodbye as she prepares to leave towards Hilltop with a group so she can be checked with by the doctor.

"The Tower"

Gabriel is among the Alexandrians to relocate to the abandoned hospital being referred to as "the tower". Alden and Aaron spy on the herd and radio their observations to Gabriel, noting that they are heading towards Oceanside as expected. Aaron tells him they will continue to follow the herd and notify them if anything changes. Later, Gabriel suddenly radios Daryl, revealing that they are surrounded by the horde.

"A Certain Doom"

Gabriel is first seen hurrying supplies around the hospital as the horde arrives. He observes the herd from the window in shock before being approached by R.J. and Gracie. He comforts them by telling them about the unity within the communities, and how they will make it out together. He is later seen briefing a plan with the others to lure the horde away with speakers, organizing teams and later fortifying the entrances to the hospital.

When the Whisperers bypass their traps, Gabriel sends Scott, Rachel, and Judith down the elevator shaft with a rope, staying behind to prevent Whisperers from getting through defenses. Judith questions why Gabriel isn't coming, to which he explains, and asks her to pass on the message, "Eres mi media naranja," to Rosita. As they leave, Gabriel recites the Proverbs before fighting off a group of Whisperers. Eventually he is overwhelmed and pinned to the ground, yet is saved by a masked survivor and Maggie, who he hugs in joy.

Gabriel is later seen reunited with the group in the woods, comforting Rosita and Coco.

"One More"

Gabriel and Aaron slay walkers in a field. Gabriel and Aaron arrive at a building to search for potential supplies, only to find that the building has burned to the ground. Gabriel consults a map of potential supply sources that Maggie created. Aaron and Gabriel throw a timer into a field. The timer rings, flushing walkers out of the tall grass. Aaron and Gabriel kill the walkers. Aaron and Gabriel find a caravan of abandoned cars riddled with bullets. Gabriel discovers a stash of canned goods in a car trunk, but bullet holes have caused the contents to leak out. Aaron grows discouraged.

Aaron bangs the boarded-up door of a market to draw out walkers. Gabriel hacks at walkers as they reach through the planks. Aaron kills a walker as it lunges for them. Gabriel climbs onto the roof and finds a walker tied to a post. Three dead bodies lie on a nearby mattress. Gabriel enters the store via a roof hatch. Gabriel kills the walkers inside the store but finds no supplies. He consults Maggie's map and says there is one more location to search. Aaron gives up hope and points out that they've been scavenging for two weeks without any success. Gabriel insists they still check the final location.

Gabriel and Aaron walk down a trail. A walker rises from the mud and grabs at Gabriel. Gabriel falls in the mud, ruining the map. Aaron kills the walker and refuses to proceed without a map. Gabriel insists they just need to look for a water tower that is near the final location, but eventually agrees to return home. Aaron and Gabriel discover an abandoned Mays' Warehouse and search inside. Gabriel notices a pile of Bibles with torn pages. Aaron investigates a noise. Gabriel finds something in the drawer of a desk. Aaron approaches a room where the noise is coming from. He opens the door.

Gabriel hears Aaron screaming and races over to the room. Aaron stands over the body of a boar that he fought and killed. Gabriel proposes dinner with some whiskey that he found in the desk. Aaron and Gabriel cook the boar in the warehouse. Gabriel pours some whiskey and notes that it's a very expensive brand. Aaron asks for more. Gabriel fills their glasses.

Later in the evening, Aaron and Gabriel play a drunken game of poker. Aaron and Gabriel relax after dinner. Gabriel tells a story about a mentor who taught him that good ministers are able to relate to people on their own terms. Aaron wishes they could go back to saving and recruiting residents to Alexandria. Gabriel doubts that life will ever return to normal and declares that evil people are the rule, not the exception.

Gabriel and Aaron sleep in the warehouse. Aaron gets up to use the bathroom. Gabriel wakes up and finds Aaron gone. A man named Mays watches him from across the room and asks for some boar.

Gabriel sits across from Mays as he eats boar. Mays tells Gabriel that he lives at the warehouse and that Gabriel and Aaron stole his boar. He reveals that he has Aaron's mace arm, then shoots at a room where he's holding Aaron. Gabriel tries to appeal to the man's faith in God, but Mays says he was merely using the Bibles for toilet paper. Mays drags Aaron out of the room and forces them to play Russian roulette. Gabriel and Aaron take turns shooting at their own heads. The chamber is empty each time. Mays explains that he killed his brother and his brother's family after catching his brother stealing his food. Gabriel invites Mays to join their community. Mays agrees and cuts Aaron loose. Gabriel kills Mays with the mace and tells Aaron that they couldn't take a man who killed his brother's family.

Aaron and Gabriel wonder where Mays had been hiding. They find a room upstairs stocked with supplies. Mays' brother is handcuffed, surrounded by the skeletons of his family. Mays' brother explains that Mays forced his family to play Russian roulette. Gabriel frees Mays' brother. Mays' brother grabs Gabriel's gun and shoots himself. Gabriel and Aaron cross a field and spot the water tower. Aaron agrees to look for the final location. They head off towards the water tower.

Season 11[]

"Acheron: Part I"

Gabriel breaks up a fight between people arguing over food rations. Gabriel presides over an emergency meeting and announces that Alexandria only has enough food to last a week. Maggie proposes they replenish their supplies by taking back her old community, Meridian, which was seized from them by a group that slaughtered most of her people. Gabriel and Daryl volunteer to join her.

Gabriel joins the mission to salvage food and water from Meridian to feed the large population in Alexandria. Part of a group consisting of Maggie, Daryl, Alden, Frost, Elijah, Gage, Negan, Agatha, Duncan and Roy, the survivors utilize Negan's familiarity with the DC area to travel to Meridian. Caught in a thunderstorm, they decide to take shelter in a subway station. Gabriel's team descends underground. Daryl suggests they travel via the subway tunnels. Negan vehemently disagrees, but Maggie orders him to tell them the quickest subway route to Meridian, since he's the most familiar with D.C. They jump onto the tracks. The group walks down a subway tunnel. They hear pipes groaning from the storm winds. Negan points to a watermark on the wall, indicating that the tunnels regularly flood. He suggests they turn around, but Daryl shoots down his idea.

Gabriel and the group stabs each walker dead. Negan refuses to go further, calling Maggie's plan a death march. Gage and Roy agree with Negan, but Maggie insists Negan needs to stay with them to guide them through D.C. Negan guesses that Maggie just brought him along to send him to his death. Maggie admits that she constantly thinks about killing Negan, and isn't sure how long her self-restraint will last.

Gabriel and the group realizes that Gage and Roy secretly fled and took all of their supplies. A herd of walkers appears further down the tunnel. They start killing the walkers and look for an escape route. Daryl runs after Dog, while Gabriel and the rest of the group climbs a ladder to safety.

"Acheron: Part II"

Gabriel and the rest of the group makes it inside the train car, but finds that the doors to the adjacent car are rusted shut. When Negan comes down, the group inquires about Maggie's whereabouts, to which Negan claims she was right behind him. Alden wishes to go back up and get her, but Frost dissuades him from this, as he considers it suicidal. Although clearly upset, Gabriel decides to continue the mission.

