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Gordonburg, Georgia is a location first mentioned in The Walking Dead: Search and Destroy. It is a small community of survivors lead by Mike Bell and apart of the Survivor Towns network.


Little is known about Gordonburg prior to the outbreak. It can be assumed that it was just a regular rural town in which people resided in.


At some point after the outbreak began, Mike Bell became the leader of a small group of survivors living in a fortified part of the town.

Mike and a rag-tag group of survivors from Moreland, Georgia retrieved at least a dozen massive windmills from various rural locations across the South, dismantling them and bringing the parts back to West Central Georgia where he lovingly rebuilt them and started his own wind farm in a meadow between two tobacco fields. (Likely in between Gordonburg and Haralson, Georgia). Not many of the windmills worked yet, but Bell was obsessed. Many survivors had been creating homemade wind farms in recent months and some were even working on ways to refurbish electric cars for future use with wind-generated power.

About five years into the apocalypse, Mike makes contact and forms an alliance with a number of small villages surrounding Atlanta. Such as Woodbury and Haralson. The communities band together to reconnect a railway between all their settlements and the city.

Search and Destroy

Gordonburg isn't seen in the novel but is mentioned as one of the communities apart of the Survivor Towns network. With the death of Mike Bell and destruction of many other communities in the network, it can be assumed that Gordonburg, too, was raided by Beau Bryce's Militia with many of it's residents killed in an attempt to kidnap survivors as test subjects for their research into a cure. Gordonburg isn't heard from again leaving it's fate unknown.



  • Mike Bell (Former Leader)
  • Several unnamed survivors



  • Gordonburg is a fictional town. It's likely located around where Luthersville, Georgia is. It is unknown why the author chose to use a fictional town and not one that already exists when Haralson, Moreland and College Park are all real world locations.
    • Interestingly Carlinville and Heronville aren't real towns either.