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I... want you to-
―Ginny first words to Negan after not speaking for months.[src]

Ginny is the deuteragonist and a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead: Dead City. She is currently a resident of the Bricks and formerly a resident of the New Babylon Federation.


Due to the fact she rarely speaks, very little is known about Ginny's personality. After her father's death, Ginny became traumatized to point of not speaking. After being taken under Negan's care, she grows a strong attachment to him, likely seeing him as a father figure.

Still young and somewhat immature, Ginny has a tendency to go against orders. After she is brought to the Bricks for her own safety, she later leaves in the middle of the night to Manhattan to find Negan. She does seem to be quite brave, as she traverses through the dangerous streets of Manhattan on her own and is very determined.

It is later shown that Ginny is less naive than she pretends to be. The reason she went to go find Negan was to warn him about Maggie, who is actually planning on giving him to the Croat in exchange for Hershel. Despite being told many times that Negan is a bad man by Maggie and even Negan himself, she is still insistent on staying with him to the point of talking for the first time in months. However, after Negan reveals that he was the one who killed Ginny's dad, it appears Ginny no longer wants anything to do with him and finally complies with staying at the Bricks. Ginny also appears to regress back into her silence.


New Babylon Federation[]

Ginny was born some time after the outbreak and her mother died at some point.[1]

One night, Ginny's father left and didn't come back. When she went looking for him, she found him as a walker and based on his injuries, she could tell that he was killed by another human in a horrific manner. Ginny hasn't talked since that night. She later ended up living at a farm.

Eventually, Ginny met Negan when he was doing a stint at the farm Ginny stayed at. Unbeknownst to Ginny, Negan was her father's killer and had tracked her down out of guilt after learning of Ginny's existence and that she had no one else. When marshals of the New Babylon Federation came poking around, Ginny asked Negan if she could come with him, and the two left the farm and have been surviving together since. Negan lied to Ginny that he was wanted for robbing a wagon train, never revealing his true crime to her.

Season 1[]

"Old Acquaintances"[]

Maggie drives to the Easy Stay Motor Inn. In the bar, Maggie is thrown onto a table and restrained, and Jones reveals that she had suspected that Maggie was up to something. Jones guesses that Maggie was sent by "Vasquez from down the road" to snoop and prepares to cut her nose off so that Maggie won't snoop around anymore. Deploying a blade from her boot, Maggie stabs the bar owner in the back, causing her to accidentally stab herself in the hand. Maggie quickly subdues the three before Negan enters the bar, drawn by the commotion. Seeing Maggie, Negan flees, aided by a silent young girl named Ginny who was sitting at the bar who trips Maggie before running after Negan.

Grabbing her hat off of the bar, Maggie runs outside and tries to leave in her truck, but she is attacked by a man who tries to stop her. Kicking the man away, Maggie escapes, but she accidentally drops her book of maps on the ground in the process. Maggie quickly catches up to Negan and Ginny, cutting them off and quickly overpowering Negan. Holding a knife to Negan's throat, Maggie quips "sorry, I thought you were quicker on your feet" while Negan sarcastically comments that it's good to see Maggie too.

Negan examines a Wanted poster of himself from New Babylon with amusement and he decides to keep it as Maggie silently tosses him a medical bag. Negan calls Ginny over to help treat his leg wound and Maggie asks where Annie and his kid are. Lowering his head for a moment, Negan dodges the question by introducing Ginny to Maggie, calling himself and Maggie old acquaintances. Negan guesses that Maggie is either here not to kill him or she has gotten seriously rusty. "A few weeks back I got raided. Outnumbered, overpowered, stole all our grain. Said they'd be back in a month for more. Then a month after that... took a hostage as collateral." Negan realizes that the attackers took Maggie's son Hershel and she adds that she tracked them all of the way up the Hudson River, but by then they'd already made it all of the way across to Manhattan. Praising Ginny's job on patching up his leg, Negan sends her away to check on their belongings.