When they open the trap door, Maggie climbs into the subway car, revealed to have survived. Furious, she pistol-whips Negan for his betrayal, and explains to the others what had happened. Negan readily admits his culpability. Alden accuses Negan of trying to kill Maggie, but the latter corrects him, explaining that he simply opted not to save her when she was in trouble. The other Wardens threaten Negan, but he remains unrepentant, noting that Maggie openly admitted to wanting him dead. With that in mind, he doesn't see why he should have risked his life for her. He goes on to point out he has been a great asset to the group.

Before they can decide his fate, someone is heard yelling for help from the back of the train car. They find Gage trapped in the last car, unable to open the door. He explains that he and Roy got lost in the tunnels. Gage, however, neglected to close the door behind him when he entered the car, allowing walkers to pour in. Negan asks for help to pry the door open and let Gage in, but Maggie opposes this, as this would also allow walkers to get inside their car as well.

In spite of this, Alden tries to help Negan open the door, but is prevented from doing so by Duncan. Gage pleads with Maggie to save him, apologizing for his mistake and promising to do better. Alden also tries pleading with Maggie, but she is adamant that they don't have the ammo to clear the walkers. Gabriel supports Maggie's decision, while she regretfully informs Gage that she can't open the door for him. Bitter, Gage calls her a liar, before stabbing himself in the chest to spare himself the pain of being torn apart by walkers, which he is shortly after.

As Frost and Duncan try to open the door to the front car, Alden notices the group is avoiding looking at Gage, who has reanimated and wonders why. Gabriel coldly states that the zombified Gage is merely a shell of a man who died a coward. Alden protests that, while Gage might have been scared, he didn't deserve to die in the worst way imaginable. Maggie then says that there are worse ways to go and tells a story from her time alone with Hershel of a worse way to die than Gage did.

Gabriel and the rest of the group gets ready to fight the walkers. Eventually, the press of the other walkers causes the door separating the two train cars to start to come down. Finally, the door breaks down and the zombified Gage leads the herd through. As Gage comes through the door, Gabriel shoots him in the head with a shotgun, putting down Gage and the two walkers behind him. Out of ammo, the survivors must resort to melee weapons. Luckily, Daryl reaches the blocked door in time and is able to open it. Once everyone's inside, he shoves a grenade into a walkers mouth and pushes it into the horde, before slamming the door shut and taking cover. In the ensuing explosion, the remaining walkers are killed.

Gabriel and the group finally makes it to the surface. Upon arriving to their location, the group is alarmed by the sight of bodies strung up all along the road they're on. Suddenly, the group is showered with arrows and throwing knives, killing Roy, and severely injuring Cole. As the group scrambles for cover, they see a group of Reapers advancing towards them.


As the Reapers unleash their attack, the group scatters into the woods. Gabriel, Alden and Negan are injured. Gabriel lies injured in the forest, his leg impaled with a knife. He silently prays, before spotting a lone Reaper limping off. With newfound determination, Gabriel pulls the knife out from his leg and sets off in pursuit of the Reaper.

Gabriel finally catches up to the Reaper he'd been tracking. The Reaper, Nicholls, is grievously wounded and reciting a prayer. He greets Gabriel in a friendly manner and tells him not to be afraid, but Gabriel assures him he isn't. The Reaper goes on to declare he has been blessed, and asks Gabriel to pray for him. Furious, Gabriel points out Nicholls tried to kill his friends, but the latter retorts that they tried to kill him in turn. He asks Gabriel again to pray for him, stating that even his enemies deserve that much. Disappointed at Gabriel's continued refusal, Nicholls says that the thought Gabriel was a man of God. Gabriel coldly replies that "God isn't here anymore", before murdering the Reaper.

"Out of the Ashes"

Gabriel is able to reunite with Elijah and they both find Maggie and Negan. Maggie tells Elijah that Cole, Duncan and Agatha are dead and Daryl and Frost are nowhere to be found. Gabriel suggests they wait for Daryl and Frost. Maggie smiles in agreement.

"On the Inside"

Gabriel, Maggie, Negan and Elijah hide from the Reapers, who are searching for them and they listen from the basement. Daryl finds them and manages to distract Carver long enough for Maggie's group to escape. Gabriel and the group quietly sneaks out of the basement and escapes.

"Promises Broken"

Gabriel, Maggie, Negan and Elijah make their way towards Meridian. Negan insists that the mission isn't worth it and that they should go home. Maggie pressures the group to move forward, and Gabriel refuses to go home having failed their mission. Negan promises to stay on the condition that he and Maggie would be even from then on, and Maggie reluctantly agrees. Maggie hits on the idea of gathering a horde of walkers to attack Meridian with, and Negan teaches the group how to blend in with the walkers with face masks and control herds,

Gabriel delivers a eulogy as Maggie, Negan, and Elijah stand over the grave of Elijah's friend. Maggie sends Gabriel on a mission, and tells him to kill any Reapers if he finds alone. Maggie orders Negan to find four walkers. Gabriel surveils Meridian through binoculars, gathering intel for Maggie. He sees the Reaper minister, Mancea, wander off alone. Gabriel watches Mancea walk through a cemetery, tending to the graves. Mancea senses someone's presence and grabs his knife. Gabriel readies his sword, but Mancea leaves without incident.

Gabriel regroups with Maggie and says what he was looking for is still at Meridian. He does not disclose his close encounter with the priest. Gabriel, Maggie, Negan, and Elijah lead the horde toward Meridian.

"For Blood"

Gabriel, Maggie and Negan lead a herd of walkers to Meridian while disguised among them in masks. Gabriel and Maggie separate from the horde, and sneak up to a sentry post guarded by Powell. When they approach, Daryl kills Powell on the wall to cover for them, and directs them to where they can sneak in. Once inside, Gabriel and Maggie split up, with Gabriel climbing to the top floor of a building to defend Maggie with his rifle, and Maggie on the ground to find the supplies they're after. Maggie is spotted by Deaver while hot-wiring a truck, but Gabriel shoots him before he can kill her. Afterwords, Gabriel starts picking off Reapers with a rifle, but they retreat.

"No Other Way"

Gabriel is seen running as Austin takes aim at him from a window, but Daryl stops him and kills him. Gabriel makes his way to the rooftop inside one of the Meridian's buildings, Mancea confronts him and says that he won't let Gabriel harm any more of his flock. Mancea predicts that Gabriel will not kill him, since he did not kill him at the graveyard. Gabriel is surprised to learn that Mancea had known of his presence at the graveyard. He deduces that Gabriel doesn't hear God anymore, and asks him to listen. As a show of peace, Mancea sheaths his weapon and invites Gabriel to renew his fate, and join him in his effort to create peace among their respective groups. Gabriel briefly considers this, but ultimately decides to stab Mancea in the stomach when the priest asserted no one is above saving, as Gabriel doesn't believe that anymore.

Later, as Maggie's group attempts to negotiate with Leah and the remaining Reapers, Gabriel is able to sneak onto the roof and kill Jenson, stealing his sniper rifle and using it to turn on the surviving Reapers, where he shoots Carver in the leg and informs Leah via walkie that he killed her sniper. Leah accepts Daryl’s terms and starts to leave with two Reapers. Maggie shoots them in the back and kills Carver. Leah flees.

After finishing off the remaining Reapers, Gabriel is seen by a campfire, where he talks with Daryl about believing in God. Maggie then joins them afterwards. She reports that Alden is dead, and that Negan left. Gabriel’s group distributes supplies at Alexandria and reunites with everyone. Daryl embraces Connie. Lydia is visibly upset upon learning that Negan left. Gabriel informs Aaron that Alden is dead and that many other people perished. Gabriel is seen listening to Lance Hornsby address the residents of Alexandria, and offer the Commonwealth's help in rebuilding Alexandria, and "another, potentially more interesting choice" for any who are interested in it.

