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"I don't like no hash..."
—Gary to Jake. (Determinant)[src]

Gary is an original character and an antagonist who appears in Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season One. He is a member of the Save-Lots Bandits.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Gary's life prior to or as the outbreak began. He may have worked at Save-Lots along with his fellow bandits.


Season One

"Starved For Help"

Gary was mentioned by Jake while talking to another bandit. Jake mentions how the bandit and Gary are keeping food for themselves.

He later attacked Mark and Lee on the dairy farm from the forest with Jake and another bandit while the two were checking on the electric fence.

"Long Road Ahead"

Gary is seen raiding the Travelier Motel with the rest of his bandit gang, assisting in lining up the prisoners, Gary training his gun on Kenny, as well as Katjaa. After that, Jake orders Drew to force open the doors of the motel, a distinguished "Yeah!" can be heard. It is most likely emanating from Gary. After Jake proceeds to begin hashing out a deal with Lee, Gary is unsure about this idea, and voices his concern. Jake begins to reprimand him, before he is shot in the head by Lilly. Drew stands, dumbfounded, yelling "Christ!", before being shot and killed, or possibly retreats to call in the other bandits (Determinant).

In-Game Decision

Drew shot by Lee (Unknown): If Doug is saved in Episode 1, he will shoot Linda, leaving Lee to deal with Gary and Drew. If Drew is shot, Gary will flee from the motor inn and call in the other bandits.

Gary shot by Carley (Dead): If Carley is saved in Episode 1, she will shoot Linda and Gary leaving Drew to escape.

Gary shot by Lee (Dead): If Doug is saved, Lee will choose to shoot Gary or Drew. If Gary is shot, it will result in him dying.

Death (Determinant)

Killed By

If Carley was saved in Episode 1, she will grab a pistol and shoot Gary in the head and killing him. If Doug was saved, he will grab the pistol and shoot Linda in the head twice, wasting the second bullet, Lee then decides whether to shoot Gary or Drew. If Gary is chosen, Lee will shoot him in the head.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Gary has killed:



"Man shut up or I'll--"
—Jake threatening Gary. (Determinant)

Jake and Gary were on extremely negative terms. In the few moments they are shown together, they seem rather hostile towards each other. The reason for their strained relationship may be because Gary and another bandit have been keeping food for themselves. He was shocked at his leader's sudden demise.

Bandit 1

"Yeah and you know what, we ate it all! what are you gonna fucking do about it?"
—The bandit to Jake

Not much is known about the two, but it seems like the two had a good relationship. They've been keeping food to themselves, eating it all, ultimately resulting in this bandit's death.


Video Game

Season One


  • Depending on whether or not Lee decides to shoot Drew instead of Gary, Gary will run towards the gate to alert the rest of his gang. It is possible to shoot Gary in the buttock while he is jumping over the fence.
  • Gary is the second character Terence McGovern has voiced, the first being Larry.
  • A close-up on the bandit attack in "Starved For Help" reveals Gary was one of the bandits who attacks Lee and Mark.[1]
  • After the motel group escapes the bandit raid, one of the bandits in the woods has same character model as Gary.
  • Through dialogue between the two arguing bandits, it's revealed that the bandit killed by Jake and Gary had been keeping food to themselves.