Negan asks how he figures into all of this, and Maggie tells him that the man who's got Hershel is called the Croat, but Negan just shrugs in response. "Bullshit. You know him. When he scaled our walls, had us surrounded in the dark, right before he took my son. Do you know what he did?" Maggie imitates the whistle that the Saviors used to use to frighten their victims, getting recognition out of Negan. "That rings a bell, doesn't it? It did for me. It was the last thing I heard before I met you." Negan realizes that Maggie is thinking that since he knew the Croat back when Negan led the Saviors, Negan might have some special insight into the Croat's modus operandi or sweet talk him into giving Hershel back. "Let's just say there were a lot of psychos in my crew back then, but he always stood out as being an exceptionally insane son of a bitch," warns Negan. Negan tries to tell Maggie that the odds aren't good for Hershel if the Croat really does have him, but she doesn't want to hear it.

Negan asks why he should help her, and Maggie tells Negan that he owes her, and that Negan is the last person that she wanted to ask for help, but Negan doesn't seem to have too many options himself. Maggie points out that, if she found Negan at the motel, then the marshals will too and he appears to have exhausted every shithole as a hiding spot. Negan asks about the Hilltop and if Maggie still has a good setup with kids and a school and Maggie promises to put up Ginny if Negan helps her, but they'll have to see how things play out in Negan's case which he accepts is fair enough.

Maggie drives along a road with Negan and Ginny in the bed of her truck while Negan covers Ginny up with his jacket, causing Maggie to shut the cab window. Maggie stops at a sign for New Babylon which advertises it as the capital city of the New Babylon Federation and takes a left. Across the road, two people have been hung with one of them having reanimated as a walker.

Having stopped, Maggie fires a Flare Gun into the air and Negan points out that this isn't the way to the Hilltop. Maggie reveals that while the Bricks has the same setup and the same people, they had to relocate from the Hilltop after Negan helped to burn it down. Maggie watches as Negan and Ginny eat. Once the girl is asleep, Negan explains that he was on the run and doing a stint of a farm about a year ago when Negan first met Ginny. When the marshals came looking for him, Ginny asked to go with him. According to the people on the farm, Ginny was living with her dad who took off one night and didn't come back. Ginny went looking for her father and found him as a walker, having been brutally murdered by other survivors. The trauma of finding her father like that had caused Ginny to become mute. Their discussion is interrupted by the arrival of one of Nina to take Ginny to the Bricks.

Sitting in the truck bed that night, Negan promises Ginny that he will come back for her soon. Maggie warns Negan that it's getting late, and he shares an emotional goodbye hug with Ginny before she leaves with Nina.

"Who's There?"[]

Nina brings Ginny to the Bricks, now in a series of buildings set in a large rural area. Ginny takes special notice of one of the residents climbing a grain silo. Mr. Aizawa introduces Ginny to a class full of kids, telling them that Ginny is coming to them from Oceanside and will be joining their class from now on. The class reacts with muted enthusiasm to the news and instructs Ginny to take a seat as he goes into forging.

At the Bricks, Nina tries to help Ginny get settled in, empathizing with her being in a strange place with strange people and promising that the people might end up being like family to Ginny someday. Nina encourages Ginny to eat, and tells the girl to come find her if she needs anything. However, an upset Ginny just covers her legs in Negan's jacket and cries.

That night, at the Bricks, Ginny is unable to sleep, and she still hasn't eaten the sandwich that Nina made her. Getting up, Ginny packs her bag, distracts the guard, steals a motorcycle and she leaves after staring at the grain silo again for a long moment.

"People Are a Resource"[]

In a flashback, Ginny, armed with a golf club, makes her way through the woods, only to be surprised by a zombified man who is impaled upon a broken tree branch, appearing to have only recently died and turned. As Ginny backs away from the walker, Negan stabs it in the head, putting it down. Negan furiously tells Ginny that she needs to talk because he has no way of knowing if Ginny needs help if she doesn't yell for him. "All I have been doing for months is trying to find a safe place for you. And you have been sticking to me like goddamn Crazy Glue. I turn my back for half a second and that's when you decide to skedadle?!" Noticing Ginny's look at the walker, Negan recalls that the man had tried to kill them the night before and he guesses that they aren't the only ones that the man had pissed off. Taking the man's bag, Negan asks Ginny what she's doing out here, and Ginny shows him that she had lost her dino. Negan agrees to retrace their footsteps and find it.