"New Haunts"

Months later, Gabriel is one of the residents to leave Alexandria to join the Commonwealth while others go to help Maggie rebuild the Hilltop. At the Commonwealth, Gabriel takes Coco for the night so Rosita can rest after her late shift.


Flashback to one week ago: Aaron visits Gabriel at the Commonwealth church, where he is delivering a sermon. Gabriel urges his parishioners to open up to each other. Aaron tells Gabriel that the Commonwealth has enlisted him to help with a new immigration initiative. He asks for Gabriel's assistance reaching out to a religious group of settlers holed up in a building complex. A young man named Jesse tells Aaron that their boss, Carlson, is ready – the young man is the rider who will later die at Hilltop's gate. Aaron reassures Gabriel that the settlers have been deemed friendly.

Carlson scopes out the complex through binoculars. Aaron remarks that the building doesn't look as friendly as he'd been told but reassures Gabriel that they'll have Commonwealth troopers with them. Carlson informs them that the troopers are hanging back to avoid spooking the settlers. Gabriel and Aaron refuse to go in, but Carlson says it's not up for discussion. Aaron announces himself at the building entrance and says they have MREs to offer. A woman steps out and collects their weapons before allowing them inside.

The woman directs Gabriel's group to a room down a dark hallway. Inside the room, the leader, Ian, orders them to sit. Aaron describes the Commonwealth and invites Ian's group to join them. Ian shows them a collection of skulls from raiders who came to kill his group. He shoots his gun and orders them to kneel, worried they've come to eat his people. Aaron insists they aren't cannibals and offers to leave if Ian lets them go. Ian agrees, but Carlson grabs his gun and shoots him and kills his men, much to Gabriel's shock.

Carlson interrogates Ian and demands to know where the guns and cargo are located. Ian says he has no idea what Carlson is talking about. Carlson beats him up. Gabriel punches Carlson, prompting troopers to handcuff him. Carlson shoots Ian dead then runs outside when he hears Jesse flee on horseback. A trooper shoots Jesse, but Aaron smashes him in the face before he can shoot again and escapes as more troopers arrive. Back inside, Carlson discovers that Gabriel has escaped and his guard is dead.

It is shown that Gabriel was rescued when Annie kills Gabriel's guard as Negan cuts Gabriel's bonds. They flee as Carlson finds the dead guard. Gabriel, Negan and Annie hide in a room with others from the complex. Annie tells Gabriel she doesn't know anything about stolen weapons.

"The Rotten Core"

Gabriel is seen as Negan escorts the group into the hideout behind a false wall. Gabriel is relieved to see Aaron and Maggie. She asks Annie if her people stole the Commonwealth guns and hijacked the convoy. Speaking for Riverbend, Annie tells them they didn't take the guns. Annie proposes they split into teams and sweep each floor to rescue survivors. Gabriel stays behind with Aaron.

Negan reveals to Aaron's group that he's married to Annie. Gabriel insists they didn't know Carlson's ulterior motives when they came to the complex. Annie radios Negan and tells the group to mobilize. Negan sees something troubling outside the window. Maggie and Annie radio Gabriel and Aaron with a plan. Gabriel and Aaron manages to lure Carlson and his men onto the roof, where Elijah sneaks up and kills the troopers with his kama. Gabriel watches as Aaron shoots Toby, causing him to fall off of the roof where Toby is devoured by his own reanimated victims below.

In the aftermath of the battle, Maggie tells Gabriel and Aaron they can't return to Commonwealth, but Aaron says Lance will want to know what happened. Gabriel points out that it's only a matter of time before Lance comes for them. Maggie decides to do something. They wonder who hijacked the Commonwealth convoy.


Gabriel and Aaron are interrogated by Lance about what happened to Carlson's team. He's doubtful of their story that mysterious killers slaughtered everyone except for them and then escaped. Lance orders troopers to search the area for the killers, starting with Hilltop. Lance and his team encounter walkers in the woods. He orders Aaron and Gabriel to take care of the walkers by hand, in order to save ammo. They kill the walkers with Daryl's help. Gabriel, Aaron and Daryl quietly confer by a campfire as they realize the troopers won't stop searching until they find the killers. Daryl suspects a plan is afoot.

"Acts of God"

Gabriel, along with Daryl and Aaron, help the Commonwealth soldiers clear a house to search for the guns. Aaron wants to break off the search, and disagrees with Gabriel when he suggests that they be compliant with the orders because he believes that there isn't any way out of the situation unless they fight. Daryl agrees with Aaron, and tells the group that they will make a break for it as soon as possible. The trio is interrupted when a soldier wants to know what they are talking about, Aaron listens in as Daryl tries to distract Romano by bringing up a different location to search. Aaron then watches Romano being attacked by a walker and doesn't try to help him. As they move off to search more areas, Aaron agrees with Gabriel when he whispers that they need to watch their backs.

Lance radios Romano's group and orders them to execute Gabriel, Daryl and Aaron. Daryl leads the way to a junkyard where the soldiers begin to circle around the three of them. The group are lead to a junkyard and are slowly surrounded by the soldiers, the trio notice that its an ambush and make a break for it after Aaron and Daryl nod to each other. Daryl shoots at the soldiers and a battle ensues, with Gabriel and Aaron being shot non-fatally. Daryl manages to sneak up on Romano and knock him down. He takes his gun and throws it to Aaron who gets a kill. Gabriel sneaks up on an approaching soldier and manages to kill him and take his gun. The three manage to take out the rest of the soldiers as walkers approach.

Gabriel, Aaron and Daryl win the fight and find a badly injured Romano attempting to crawl away. Aaron allows Gabriel to bandage his wound and watches in annoyance as Romano swears at Daryl. Gabriel listens in as Romano eventually reveals Lance's location, and the object of the mission. Aaron questions what "clear the field," means and worries for Maggie's safety when Gabriel tells him that it Lance only wants allies left. Later that night, Gabriel, Aaron and Daryl find a camp, and Aaron looks on in confusion when Daryl knows the person who owns the camp, but agrees to split up to cover more ground. Gabriel and Aaron are reunited with Daryl and a badly injured Maggie the next day


Following Lance's takeover of Alexandria, Hilltop, and Oceanside, Gabriel and Aaron are pursued by Lance and his soldiers. They run into Negan and Annie before reuniting with Daryl and Maggie inside an abandoned building, where they discuss a plan to deal with the situation. Aaron points out that they will be unable to pass the checkpoints since Lance has most likely already radioed back to the Commonwealth. He assures Gabriel that Carol, Rosita, Jerry and Ezekiel will be able to protect their families while they are away. The group realizes that The Commonwealth have never seen Negan, and send him in to warn their families and try to have them evacuated before Lance has a chance to use them for an advantage.

After Negan leaves, the group decide to use the sewers to keep hidden from the soldiers. Inside the sewers, Aaron kills a walker with his mace, and listens to Gabriel shoot at the ceiling to draw the soldiers in while they wait in ambush. Aaron hides at knee-level, and waits for a trooper to pass him before slicing their knee from behind. The group all come out of their hiding-spots and raise their weapons at the troopers while Daryl holds a knife to Lance's throat, forcing a tense stand-off.

