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The Galveston County Jail is a correctional facility in Season 6 of AMC's Fear The Walking Dead. It is located in Texas and is where Theodore Maddox was imprisoned on death row for decades for his crimes.


This was a prison used to house dangerous criminals, such as death row inmate Theodore Maddox and was run by the Texas Department of Corrections.


During the onset of the apocalypse, the prison was in the process of being overrun by the undead as a result of the execution of George, a Death Row Inmate. Theodore Maddox managed to escape when the Death Row cells opened as a result of the Outbreak in the Prison.

Season 6


John Dorie Sr. explains to June that as soon as he saw "The End Is The Beginning" signs all over Texas, he went directly to the prison expecting to find a dead Teddy, but instead Teddy's cell door was open and he was nowhere to be found.


In a flashback, Teddy sits in his cell on death row, writing in one of his many journals and shutting off the TV coverage of the ongoing outbreak. Another prisoner, George, is led screaming past Teddy's cell on his way to his execution and Teddy reassures him that it will be fine as "the end is the beginning." Hayes tells Teddy that it will be his turn soon enough and wonders if Teddy actually believes the bullshit that he's saying.

Later, as Teddy eats dinner, alarms begin going off and his cell door opens as chaos erupts. Having been executed by lethal injection for his crimes, George turned and attacked his guards who subsequently turned as well. The undead begin to overrun the prison and the reanimated Hayes attacks Teddy who puts him down with his pen to the head. Teddy is elated that he was right, stating that he just needed to be patient and he tells Hayes that "it's not bullshit, Hayes. It's Revelation." Grabbing his journals and the picture of his mother off of the wall, Teddy flees the prison as it falls to the undead.


  • Hayes (Corrections Officer)
  • George (Inmate)
  • Many unnamed prisoners
  • Many unnamed prison guards



  • George (Alive)
  • Hayes (Alive and Zombified)
  • Many unnamed prisoners (Pre- and Post-Apocalypse)
  • Many unnamed prison guards


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