In the present, Ginny arrives at the shore of the Hudson River where she finds two corpses, one missing a head, surrounded by ransacked equipment, suggesting that they had been murdered for their supplies. Ginny begins paddling her way across the river to Manhattan in the large yellow cooler that's amongst the equipment.

Elsewhere, Ginny reaches Manhattan and heads into the ruined city.

Ginny runs through the walker-infested streets of Manhattan, having close calls with two different walkers. In the process, Ginny drops her dinosaur toy and a trapped walker reaches towards it.

In a flashback, an annoyed Negan tells Ginny that they can't keep searching for the dinosaur toy which they have been doing all day. Negan has to find a better place for the young girl, and she has to speak. Negan wants Ginny to respond to him when he calls out for her and to let Negan know when she's in trouble. Ginny just shakes her head when Negan asks if she's listening to him, angering Negan who tells the young girl that while back in the day she could see a doctor who could help her get through all of the horrible shit that Ginny has been through, but that's no longer the case so Ginny has to skip all of the coping part and get straight to the staying alive part. Realizing that he's been too harsh after seeing Ginny crying, Negan admits that the problem is that they don't have any leads, or maybe they're all around them and Negan and Ginny just can't see them.

In the present, a scavenger puts down the walker and picks up Ginny's toy before moving on. Ginny quickly begins following the woman.

In a flashback, Negan realizes that the toy was stolen by the man who had attacked them, and he finds it in the man's bag and returns it to Ginny, wrapping a bandage around a hole in the toy. Negan teaches Ginny a whistle that his wife Lucille had used when she was sick and couldn't get out of bed which would bring Negan running no matter what he was doing or where he was. After Ginny is able to do the whistle, Negan promises that if she does it when he's not around, Negan will come. "Talk is cheap anyway, kid. Believe me, I oughta know. It doesn't matter what people say. It only matters what they do." Negan and Ginny hug each other.

In the present, secretly observed by Ginny, Maggie prepares to burn the dinosaur toy in an old trash barrel while Negan walks away from Luther's body. However, staring at her burning match, Maggie hesitates to actually go through with it and holds the match indecisively.

"Everybody Wins a Prize"[]

The group enters the subway with Ginny, watching unnoticed from a nearby storefront, following them inside.

In the garage, Maggie sneaks into an old taxicab and begins trying to hotwire it before she finds the keys in the ignition. Before Maggie can start the car, she hears a noise, and she spots Ginny nearby. After exchanging a look with Maggie, the girl runs off and Maggie follows her. With just three and a half minutes left on the timer, someone lights a fuse. The tribespeople enter the main area of the arena which is empty while the Croat's search for Negan leads him to the garage where Negan hides behind a truck before moving amongst the vehicles to the cab. The Croat begins imitating Negan's whistle in an effort to draw him out, but Negan notices Maggie's screwdriver on the cab's passenger seat. As the timer reaches 1 minute, Maggie finally catches up to Ginny in the main area of the arena where Amaia informs her that the Burazi aren't here. As Negan climbs into the cab and picks up the tool, the Croat continues to try and draw him out while more Burazi rush in behind him.

The timer reaches 0 and all of the arena's entertainment systems turn on, broadcasting music through the main area. The fuse burns to the end in what's revealed to be a barrel fuel set in one of the arena's doorways. Explosions rock the outside of the arena as the doors are blown open, letting in the herd. Drawn by the music, walkers flood the main area of the arena from all directions, trapping the tribespeople. The strobe lights turn on as the tribespeople get cornered by the massive herd against the ring.

In the main area, Maggie and the tribespeople desperately fight the herd but, severely outnumbered, they are quickly overwhelmed, and the tribespeople fall to the walkers one by one. Much to Maggie and Amaia's horror, Tommaso eventually gets grabbed by a group of walkers and carried away to his apparent death. As the fight continues, Maggie is consumed with flashbacks of Hershel calling out to her for help as the Croat drags him away and she notices that one of the exits is nearly clear of walkers and that Ginny is trapped in the ring in the center of the arena. Rather than escaping and leaving Ginny behind, Maggie leads Amaia and Rizza - the only other survivors - inside of the ring where they barricade themselves in. Maggie and Ginny exchange a look.