"A New Deal"

Gabriel is seen aiming his weapon at the troopers, but the stand-off is soon interrupted by the arrival of Mercer, Pamela, Carol, and Negan. Gabriel watches as Daryl hesitates to allow Lance Hornsby to live, but relents after learning that there was a deal made to keep everyone safe, and stabs Lance in the hand before walking off.

Outside the Commonwealth walls, Gabriel listens as Carol fills the group on the deal that she made with Pamela Milton. Aaron seems disgruntled by Lance being allowed to live but agrees to the terms that he will have his records wiped clean after murdering troopers and that Alexandria will be an independent community again with supplies and resources granted to them by the Commonwealth.

At the Commonwealth church, Gabriel is practicing giving a sermon to the empty church, believing it to be his last. Rosita enters with Coco and tells him it won't be his last. He comments they can enjoy Mrs. Brennan's ambrosia on the way home. He then goes on about how he thought he would never get back to this, but he did, saying the people in the pews gave him the strength. Rosita tells him that what he gave will be here long after he's gone. Gabriel jokes he wishes they brought cotton candy when suddenly they hear crashing. They go to see what it was and it's revealed to Judith going through some books.

"What's Been Lost"

While unseen, Gabriel is abducted on Pamela Milton's orders, alongside every other Alexandria, Hilltop and Riverbend resident living at the Commonwealth.

"Outpost 22"

In the back of one of the Commonwealth transport trucks, Maggie wakes up and shakes off her hood, finding Gabriel and Rosita with her and their guard asleep. Maggie remembers being forcefully separated from Hershel when the Commonwealth soldiers had abducted them. Maggie manages to break free of her zip ties and quietly wakes up Gabriel. Unscrewing a piece of metal from the wall, Maggie cuts Gabriel loose who frees Rosita. Rosita and Gabriel jump from the back of the moving truck, but the guard wakes up before Maggie can escape as well and the two struggle over his gun. The gun goes off in the fight, accidentally killing the truck's driver. Finally, Maggie throws the soldier from the back of the truck just before it crashes into a tree. Climbing out, Maggie finds the passenger dead, having been flung from the truck and into the tree by the impact. Maggie attempts to take the driver's gun, but she is forced to flee into the woods as the rest of the Commonwealth convoy approaches.

The next morning, as Gabriel and Rosita lie unconscious in the road, their former guard, now a walker, approaches Rosita who wakes up just in time. Gabriel draws the walker's attention towards him and yanks his helmet off, giving Rosita the chance to grab the soldier's machete and impale him in the head with it, putting him down. The two quickly begin scavenging the body for his weapons and radio while Gabriel notices that Rosita was injured in the fall from the truck, although she brushes off his concerns. Over the soldier's radio, a soldier from Outpost 41 reports that there's no sign of the dead soldier or the escapees. Another soldier reports in that he has found a set of boot tracks that might be from the dead soldier. Realizing the danger, the two take off down the road before the Commonwealth forces can find them.

Rosita and Gabriel reach the road and Rosita begins following the tracks of the Commonwealth convoy. Gabriel calls for her to hold up, and asks what their plan is. Rosita intends to follow the convoy wherever it goes, but Gabriel points out the foolishness of that plan as there are only just two of them. However, Gabriel doesn't have a better idea and Rosita suggests splitting up in order to cover more ground, but Gabriel refuses to leave her. Two walkers emerge from the woods and Gabriel quickly puts one down, but Rosita suddenly collapses in pain when the other walker attacks her. Gabriel saves her, and Rosita reveals that her arm is dislocated, and that she needs Gabriel's help to pop it back into place. Gabriel fixes Rosita's arm, but she insists on pressing on rather than resting, blaming herself for Coco being taken. Gabriel tells Rosita not to torture herself and reminds Rosita of her own words when Gabriel beats himself up: "quit bitching and move forward." As Rosita finally calms down, the two are surprised to hear a train whistle in the distance as there are no trains anymore.

At Junction 7, Rosita and Gabriel join the Maggie and Carol, explaining that they'd heard a train and followed it. Inside, Daryl lowers Nelson to the ground against a wall and checks his wound. Recognizing that it's mortal, Daryl tells Nelson that he's running out of time, and he asks the other man to do something good with the time that he has left and tell him where the train is going and what Designation 2 means as one of Daryl's friends was put on it with that designation. Coughing up blood and in pain, Nelson doesn't respond to Daryl's questions. Daryl tells Nelson that he was like him once: he joined the force because his family needed money which Daryl guesses is Nelson's motivation as well. Turning violent when Nelson continues to remain silent, Daryl yells that the Commonwealth has taken his kids from him and he wants them back, going so far as to kick the dying man. Entering, Carol tells Daryl that the train is going to be here soon, and Daryl suggests that they can hurry, drawing his knife and he offers Nelson the choice of dying quick or screaming.

Gabriel recognizes Nelson as a man from his church who was there every Sunday at the back pew closest to the door. Nelson would always come a little late and leave a little early, and it had seemed like Nelson had wanted to talk about something. Nelson asks if God forgives people like him, but Gabriel doesn't know, although he wishes that he did. Nelson admits that he's torn up all of the time with guilt and shame. Gabriel states that it's because Nelson's a coward, but that's alright as he's trying not to be. Gabriel knows that fear can drive people to do things that bring shame, but it can also push them into the light. Nelson is trying to do the right thing now which God sees and so does everyone else. Nelson tearfully wishes that he'd talked to Gabriel sooner which Gabriel wishes too. Nelson coughs up blood and Daryl nods to Gabriel who tells Nelson that "people remember the last thing that you do. The end of each story is very important. How do you want yours to end?" Nelson finally reveals that the Commonwealth punishes exiles by making them do hard labor and their friends are on railway duty. However, Nelson doesn't know where as he was only called out when they escaped, and they have to follow the train to find their friends. Addressing Daryl, Nelson states that he's only heard rumors about Designation 2 with the rumors stating that the Designation 2s are taken far away and they are never seen again. Daryl leaves and Gabriel agrees to pray with Nelson while he goes. Carol leaves at Gabriel's request and he sits down and prays with the dying man.

A few minutes later, Gabriel emerges carrying a bloody knife, having stabbed Nelson in the head to keep him from reanimating after he died. Daryl tells his friends that Connie's gone if the train pulls in, but Rosita worries that if the train sees them coming, they're going to radio ahead and the best way for them to get the kids is for the Commonwealth to not know they're coming. Daryl refuses to just leave Connie on the train and Carol tells him that she has an idea about how to do both.

The train arrives at the junction where Trooper 192 emerges and puts down a walker before trying to move the junction switch which is stuck. Wilson attempts to let Outpost 22 know that they have a stuck junction switch and that it will take a few minutes to dislodge it, but he receives no response as Trooper 192 puts down another walker that emerges from the woods. Entering the cab, Maggie orders Wilson to put down the radio at gunpoint. Daryl and Carol sneak along the side of the train, putting down an approaching walker before ducking as an annoyed Jones asks his fellow soldier how hard it can be and Trooper 192 challenges him to come over so he can show Jones. Spotting a herd emerging from the woods and coming down the tracks, Jones orders Trooper 301 and Trooper 263 to cover the woods and the flank respectively.

