The Georgia State Patrol is the highway patrol agency for the state of Georgia. It was formed in 1937, and currently employs over 1,200 officers and civilians. Their headquarters is located in Atlanta. In Telltale Games' The Walking Dead, Andre Mitchell is an officer of the Georgia State Patrol.



Before the outbreak, the Georgia State Patrol monitored the highways and interstates in Georgia and was split up into ten troops under the jurisdiction of the Georgia Department of Public Safety. Their responsibilities included investigating traffic crashes and enforcing traffic and criminal laws on the state's roads. Andre Mitchell was a member of the GSP.


"Episode 1: A New Day"

After Lee Everett meets Clementine at her house, he chooses whether to try and find safety immediately or leave later that night. If he chooses to wait, Andre Mitchell will travel to the neighborhood with Shawn Greene and Chet to try to figure out what is happening. Chet eventually disappears, forcing Andre and Shawn to search for him. When Lee and Clementine leave the house, Andre initially threatens them, thinking they are zombies. After realizing otherwise, he offers to give them a ride to Hershel's Farm. Chet then emerges from behind a fence as a zombie, prompting Andre to draw his gun and tell the others to get to his patrol car. However, he can't bring himself to shoot his former friend, and instead gets in his car and flees the neighborhood. Andre drops the others at the farm and drives off, leaving his fate, as well as that of the many other GSP officers, unknown. They likely tried to help fight off walkers and evacuate civilians alongside other law enforcement agencies, as well as the FRS and the military. If Lee and Clementine leave during the daytime, Andre is not seen. 


In The Walking Dead, the Georgia State Patrol officers drive 2001 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptors and are armed with Glock 17 sidearms. Their uniforms consist of tan collared shirts and brown slacks with gold lining on the sides.



Video Game

Season 1



  • Their uniform is identical to that used by the Atlanta Police Department. This was likely done to save the effort of modelling two different police outfits.
  • If Lee and Clementine choose to leave during the day, no member of the Georgia State Patrol nor any likeness of it will be encountered in the game.

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