The Gerber Gear is an arsenal of survival weapons which were introduced when Carl Grimes found them next to a man in a truck on the Vehicle Jammed Highway in the episode "What Lies Ahead" of Season 2.

It contained seven different Gerber Tools such as knives, machetes, and an Axe. Similar to the bag of guns, it was distributed to the survivors to be used, most notably Glenn, Daryl, and Lori.

The kit is known as the Gerber Apocalypse Kit, and can be bought for $349.


Gerber Gear

Picture Weapon Series Lifespan Owners/Users
Gator Machete.jpg Gator Machete "What Lies Ahead" to "Internment"

Shane Walsh
Glenn Rhee
Rick Grimes
Carol Peletier

Camp Axe II.jpg Camp Axe II "What Lies Ahead Carl Grimes
Gator Machete Pro.jpg Gator Machete Pro "What Lies Ahead" to "Better Angels" Daryl Dixon
Survival Series Parang.jpg Survival Series Parang "What Lies Ahead" to "Hounded"

Lori Grimes
Maggie Greene

Rick Grimes

LMF-II-Infantry-Black fulljpg.jpg LMF II Infantry "What Lies Ahead" to "Hounded Andrea
Glenn Rhee
DMF Folder.jpg DMF Folder "What Lies Ahead" to Present Rick Grimes
Drop Point.jpg Epic "What Lies Ahead" to "Pretty Much Dead Already" Carl Grimes

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