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Galveston, Texas is a city mentioned in AMC's Fear the Walking Dead.


Nothing is known about Galveston prior to or as the outbreak began, except that it was the city in Texas, with a population of 47,743 at the time of the outbreak.


Like most of the United States of America, Galveston also fell during the apocalypse. At some point, the USS Pennsylvania washed on a beach in Galveston.

Season 4[]

"MM 54"[]

Despairing at the idea of ever finding the rest of their friends, Alicia attempts to take Charlie to Galveston so that the young girl can finally see a beach.

Season 6[]

"The End Is the Beginning"[]

After having killed Walter Schowski, Emile LaRoux plans on taking his severed head back to Galveston so as to complete his job. Emile then receives a call from Virginia, being asked to take up the job of hunting down Morgan Jones.


Teddy reveals to Alicia his plan to use the sub's nuclear missiles, telling her that the sub washed up in Galveston. Grabbing Teddy's radio, Alicia passes on the warning and the location to Victor Strand.