Daryl and Carol crawl under the train as Jones jumps off the side, puts down a walker and goes to join Trooper 192 at the junction switch. In the woods, Trooper 301 finishes clearing the woods of walkers and calls in that the woods are cleared and she's heading back. Rosita and Gabriel ambush the soldier, disarming and killing her quietly so as not to draw notice from the other soldiers. Jones attempts to move the junction switch without success, and takes a closer look, realizing that someone had purposefully jammed it.

Alarmed, Jones orders everyone to get back there now, but Daryl opens fire before anyone can respond, killing Trooper 263. As Daryl and Carol take cover on the train, Jones and Trooper 192 each come down one side of the train, engaging in a gunfight with Daryl and Carol. Maggie emerges from the train cab and shoots Trooper 192 dead from behind. Daryl proceeds down the side, only to have Jones emerge with Connie as a hostage. Jones forces Daryl to disarm himself and, after Daryl admits that they had disabled the train's long-range antenna, Jones demands to know exactly what they did to it. While the soldier is distracted by Daryl, Connie breaks free and Jones takes off running through the train, chased by Daryl after he makes sure that Connie's alright. Jones takes one of the motorcycles being transported on the train and flees while Carol helps Connie to her feet. Leaving his friends to deal with the approaching herd, Daryl takes the other motorcycle and chases after Jones who crashes his motorcycle after going off-road with it in an attempt to avoid Daryl. Sliding his motorcycle under a fallen tree, Daryl hits Jones, sending him to the ground and knocking the man's helmet off. Daryl stabs Jones in the head, killing him.

Carol, Maggie, Gabriel and Rosita lead Wilson into the building where he refuses to help, stating that he's dead if he helps them. Wilson is shocked to see Nelson's dead body and Maggie warns the man that he's dead if he doesn't help them. Wilson explains that his family lives at a nearby outpost and if the Warden finds out that he helped them, Wilson will end up just like their friends. Rosita explains that the Commonwealth took their children and asks about the family that Wilson had mentioned before suggesting that Nelson had a family too. After a moment, Wilson tells them that there's a map in the train's engine room. Maggie and Carol take Wilson to get the map. Daryl returns and reunites with Connie, admitting in sign language that he was afraid that he wasn't going to see her again. Connie reassures Daryl that she's not going anywhere, causing Daryl to chuckle.

Suddenly, Daryl and Connie hear the sound of Wilson shouting at Maggie and Carol and rush over to see him holding a tool to his own throat while the two women try to talk him down. Wilson is terrified that the Warden will kill his wife and two sons if he helps them. Carol offers that if Wilson helps them, they will injure him, nothing serious, just enough to make it look like the engineer had barely gotten away from them and Wilson can tell the Warden that he escaped. However, Wilson believes that the Warden will know that he lied, torture him once he does and then kill Wilson's family. Despite Carol's efforts to talk him down, Wilson drives the tool through his neck, killing himself in order to spare his family from the Warden's vengeance.

Connie asks Daryl if they don't know which way to go which he confirms. Connie knows that Kelly is at Outpost 22 and scared and Connie can't lose her. Daryl promises Connie that they will find Kelly and Rosita suggests getting the train's long-range radio working again. Agreeing with the plan, the group heads back to the train to get the radio working again.

At night, posing as Trooper 301, Rosita radios in to Outpost 22, claiming that the train was overtaken and she's lost in the woods with the group still looking for her and she needs to get back to the site. Finally, a friendly soldier responds and Rosita identifies her location as Junction 7, stating that she's the last one left. The woman begins giving Rosita direction from Junction 7 to Outpost 22. The soldier informs Rosita that they don't have any spare units to send out her way for a pickup as they have a convoy coming in for colonial processing on Pamela's orders. "Word is that most of the processees used to live here before the Commonwealth claimed the territory and turned it into an outpost, back when it was still called Alexandria." The soldier tells Rosita that the Warden will debrief her when she arrives and to shoot to kill if she has to engage any hostiles. The group is stunned by the revelation that Outpost 22 is actually Alexandria and Daryl informs Connie of this development. "Milton has underestimated us since day one. We are gonna get our kids, take back our home, and make it right. And Pamela is never gonna see it coming," Maggie declares to her friends who are filled with new determination.


Outside of Alexandria, Daryl reports that the situation is really bad and he's not sure that any of their friends are going to make it. Gabriel asks if they saw everyone and Carol clarifies that they only saw the adults and that there was no sign of Coco, Hershel and the other kids. Both Maggie and Rosita are concerned by this with Rosita wanting to go in immediately. Daryl, acting as Connie's sign language interpreter so that she understands their conversation, tells the others that they can't go in as there are too many guards and they'll never make it. Gabriel is furious that Pamela had turned their home into a prison after promising to give it back, but Maggie realizes that Pamela had never actually intended to give it back. Daryl comes up with the idea of going in through the sewers and Connie volunteers to go with him while Carol knows a way back into their old house, but she needs some backup just in case the guards blocked it. Maggie decides to go with Carol and Daryl orders them to head for the windmill where a sewer grate is. Rosita wants to go with them too, refusing to stay outside while Coco is inside, but Carol reminds Rosita that she and Gabriel are their best sharpshooters if it comes to that. Carol promises to keep in touch in case something goes wrong, and Rosita reluctantly agrees, although she will come in if takes more than a night. Daryl hands Gabriel his gun and the group separates to enact their plan.

After the successful prisoner rebellion and retaking of Alexandria, Gabriel is present as Negan prepares to kill the Warden with a rock, but he's stopped by Rosita. Rosita demands to know where her daughter is, but the Warden refuses to answer. Seeing Sanborn reanimate, Rosita grabs him and holds the walker over the Warden's face, once again demanding to know where her daughter is. With a smile, the Warden sadistically tells Rosita that she will lose everything, and Rosita furiously shoves the zombified Sanborn into the Warden's face which Sanborn begins devouring, killing the Warden. Rosita walks away, leaving Sanborn to eat the Warden as her friends, the soldiers and former prisoners watch in shock and horror at the brutal death.


In a reclaimed Alexandria, the Coalition recover their various weapons from a large crate full of weapons confiscated by the Commonwealth.

In front of the windmill, Rosita passes the corpses of Sanborn and the Warden, grabbing an extra clip for her gun off of Sanborn's belt. Gabriel asks Tyler Davis if there's anything that he knows that can help them find the missing children and Tyler reveals that, when he was a soldier, kids without parents would end up at the Commonwealth Children's Home. However, Tyler doesn't know where it is, so he goes to get the location from the captured Commonwealth soldiers at Gabriel's request. Rosita impatiently calls for the Coalition soldiers and freed prisoners to board the Commonwealth's transport bus. Princess asks Magna if anyone actually knows how to drive a train, but Magna reassures her that one of the prisoners apparently used to be an engineer before they board the bus, with Kelly, Connie, Adrienne and Dianne amongst those joining them.

As Maggie loads the back of the bus, Negan asks how she plans to take out Pamela Milton. Negan gets that others have their own reasons for going back to the Commonwealth, but as far as he's concerned, none of them are safe as long as Pamela's still alive which he guesses that Maggie agrees with. Negan suggests that they can take out Pamela together without the help of the others, but Maggie closes the bus door and walks away, telling Negan that "we're not a we." In front of the bus, Maggie hugs Hershel and says a tearful goodbye to her son. Annie hugs Negan from behind and orders her husband to be careful. Negan states that he always is, and Annie tells Negan to come back in one piece while she holds down the fort in Alexandria and Negan promises to do so.

