"I know who you are. You're Lee Everett. You're a professor from Athens, who killed a state senator who was sleeping with your wife."
Carley mentioned to Lee about how he killed the state senator and following the trial.[src]

The Georgia State Senator is an unnamed and unseen character in mentioned on Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season One. He was killed by Lee Everett, after Lee found him sleeping with his wife.


Athens, Georgia

He somehow gained entry into a house in Athens, Georgia and was caught in bed with a woman. After her husband came home and caught the two together, Lee accidentally killed him. As a result of this, Lee was arrested and his marriage fell apart.


Season 1

"A New Day"

After being convicted of murdering the state senator, Lee was heading towards Meriwether County Correctional Facility being escorted by a police officer.

In the Everett Pharmacy Drugstore, the state senator was mentioned by Carley as she had been following Lee's trial for killing the senator. Carley didn't think Lee was inherently bad despite having killed a man.

Another survivor, Larry can mention the Senator, when he threatens Lee with telling everyone in their group about the murder if Lee was to act in a way that brought harm on others.

"Starved For Help"

The state senator was mentioned by Lee if he tells Carley about what happened when he killed him. (Determinant) Lee admits that he caught him and his wife in bed together, revealing his wife was cheating on Lee during on this period. He admits the death was an accident. (Determinant)

Carley can convince Lee that telling the others about his past could help his relationships. He can reveal to Kenny and Katjaa that his wife's affair was the reason involved with the murder of the senator. Katjaa appears to not want to hear much about Lee's motivation for killing the senator after she hears the initial explanation about an apparent relation between Lee's wife and the senator. (Determinant)

"No Time Left"

Lee can mention the senator and the situation that arose to the Stranger.


Killed by

He was killed by Lee after he was caught sleeping with Lee's wife.


  • In unused audio clips, his name is revealed to be Sam. [1]
  • The Senator is the first character killed in the series.
  • The Senator's death was accidental due to Lee catching his wife with him, which broke into a fight that caused the Senator's death.


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