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"You're a real smart ass, Tourist. I fucking love smart asses. Especially when I snip the tongues out of their smart ass mouths. But I'm willing to give you a pass on your smart ass ways, just this once."
—Georgia to the Tourist. (Determinant)[src]

Georgia is an original character in The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners. She is a member of the Tower.


Georgia is an abrasive woman who openly shows an intense dislike of being questioned. In one of her written statements, she issues an order followed by the overt threat that anyone who does anything other than comply "takes the walk" (i.e. execution or exile). She also appears to be in a downward spiral, setting increasingly high standards and exiling those unable to keep up, such as the sick, elderly, and even children. At one point, she exiled Jean-Baptiste, which led him to start the Reclaimed. It's possible she is also privately at odds with Mama, as in one of her endings, she drops a letter from Mama, who worries they were too harsh and should consider a more peaceful and merciful approach.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Georgia's life prior to or as the outbreak began.


New Orleans, Louisiana

At some point, Georgia joined the Tower and rose through the ranks to become Mama's right hand. Much of the Tower's current policy of mass exiles and executions was shaped by Georgia.

Saints & Sinners

Georgia confronts the player after their conversation with JB and offers them a chance to prove themselves to the Tower by killing JB. Likewise, she threatens to kill them if the player refuses. The player can either do as told, or side with JB and kill Georgia and her soldiers.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Georgia has killed:

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