Nearby, Ezekiel says goodbye to Nabila, Aliyah and Gracie while Daryl promises R.J. that they will be back soon and orders him to look after Judith. However, Judith tells Daryl and Carol that she's coming too over Daryl's objections. Judith reminds her friends that this isn't the future that Carl wanted and it's not what Rick and Michonne fought for, not yet at least. What they're doing could help everyone, maybe everybody everywhere, not just them. Judith wants to be a part of making what her family believed in real. Carol recognizes that while everyone else has been focused on the present for a long time, Judith has been thinking about the future which is a good thing and something that they could all do a little more of. Daryl agrees on the condition that Judith stays right with him, and he leaves R.J. in Nabila's care while they're gone.

On the railroad tracks, the Commonwealth's train smashes a walker to bits. Inside, observed by Daryl, Carol, Maggie and Judith, Rosita pours over a map of the Commonwealth with Gabriel, telling him that once they get inside, they will move the former prisoners into hiding and, as they hopefully get Mercer on their side to take out Pamela, she and Gabriel will go to get Coco back. Gabriel notices that they're going in through the lower ward and wonders why they're not going in through the Estates instead. Rosita points out that with more money, the Estates have more patrols, meaning that they don't stand out as much in the lower wards. They're going to use an access road that will allow them to hit the children's home from behind. Gabriel smiles at Rosita and promises her that they will get Coco back which is his faith in Rosita talking and Rosita is glad that Gabriel is with her.

Outside of the tunnel entrance, four Commonwealth soldiers patrol while the Coalition forces hide nearby. Negan tells the others that they are sitting ducks and Mercer isn't coming and they can't wait for him. Carol agrees that it's time for a new plan, but Princess is sure that Mercer is gonna show up. Daryl states that they're running out of time and Carol decides to head around and try to find another way to slip in. Maggie suggests that they could take the four guards, but Rosita warns her that if those guards go missing, the clock is going to start ticking on them. Judith draws the others attention as one of the guards notices something and starts heading their way. However, Lieutenant Rose calls in with orders from Mercer for the guards to report to the East Gate immediately to deal with the incoming herd. Lieutenant Rose confirms that that includes Tunnel H and he reassures the soldiers that the tunnel is locked, and they've got it covered on the other end. Complying with his orders, the guards move out. Breaking the lock on the door, the group makes their way into the tunnel.

The Coalition forces emerge from the tunnel in the seemingly-abandoned Union Station. Daryl quickly deduces that something isn't right, and he notices that the outer doors are all chained shut. Realizing that it's a trap, Daryl yells for everyone to get down as Pamela's private forces, situated on the station's balcony, open fire, killing Tyler and two former prisoners standing near him as everyone else dives for cover.

A gunfight erupts between Pamela's forces and the Coalition with Rosita desperately trying to get the doors open. One Alexandria resident crawls towards a hiding Connie, Kelly, Magna and Dianne, but he is shot in the head and killed by one of Pamela's men before he can reach them. As the gunfight continues, Pamela herself emerges and grabs a gun from one of her men who is killed by the Coalition. Pamela takes aim at Maggie, but Judith notices and shoves Maggie out of the way just in time, saving her life. Instead, Pamela accidentally shoots Judith, seriously wounding the young girl. Daryl desperately attends to Judith as Pamela watches in horror and the others increase their fire, killing a few more of Pamela's men. Yelling that "you did this," Pamela retreats to her office. Looking for a way out, Daryl spots a fire extinguisher near Ezekiel and signals him to throw it. Grabbing Rick's Colt Python from Judith, Daryl shoots the fire extinguisher, creating a smokescreen.

In Union Square, Yumiko and Max observe the heavily guarded doors to Union Station from across the street. Hearing twigs snapping, Yumiko spots a hooded Eugene sneaking around a train car, armed with Brooks' rifle and she tells Max that they are going to go around. Inside, under cover of the smokescreen, Daryl and the others manage to break the chains sealing a side door. As a trooper approaches the doors, Eugene ambushes him and knocks the man out with the butt of his rifle. Magna finally breaks through the doors, and everyone is reunited with Eugene, Yumiko and Max before quickly making their escape.

The Coalition races through the streets towards the hospital with Daryl carrying the unconscious Judith. Commonwealth vehicles drive up and block their path in multiple directions, forcing them to fall back. Carol realizes that the soldiers aren't following them as they begin to erect barricades in the streets. Loudly yelling and firing their guns in the air, Commonwealth soldiers lead the herd in their direction before closing the barricades, penning the herd and the Coalition in. Spotting a walker climbing over something, a shocked Negan asks "what the fuck?" As walkers close in from multiple directions, Luke and Jules emerge from the herd, causing Kelly to nearly shoot them before Connie stops her sister. Fleeing down a side street, Carol spots an alley near part of the herd and everyone attacks the walkers, clearing a path for Daryl to flee down the alley towards the hospital with Judith. Waking up for a moment, Judith calls out "daddy?" and witnesses her friends and loved ones struggling to hold back the herd before passing out again.

"Rest in Peace"

In the streets, the Coalition desperately fights off the herd as they try to escape from the walkers swarming around them, those armed with guns shooting the undead while the rest stab at them with knives, including Max. However, Jules misses the head of one walker, instead stabbing it in the shoulder. The walker bites Jules in the arm and Luke rushes to his girlfriend's aid, stabbing the walker in the head and yelling for help as he supports Jules. However, walkers swarm the couple from behind with one tackling Luke to the ground and biting him in the leg as Jules is dragged down and devoured. Seeing Luke's predicament, Connie shoots the walker in the head and Luke is dragged to safety by Kelly and Yumiko, yelling in desperation for his girlfriend as Jules is devoured, beyond the ability of any of her friends to try to save her. Shooting at a smaller group of walkers coming down an alleyway, Carol orders her friends to follow her down it and everyone flees as the herd overruns the streets.

At the Commonwealth Children's Home, walkers devour a couple of corpses while two more corpses lie in the hallways. Rosita, Eugene and Gabriel enter and Rosita is frantic for her daughter's safety upon seeing the corpses. Hearing the sound of crying, Rosita runs off while Eugene and Gabriel use the bayonets on their AR-15s to dispatch the walkers eating the bodies. In the nursery, Coco, Mariam and Adam are protected by an upside-down crib that has been placed over them while three walkers try to get at the children. Rushing in, Rosita is grabbed by a walker that surprises her, but she manages to break free and put all three down, saving the children. Rosita embraces her daughter as Eugene and Gabriel rush in, relieved to find the children alright and Eugene soothes Mariam while Gabriel joins Rosita with Coco. Ezekiel radios in that they've got Mercer and asks for any updates on the kids. Gabriel reports the good news and Ezekiel promises to see them at the hospital.

At the hospital, as Daryl tries to wake Judith up, Rosita calls in with the news that her group is in the alley behind the hospital, but they wrecked their ambulance going through the herd which is now surrounded by walkers. Rosita, Eugene and Gabriel burst out of the ambulance, each carrying a child in slings, but find themselves surrounded on all sides by walkers. Fighting back-to-back and saving each other when they fall into danger from walkers, Rosita orders everyone up a nearby drainage pipe to a window. However, while Eugene and Gabriel make it safely, but the walkers drag Rosita backwards and she falls into the herd with Coco. As Eugene and Gabriel mourn for her apparent loss, Rosita suddenly breaks free, slicing a walker's head in two, getting back to her feet and taking out several walkers as they all try to swarm her. Rosita manages to climb on top of the ambulance, followed by two climbers, and successfully makes a jump to the drainpipe where she climbs into the window.

