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Glenn Rhee is a TV Series adapted and playable character that appears in The Walking Dead: No Man's Land. Glenn is unlocked only through acquiring enough of his specific Hero tokens. He is a 1 star Hero at unlock.

He is of the Scout class and has the Hero Leader trait of Lucky Dumpster. He also has Lucky (unlock at 2 stars), Dodge (unlock at 3 stars), Bullet Dodge (unlock at 4 stars), and Retaliate (unlock at 5 stars).


Main article: Glenn Rhee (TV Series)


Main article: Glenn Rhee (TV Series)


Trait level Lucky Dumpster trait
L3 Gain supplies for 40% of Experience (XP) from kills.
L4 Gain supplies for 45% of Experience (XP) from kills.

You also play as Glenn in the Highlights (training) missions for episode 1 (A New Home).

On unlock Glenn says “Good luck, dumbass”.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Glenn has killed:


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