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"That was... they were so close!"
—Gloria to Daryl Dixon[src]

Gloria Garcia is an original character who appears in The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct.


Location Unknown

Gloria was born in 1974. She produces a number of regional cable programs, the realization of a dream she now despises. Her 10-year marriage to a local politician is loveless. She was preparing to leave him and move to California before the attacks. Gloria is sharp and cynical, but survival is the only option for her.


Rural Georgia

Gloria was on a supply run when a large group of walkers ambush her and trap her on top of a freight train. If Daryl Dixon kills the walkers around the train she is trapped on, she will offer to join his group. If she is left at the freight train her status remains unknown, but she was most likely surrounded and eaten by walkers.

Firesign Stadium

If Gloria reaches Firesign Stadium, she and another survivor will board the last evacuation helicopter. When Daryl's brother Merle informs Daryl that the helicopter pilot has been bitten, Daryl tries to tell Gloria but the helicopter takes off, leaving Gloria's fate unknown.


Killed By
  • Zombies (Supply Run, Determinant)
  • Helicopter crash (Assumed, Determinant)

Gloria along with any other survivor that may survive till the Evac in Georgia, most likely died in a helicopter crash. As Merle notices that the "Whirlybird Pilot" had been bitten, and said he was already looking like he was going to turn. The pilot might have turned mid-flight causing a crash, possibly killing Gloria and the other passengers.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Gloria has killed:

  • Possibly numerous counts of zombies


  • Prefers Pistols
  • Prefers Bladed Weapons
  • Reckless


  • It seems that Gloria and Mia Park have the same face model.