Garwater is a location in The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct.


Pemberton County, Georgia

Garwater was home to the Smoky Mountain Campgrounds. It had a local Ranger and Fire Stations where Ranger Hartwell worked.


Smokey Mountain Campgrounds

When the outbreak began, The campgrounds were used as refuge for Pemberton County's populated towns. The local Ranger and Fire stations attempted to protect the survivors, but were overrun. Daryl and Jess arrive in the county and their truck breaks down. Daryl finds Deputy Albert Lee, who he asks for a ride. however Lee tells him that he can't as he has to escort survivors to a safe location. He gives Daryl a double barreled shotgun and tells him to find Ranger Hartwell for a ride. Daryl finds Hartwell as a walker and kills him. He then takes the keys to his truck, and leaves.




  • Ranger Hartwell (Alive, Determinant) (Alive and Zombififed, Determinant)
  • Jess Collins (Alive and Zombified, Determinant)
  • Numerous unnamed campers and park rangers.


  • Warren Bedford's character model is used for numerous deceased bodies.
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