In the ring, Maggie and the others stab the walkers through the chain link fence, but there are far too many for them to take out, even from within cover. Maggie has everyone grab the ring's rubber supports as makeshift shields while the Croat splits up with his men after spotting Negan entering another stairwell after reaching a higher floor. Maggie's group uses their makeshift shields to force their way through the herd towards the exit that Maggie had spotted earlier, but Rizza gets grabbed and devoured by walkers on the way with the others being forced to press on, unable to help her. Amaia nearly suffers the same fate, but she is unexpectedly saved by Tommaso who had somehow managed to fight off the walkers and escape. With too many walkers between them and the no longer clear exit, Tommaso instead leads everyone into the tunnels beneath the arena where they eventually find an unlocked door, but they find themselves caught in a dead end with no other way out of the room as walkers start to bang on the door.

In the basement room, Maggie, Amaia and Tommaso manage to use an old boiler to block the door. Maggie notices a sign warning of a sewer pipeline and she realizes that they can get out through the sewers. As the walkers try to break through the barricaded door, Maggie and Tommaso move some barrels that are in the way, but Amaia objects that it's too dangerous as all of the dead are down there and they can't breathe in the air. Tommaso points out that they don't have any other choice, and Amaia reluctantly concedes.

Tommaso, Amaia, Ginny and Maggie descend into the sewer system with Maggie moving the barrel back into place before she follows after the others.

"Stories We Tell Ourselves"[]

Maggie, Amaia, Tommaso and Ginny prepare to make their way through the corpse-filled sewers. Tommaso notes that these particular corpses are recent, fresh deposits to the Croat's methane bank, effectively hot-boxing dead people for fuel. Maggie notices that Negan's missing from the group, but neither Amaia or Tommaso have seen him. Amaia asks about Ginny, but Maggie just tells her that Ginny's with her. As Maggie goes through her bag, Ginny spots her dinosaur toy inside which Maggie had chosen not to burn after all with Maggie noticing Ginny's attention on her bag. Maggie simply tells the others that Ginny doesn't talk much or follow orders, and Maggie doesn't have the extra flashlight that she thought that she had. Amaia goes to retrieve one from Tommaso's pack, but he quickly gets it himself instead.

Amaia blames herself for the disastrous attack that had killed their entire tribe despite Tommaso's attempts to dissuade her, pointing out that the Burazi knew that they were coming. Tommaso gets her to focus on getting out of the sewers, warning the others that they need to start running when they feel the effects of the methane kicking in. As they begin moving through the sewers, one of the bodies begins moving, revealing that some of the corpses are actually walkers.

Maggie's group experiences breathing difficulties from the methane in the air and Amaia and Tommaso go to investigate a strange pile of corpses covered in a white substance. A disgusted Tommaso thinks that it's fat while Ginny tries to climb a ladder out. However, Maggie tells the young girl that the manholes are sealed shut. Guessing that she's trying to go after Negan, Maggie furiously reminds Ginny that Negan had wanted her to stay at the Bricks, stating that they were so close, and that Ginny doesn't even know Negan. Maggie points out that Negan isn't wanted for some minor crime, and Ginny doesn't know the monster that Maggie knows, but she will if Ginny sticks around long enough.

Amaia guesses that they're in either Hell's Kitchen or Chelsea. Stopping behind a large tank, Tommaso produces two oxygen tanks with masks on them that Tommaso claims must be extras for the Burazi. Although Tommaso calls it crazy lucky and Amaia gives one to Ginny while the adults will share the other, Maggie becomes suspicious, studies the room and refuses use of the oxygen tank. Donning an oxygen tank, Amaia still can't figure out how the Burazi knew that they were coming, and Tommaso suggests that Luther had tipped them off since he had left the tribe and didn't want to go through with the plan, but Amaia is doubtful while Maggie knows that it can't have been Luther since Negan had secretly killed him.

