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Gil's Pitstop is a gas station and rest stop that appears in the "400 Days" for The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series as a central location and appears as a minor location in Season Two. The truck stop connects the five separate stories and brings them together.


Rural Georgia[]

Gil's Pitstop was a complex of several buildings, including a gas station, a garage, and a restaurant called Red's Diner. It served truckers, tourists, and families who were taking long road trips through rural Georgia as a rest point where they could gas up their vehicles and get a bit to eat before hitting the road again. A sign at the rest stop states that the next rest stop is 45 miles away. From what is seen at the beginning of 400 Days, Gil's Pitstop is most likely the gas station that Kenny talked about in "A New Day".


Season One[]

"400 Days"[]

When the outbreak began, the Federal Rescue Services began to issue evacuation notices and instructed people to head towards the cities such as Atlanta and Savannah where the military could protect everyone. The pitstop was abandoned and eventually became the home of an elderly couple, and, later, a small group consisting of the cancer support group from Savannah, Shel, and several other survivors. After some time, Shel decided that she will not live in a community like that and decided to escape with Becca, which she manages to achieve, escaping in the RV. It is unknown what happened to remaining survivors and this place. However, in the epilogue when Tavia arrives it seems to be overrun - there are many walkers ahead and behind barricades.

Season Two[]

"All That Remains"[]

Gil's Pitstop appears in the foreground as Clementine, Omid and Christa stop by to clean up, only for Omid to be killed by Michelle and Michelle in turn killed by Christa.






  • During the intro of "400 Days", there is a shot of a man and a boy running to him in the gas station before the apocalypse. With closer inspection, it is revealed to be Kenny and Duck.
  • Gas prices before the apocalypse were displayed as $1.98 per gallon for diesel and $2.09 per gallon for regular. Those are significantly higher than the average price in 2003.
  • The rest stop is the only location in "400 Days" to appear in all five of the survivors stories.
  • The rest stop is the only location of the Telltale Series which first appeared in "400 Days" DLC and reappears in Season Two.
  • It is likely that the rest stop is located somewhere between Macon and Meriwether County, Georgia, as the prisoners in Vince's Story were being transported to the same prison that Lee was, which is the same prison from the Comic Series, located in Meriwether County, Georgia.