At night, outside of a loading dock, Mercer observes a crowd of desperate Commonwealth residents demanding to be let into the Estates. Mercer reassures Maggie that they will be able to move soon while Aaron tells Ezekiel that he saw people on the higher floors and rooftops begging for help, but he wanted to make sure that Lydia was safe first. Ezekiel reassures his friend that he did the right thing. Hearing screams in the distance, both men are determined to do more, but they need to take care of Judith first. Lieutenant Rose arrives in another truck and reports to Mercer that they're all set: everyone is in the back and there's no one to check. The doctors have set up a safe house, but they have to hurry. Mercer calls for everyone to go, stating that they need to get Judith to Tomi. Everyone boards the truck with Princess, Max and Dianne pushing Judith's stretcher.

At the safe house, suddenly, there's shouts outside and two gunshots. Looking outside, Mercer sees a man trying to climb the wall, only to be shot by Commonwealth soldiers on Pamela's orders. Mercer tells the others that the soldiers are shooting anyone that climbs the gates and grabs a gun, unwilling to just stand by as people are dying. Mercer informs the Coalition members that the truck is gassed up with enough reserves in the rear to get them home. Mercer and his men can sneak them out the back as Mercer believes that this isn't their fight or their people. "Yes, they are. And so are you," states Ezekiel. Addressing the others, Ezekiel tells them that "you may not think this place is worth saving, and I get that, given how they treated us. But it's worth it to me. The people are worth it, and I'm not gonna allow them to fall without a fight. Not today. I'm with you. Who else?" Aaron immediately agrees, stating that they can do more than just save themselves and they need to. Following Ezekiel's lead, everyone agrees to fight to save the Commonwealth.

At the gates of the Estates, the crowd desperately begs Pamela to be let in, amongst them Mr. Martens, Mrs. Martens and Mei. On a balcony, Maggie lines up her shot on Pamela, but Negan tells her to hold on as Mercer and his loyalist forces move in, ordering Colonel Vickers and her men to lower their weapons. Pamela orders Vickers to arrest them, but the Coalition forces join Mercer's troops from another angle, creating a standoff. Pamela accuses Mercer of being a traitor, but Mercer states that she's the true traitor and lists Pamela's crimes: disappearing hundreds of citizens, leading the dead to their doorstep, shooting a child and now leaving thousands to die.

The banging on the gates grows more frantic as the herd begins to approach the Estates, meaning that the people will die if they're not let inside. Gabriel moves towards the gates despite Vickers orders to stop. Gabriel announces that they're opening the gate and letting everyone inside, threatening to kill anyone who tries to stop him. Vickers threatens to shoot him, but Carol warns her that they will fire back if she does. Pamela orders her men to shoot Gabriel as he reaches the gates and one of them points a gun at his head. Suddenly, Daryl yells for them to stop. "What the hell you doing?" Daryl demands. "We all deserve better than this. You built this place to be like the old world. That was the fuckin' problem." Pamela states that if she opens the gates, the dead will get in too, not just the living. Daryl tells her that if she doesn't, Pamela will lose everything anyway. "We got one enemy. We ain't the walking dead."

Realizing that Daryl is right, Vickers orders everyone to lower their weapons and give Gabriel the key to the gates. Everyone stands down and Vickers defers to Mercer's command who places Pamela under arrest for high crimes against the people of the Commonwealth. As everyone rushes to help let the people in, Maggie informs Negan that Pamela is getting arrested and Negan tells her that prison is a fate worse than death for someone like Pamela, causing Maggie to relent in shooting her.

The crowd rushes in just in the nick of time, amongst them Jerry and Elijah, before the gates are closed, keeping out the herd. Elijah reunites with a relieved Lydia while Jerry desperately looks for his family before Ezekiel reassures his friend that they're safe back in Alexandria and that they will get back out there to help the people that still need their help. Approaching the gates, Pamela notices a zombified Lance Hornsby, Carol's arrow still in his neck, at the front of the herd, reaching through the gates. Pamela approaches Lance, baring her neck and intending to have Lance bite her as a form of suicide. Judith begs Pamela not to go through with it as it's never too late and they have to help everyone still out there. Before Lance can bite Pamela, Maggie shoots him in the head with her sniper rife, putting Lance down. Maggie states that it's time to take the Commonwealth back.

With the variants being too dangerous to just lead away, Mercer outlines a new plan as everyone rushes to carry out his orders. As they need to get a vehicle out of the Estates, a mixture of Coalition forces, Commonwealth soldiers and Commonwealth residents, led by Aaron, rush out of the Estates, armed with melee weapons and riot shields with the aim of drawing the herd away and clearing a path, although Mercer warns them not to engage the walkers more than absolutely necessary. Working together, the group holds the line against the herd while Mercer calls in that the vehicle is out of the back gate and on its way to the town square, asking them to let him know when they're clear. Magna reports that they've diverted the walkers and its clear as it's going to get, ordering them to move out. As the combined group continues to fight the walkers, the truck by through the cleared path to the fuel depot where Vickers, Ezekiel, Jerry, Dianne and several Commonwealth soldiers collect the fuel. Max reports in that they've got fuses running to the private sewers under the Estates and they'll finish wiring the rest once they get the fuel back while Princess goes to start the PA system to draw all of the walkers to the Estates.

Using Pamela's record player, the song "Cult of Personality" is blasted throughout the Commonwealth from the Estates, drawing all of the walkers overrunning the Commonwealth towards it. Elijah helps set up speakers throughout the Estates as Jerry, Ezekiel and Lydia pour fuel down into the sewers and the walkers fighting the forces outside of the Estates begin moving towards it as well. Mercer brings out some dynamite which Eugene and Yumiko help to wire up to drums of fuel placed throughout the Estates and Connie helps to wire up more speakers, unharmed by the loud music due to her deafness. As Max helps to coordinate the efforts, Mercer calls in that they're prepared to open the gates and to let him know when they're ready. Max calls in that they're good to go before she joins the others in retreating to the rendezvous point, the two women acknowledging that they're dead if this plan fails. The gates are opened and the herd floods into the Estates. Once the song ends, the fuses connected to explosives inside of Pamela's house are ignited, detonating the fuel in a chain reaction that obliterates the Estates and the entire herd, saving the Commonwealth.

In Alexandria, everyone enjoys a celebration and feast, joined by Mercer, Max and Tomi. Judith gives Dog some of her food and Yumiko raises a toast to Luke. Looking out the window, Daryl sees Negan walking away and the two men exchange a smile and a nod, parting on good terms. Yumiko turns to Magna, telling her "same" and Magna kisses her, the two women resuming their romantic relationship. Sitting down, Rosita smiles as she watches the celebration before becoming somber. Noticing Rosita's somber mood, Gabriel joins her, and Rosita tells him that she just wants to remember this perfect moment. In a whisper, Rosita reveals her bite and impending death to Gabriel. Noticing Rosita's behavior and crying, Judith realizes that something's wrong with her and becomes upset, apparently deducing the truth.