"It was him," Maggie realizes, accusing Tommaso. "You knew exactly how to get out last night. You knew to go to the sewers. You even knew how to get inside with that bullshit nonno story." Tommaso denies this, stating that it was how he got out the first time while he was being tortured. Despite his denials, Maggie deduces that Tommaso had cut a deal with the Croat and gave him the location of the tribe's hideouts so that the Croat could raid them and gave the Croat a signal so that the Burazi knew that they were coming. Having noticed Tommaso take his pack off before he had "found" the oxygen tanks, Maggie challenges him to tell the truth to a horrified Amaia: Tommaso had the tanks in his pack the whole time and taking them likely was the signal to the Croat that they were coming. Maggie accuses Tommaso of being a liar that only cares about himself, and Tommaso finally admits the truth, telling the heartbroken and furious Amaia that taking back their home was a fantasy and it's been gone for a long time. Tommaso insists that his betrayal was the only way and that he did it for Amaia who storms off, followed by Ginny, leaving Maggie looking somewhat regretful.

Finding the tunnel blocked with corpses, Tommaso begins moving them out of the way while the others take a break. Maggie tells the devastated Amaia that she doesn't know what she's planning or about Tommaso, but Amaia is free to go to the Bricks where she'll be safe and all Amaia has to do is give them Maggie's name and Ginny knows the way. As Maggie goes to help Tommaso move the corpses, she collapses, disorientated from her methane exposure, and experiences a flashback of Negan killing Glenn and Hershel yelling to her for help as he's kidnapped by the Burazi. Maggie rejects Tommaso's offer of oxygen, and the group takes a break, not noticing that one of the corpses behind Ginny is beginning to move.

Sitting with Maggie, Tommaso explains that "you don't know what it's been like for us. You can't put down roots when all you're doing is running for your life. My nonno's story? That shit was real. I didn't make that shit up. I was this close to getting out, but he followed me and... I gave up our hideouts to stay alive, to get back to Amaia. He said if I brought my people to him, he'd... He said he'd give me a boat. Left the tanks for me, like you said. He told me about this place on the mainland. He said they got homes with kitchens, rooms for your things, a farm, a school for your kids. That shit sounded safe because everything was made of brick. He said that's the kind of place we could get to." A now sympathetic Maggie realizes that the Croat had told Tommaso about the Bricks and Tommaso adds that "I -- I don't know. I didn't mean for it to go down the way it did. I thought at least they'd have a choice. I thought... I thought he'd... I should've... I should've known. But I had to try. For Amaia. For our... our... Like you said. Gotta do whatever it takes to make it safe."

Walkers rise from amongst the corpses and attack Amaia and Ginny. As Maggie and Tommaso rush to their rescue, one grabs Tommaso's leg and trips him and several walkers attack the man while Maggie puts down the walkers attacking Amaia and Ginny and a few of the ones attacking Tommaso who manages to finish off his other attackers with blows from the oxygen tank. However, while Maggie and Ginny are left unharmed, Amaia has been disemboweled by the walkers and Tommaso has been fatally bitten in the side of his neck, leaving him quickly bleeding out from his jugular vein. Maggie tries to comfort the dying man who apologizes to Amaia as it was all his fault. Tommaso dies and Maggie sadly stabs him in the head in order to keep Tommaso from reanimating.

Maggie and Ginny continue to pass through the sewer with the corpses growing denser and older to the point that some are just skeletons. Ginny rejects Maggie's offer of a canteen that she will need on the way back to the Bricks and Maggie guesses that Ginny saw something in her bag at some point. Maggie explains that she had never showed Ginny's doll to Negan as she didn't know if the girl was still here or where she was, or if Ginny was even still alive. Maggie still can't let Negan know that Ginny's here or it will all fall apart as Negan will leave and take Ginny back. "A very bad man... took all of our grain and all of our food. It took us months to produce. And he's gonna keep on taking it every single harvest until we all starve to death. And worse than that, he has my son. His name's Hershel. And I have to think of Hershel. And... And Negan, Negan is the key to getting him back." Ginny acknowledges that she understands, and they press on.

