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"Who the fuck is that?"
—Markham to Daniels.[src]

Glenn Markham, better known as Markham, is an antagonist first appearing in The Walking Dead: Search and Destroy. He is described to be a massive, at least six-feet tall man with deep phlegmy voice.


Nothing is known about Markham's life prior to or as the outbreak began. He suffered from acne during his young years, according to his visible acne scars. Sometime he enlisted and was recruited to the army.


"Search and Destroy"

Sometime after the outbreak, Pvt. Markham, one of the grunts of Bryce's group, stumbled across Nalls and other doctors. They teamed up and holed up in Atlanta Medical Center, their mission being kidnap children and use them to develop a cure for the plague.

Markham is seen using drugs with Daniels inside Atlanta Medical Center. They are both surprised by Lilly and Tommy, and sees Lilly killing Daniels. Markham soon goes berserk on Lilly, starting to choke her revealing his yellow, decaying teeth in pure rage.


Killed By

Tommy stabs Markham in the head with his screwdriver in order to save Lilly.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Glenn has killed:


Novel Series

Search and Destroy