Weak and near death, Rosita is led to bed by Maggie and Carol where Coco is laying. With everyone now aware that Rosita's dying, a tearful Maggie gives her a hug and kiss goodbye and Carol hugs her before the two women leave. As Daryl watches from the doorway, a barely composed Gabriel performs Last Rites over Rosita. Rosita kisses Coco for a final time and Gabriel promises that they will see her again someday. Gabriel carries Coco out as Eugene takes a seat next to Rosita's bed. Eugene tearfully tells Rosita that he wouldn't be the man that he is today if he hadn't met her. Taking Eugene's hand, Rosita tells him that she's glad that it was him in the end who will be there to make sure that she won't reanimate after she's gone. Rosita peacefully passes away with her oldest living friend at her side and Eugene breaks down completely.

A year later, Daryl and Carol, who is now wearing her hair short again as she did before Rick's disappearance, look at the old memorial wall of the people that the community had lost. Alexandria has been fully rebuilt and is thriving again with the residents enjoying everyday life together. Aaron, Gabriel, Coco, and Gracie greet Lydia, Elijah, Judith and RJ and Lydia gives Gabriel a package from Father Grant and his old congregation. Daryl and Carol join them while Jerry and Nabila, walking through town as their daughters play outside, smile at them. Aaron admits that he never thought that they'd get back to any of this, although he had hope. Aaron calls them all very lucky, but Gabriel corrects Aaron that it's effort rather than luck. They have a lot to be proud of in their family, community, and future.

The Ones Who Live[]

Season 1[]


Gabriel wanders through the woods and prepares to dispatch a walker, only to be distracted by a helicopter flying overhead. The walker grabs Gabriel from behind, but he manages to throw it off of him and dispatch it with his machete. As the helicopter flies overhead again, Gabriel begins praying. "Our Father, who art in heaven...".

Three years prior, Gabriel fills a canteen at a stream and blesses the water into holy water. Jadis approaches Gabriel, reassuring him that it's okay and that she's alone, but Gabriel asks if that's true even if she is alone. After Jadis confirms it, Gabriel hugs her, but Jadis tells him that she's not coming back, she had just wanted to see him again, but Gabriel must never tell anyone that she was here. Gabriel agrees, telling Jadis that he had been using Eugene's ham radio with Rosita's help to somehow try to find her, only to have Jadis find him. Gabriel knows that Jadis had left because she was being judged for the things that she did in her past instead of who she was trying to be. Jadis admits that she was up to something, and Gabriel had trusted her which was a mistake. Gabriel points out that Rick had brought her in because he believed that people can change with Rick going so far as to call Jadis "one of us." Gabriel reveals that Rick had died trying to bring people together. Well aware that Rick's still alive, Jadis feigns surprise at the news, and Gabriel explains that Rick had to destroy the bridge in order to stop an incoming herd and he was caught in the explosion. Gabriel declares that his mistake wasn't trusting Jadis, but rather losing his faith in her.

Gabriel asks for her forgiveness and a visibly haunted Jadis asks Gabriel about the people that who can't forgive you, the ones that you made gone. Jadis wonders how you live with that, obviously seeking Gabriel's advice on how to handle her own guilt. Gabriel suggests prayer, making amends, and talking with someone about it. Jadis tells Gabriel that she can't talk about the things that she's been a part of or the things that she will be a part of and especially not to her people as it would mean telling them about everyone that Jadis had left behind in Virginia. Calling Jadis by her real name of Anne, Gabriel suggests that she can talk to him, promising clergy confidentiality and that she wasn't even here. Jadis simply forgives Gabriel.

A year later, Anne and Gabriel share a small picnic by the stream. Anne asks Gabriel how Michonne is doing, and Gabriel tells her that Michonne is away helping people. Gabriel is confused that Anne refers to Michonne as Rick's wife, admitting that the couple were never officially married if that even matters anymore. Gabriel recalls how Rick had said one day that he should marry them, maybe do it right there on the bridge that they were building. Gabriel couldn't see the future that Rick described, so he sat on a log in the forest where Gabriel found a ring in the dirt at his feet. As the ring seemed like it would make a pretty nice wedding ring, Gabriel kept it and thought to put it someplace that Rick would find it because Gabriel could suddenly see that someday. Pulling out the ring, Gabriel sadly notes that Rick had died instead.

Anne admits that she's spent the last year looking forward to their next visit, just sitting there and talking which almost makes Anne feel like how and who she used to be. The other 364 days back in her new community is less about personal connection and more about responsibility to something greater than herself, even if that means that Anne has to do things that are difficult and even cruel which Anne is visibly bothered by. Gabriel suggests that if Anne is here expressing doubts, knowing that what she's doing is wrong, is a sign that that isn't who she really is. Anne sadly but resolutely tells Gabriel that it's about survival and what comes after, specifically the survival of others. That part of her that Anne's harnessed has kept her alive and maybe it can keep the rest of the world alive too.

Gabriel reveals that the group that the Coalition was in conflict with compromised Alexandria's walls and food is now scarce and children are hungry. Gabriel asks a visibly sympathetic Anne for the help of her people, but Anne can't help them. Anne assures Gabriel that her remorse over being unable to help is real even as she does cruel and difficult things. Anne moves to leave, but Gabriel stops her and gives Anne the ring that he'd found. She has been questioning things, and the ring is a symbol of faith and love so maybe it'll give Anne something that she needs while giving it to her is giving Gabriel something that he needs. Anne asks to meet again next year on the same day at the same place, and Gabriel promises that he will be there if he's still alive.

Another year later, Gabriel arrives to his meeting with Anne who admits that she wasn't sure that Gabriel would show up this time, and after what she denied him, Anne wouldn't have blamed him. Gabriel admits that he was sharp with Anne, and he doesn't pretend to understand her community or her commitment to them, but he does know something about the part of herself that Anne is scared of losing. Anne suggests that it might already be gone, admitting that every year that she comes back here, she's done worse things in the interim. "I know why they're done. I believe in what we're trying to do. But there's the Plan and the "why". And then there's the blood." Gabriel knows that Anne feels that she can't tell him, but Gabriel assures Anne that she can and he's here, but Anne can't and if she can't, she's not here. Gabriel admits that he looks forward to these days, to having Anne to himself, to their secret meetings. "I have you, and that proves that you're still here, Anne. It just does".

Anne kisses Gabriel who suggests that she come back with him to Alexandria, promising that no one needs to know about her community, but Anne can't for all of the reasons that she's already told him. Frustrated and upset, Gabriel points out that Anne hasn't told him anything about her group other than the fact that they're people who hoard supplies while others starve. Anne asks if Gabriel thinks that the purpose of what they do is to make people suffer, and that she would be a part of a group that would do that. Gabriel tells Anne that he knows that she's not her people, Gabriel sees it when he looks into her eyes. As a walker approaches, Anne declares that this is her fault and she's sorry that she came here, made herself vulnerable and for turning Gabriel into a loose end. As Gabriel goes to deal with the walker, Anne throws him to the ground and draws her gun to kill him, apologizing again. Gabriel tells Anne that she's lying to herself, and keeps lying to herself. Anne doesn't keep coming back here, she never really left. Visibly uncertain, Anne tells Gabriel that he's wrong, so Gabriel challenges Anne to shoot him, to make him understand and show Gabriel who she is. After some hesitation, Anne shoots the approaching walker instead of Gabriel and tells him to go. Gabriel tells Anne that she had come to him to help her find an answer and Anne just found it by sparing his life. Gabriel promises to see her again in a year, and he leaves.

In the present, Gabriel returns to the spot by the stream, but Anne never arrives, and a heartbroken Gabriel realizes that she's likely dead.

Killed Victims[]

This list shows the victims Gabriel has killed:


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