Maggie and Ginny reach a massive pile of corpses covering the passage forward with Maggie continuing to experience blurred vision from the methane that she's breathing in. The two climb over the corpses, but Maggie gets her foot stuck in one as they prepare to move towards a nearby latter leading to a doorway. Maggie and Ginny become alarmed at the sound of walker growls, before a walker begins crawling out of a nearby pile of corpses. Giving Ginny her pack, Maggie sends her on alone while Maggie struggles to free herself. When the walker rises, a horrified Maggie discovers that it's actually not just one walker, but four fused together with two of the heads coming out of its stomach. After a struggle, Maggie manages to stab the fused walker in three of its heads, apparently putting it down. As Maggie relaxes, the fourth part of the fused walker emerges, but Maggie quickly finishes it off. Extracting herself from the corpses, Maggie continues after Ginny who has written "LIAR" in walker blood on the tunnel wall.

Ginny crawls through the tunnel, now just a pipe as, in a flashback to Ginny's departure from the Bricks, she checks out the grain silo and finds it full revealing the truth: Maggie had lied to both Negan and Ginny about the events that had led her to seek out Negan's help. Ginny reaches a ladder leading to an unsealed hatchway leading out of the sewers as Maggie follows her, but struggles from the exertion in the toxic atmosphere without an oxygen tank like Ginny has. In a flashback, Maggie runs after her son as he's abducted by the Burazi, but she's restrained by other Burazi. The Croat hands Negan's Wanted poster to Maggie: he wants Negan in return for Hershel. Maggie manages to make it out of the sewers, and she collapses.

Running into the middle of the street, Ginny fires a Flare Gun into the air which is seen by both Negan and Maggie.

"Doma Smo"[]

After spotting the flare, Negan and Perlie search a parking lot for Maggie, believing that she had been the one to fire the flare. Ginny draws their attention using the whistle that Negan had taught her, shocking Negan who happily greets the young girl and demands to know how she got to Manhattan. Maggie joins the group looking for Ginny, and she admits that Ginny had turned up at the arena just before the walkers came, guessing that Ginny had just wanted to be with him. A herd begins to approach, drawn by the flare, and Negan insists that Ginny can't be here as he can't protect the young girl and help Maggie at the same time, angrily reminding Ginny that the plan was for him and Maggie to come to Manhattan to get Hershel while Ginny stays safe with Maggie's people. Perlie offers to take Ginny where she needs to go while Negan stays with Maggie to rescue Hershel. Ginny holds on to Negan who tells her to go with Perlie who is good people and can keep her safe. Ginny continues to refuse, so Negan tells her that he can't go with her, and she can't and doesn't want to stay with him. Ginny doesn't know him, and Negan is not who she thinks he is. Speaking for the first time since her father died, Ginny tells Negan "I... want you to...", but Negan interrupts her, annoyed that after months of silence, Ginny finally wants to talk now.

With Ginny refusing to relent, Negan finally admits to Ginny, much to everyone's shock, that "I killed your dad. I'm not wanted for robbing a wagon train. I killed five men. And your daddy, he was one of them. It's why I tracked you down to the farm. Why I let you tag along, 'cause I knew you had no one. You? You're just a debt that I had to pay. That's it." Heartbroken by the revelation and Negan's harsh words, Ginny leaves with Perlie. Once Ginny's gone, Negan becomes visibly upset by what he had to do in order to get Ginny to leave, leaving Maggie visibly sympathetic with him. As the herd approaches, the two quickly leave the parking lot.

Across the river on the mainland, Perlie pulls his and Ginny's makeshift raft ashore, and tells her that it's time to go. With a long glance back at Manhattan, Ginny follows the marshal.

Perlie drives Ginny to the Bricks where Nina greets her with a hug. The marshal sees that the young girl has forgotten the jacket that Negan had given to her in the car, but Ginny silently refuses to take it.

That night, Maggie puts Ginny's dinosaur toy on the bed next to the sleeping young girl.

Season 2[]

Ginny will appear in this season.

Killed Victims[]

This list shows the victims Ginny has killed:





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  • Ginny is the main character with the most amount of non-speaking appearances in a row across the entire The Walking Dead franchise, appearing in five consecutive episodes without speaking.
    • This does not account for Judith's appearances as an infant and toddler when she had not yet learned to speak.


  1. In an interview shown following the airing of "Doma Smo", Mahina Napoleon confirms that Ginny's mother is dead.