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"I wanted something to fight with, a weapon like you and Rosita have."
—Gracie to Judith about wanting to find a weapon to help fight.[src]

Gracie is a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead. She is the daughter of a Savior. After the death of her father and the end of the war between the Militia and the Saviors, she is adopted by Aaron and resides with him at the Alexandria Safe-Zone.


Washington, D.C.

Gracie was born into the apocalypse, and lived with her father and the other Saviors for the 5 months prior to the war between the Militia and the Saviors. It's unknown what became of her mother but her father is known to have survived long enough to be able to take care of her for those 5 months.

Season 8

"The Damned"

After Rick kills Gracie's father in a scuffle, he enters her room expecting to see guns but instead finds a baby Gracie sleeping in her crib, causing him to break down in tears knowing he just left her without a father as well as thinking what would happen to Judith, his daughter, should he meet his death.


After the outpost she had been living in is cleared out, Rick brings Gracie outside to the other Alexandrians. He suggests that he can bring Gracie home but Aaron, distraught following the death of his boyfriend, offers to take her to the Hilltop Colony where she will be safe.

"The King, the Widow, and Rick"

When the heartbroken Aaron is greeted by Maggie at the Hilltop, she sees that he is carrying Gracie in his arms. Later that day, Maggie holds the baby as she talks with Jesus about the captured Saviors.

"Dead or Alive Or"

As the days passed by, Gracie settled permanently in the Hilltop and began using a crib inside the Barrington house. When Maggie is informed about the supplies, she watches as Gracie plays around in her crib.

"The Key"

When the Alexandrians arrive at Hilltop for protection, Gracie and Judith are taken care of by Barbara.


As Rick reads Carl's letter, Jerry walks around below him carrying and rocking Gracie.


Early in the morning before the final battle against the Saviors, Rick watches over Gracie as Siddiq comes to take care of her. When the Saviors arrive, Gracie is escorted outside of Hilltop by Enid and the remaining Hilltopers. Due to her cries possibly catching attention, Tara along with Alden and the defected Saviors stay behind to attack the bandits.

Season 9

"Who Are You Now?"

Sometime after the war ends, Gracie is adopted by Aaron and she moves to Alexandria to live with him under his care where at first she was considered a challenge to him, especially when he had to change her diapers. Six years after Rick's assumed death, Gracie is now 8 years old and has grown to accept Aaron as her father, calling him "daddy". One morning as she plays with other children on the playground, Gracie gets happy to see her father return and runs over to him with excitement but Aaron tells Gracie to stay back as he deals with a group of strangers.


When Michonne goes to visit Aaron at his house, Gracie happily greets her at the door and then calls for her dad to come so he could talk with Michonne before going to play inside.


Gracie plays with Judith and R.J. on a bike in the street when Michonne comes out of her house and orders Judith to keep her brother safe as she goes over to the front gate.

In a flashback, a two-year-old Gracie sits in Eugene's lap, wearing a Jack-o-Lantern costume, during the Halloween bonfire with Jocelyn's group and other Alexandrians. One morning, as Michonne heads to pick up Judith from a sleepover, Gracie is out on a walk with Aaron around Alexandria.

Season 10

"Lines We Cross"

Some months after the blizzard, Gracie is part of a class of young students trying to learn how to read. She is supportive of Lydia and tries to help her with some words, despite Lydia being frustrated by her failures. When the council enters the meeting room to discuss the threat of the Whisperers having returned, Gracie goes back home.

"The World Before"

Gracie attends the funeral service for Siddiq and listens to Gabriel's religious remarks. She silently pays her respects and then leaves the ceremony with her father. Later that day, Gracie plays with Aaron a game where she has to guess the capitals of each state from the license plate mural he made with Eric years prior. After winning, Gracie high fives her dad with her handmade fake prosthetic and asks for a story as her prize. She listens as Aaron says he once went hiking with a man he loved in Eureka, California. They stood in the ancient ruins of a village and listened to the sound of the ocean waves which were far away and wondered what life was like for the old civilization. She asks for the ancient villagers' whereabouts but Aaron doesn't know what happened to them.


When Aaron returns back to Alexandria the next day after Beta's attack, he introduces Gracie to Mary. Afterwards, she leaves with her father and a group of Alexandrians and coalition soldiers in wagons towards Hilltop.

"Morning Star"

Gracie is among the children and parents to be evacuated from Hilltop. However, the caravan is prevented from reaching Oceanside after reaching a roadblock consisting of a fallen tree, the doings of the Whisperers. The caravan turns back to Hilltop, along with the bodies of murdered scouts Felix and Penny. Upon arriving at Hilltop, she runs into her father's arms. That night, she takes refuge inside Hilltop with the other children and civilians as the coalition soldiers fight against the Whisperers and their horde.

"Walk With Us"

The Whisperers attack the Hilltop Colony with their horde and flaming arrows - setting fire to the Colony. Ezekiel began to lead the children out of Hilltop - including Gracie - but could not locate Judith. Earl Sutton was able to locate Judith and took charge of Gracie and the other children while Ezekiel fought at the Hilltop.

Earl brought Gracie and the other children to a safe-house in the woods awaiting for their parents while he continued to suffer from the bite from a walker on his arm. He refilled Gracie's water cup and told her that she was brave and her father would be proud of her. Gracie asked when Aaron and the other parents would arrive, and he answered soon.

Judith took care of Earl in the backroom while Ezekiel led Daryl and Jerry to the children and reunited.

"A Certain Doom"

Realizing that Alexandria was to be attacked, Gracie and everyone else from Alexandria, Hilltop, and Oceanside were evacuated to a nearby, abandoned hospital called the Tower. However, Beta managed to locate the survivors and gathered the remaining Whisperers and their herd to surround the Tower. Gracie, accompanied by R.J., approached Father Gabriel about her concerns but he reassured them that together they will fight and survive.

The survivors were also able to defeat Beta and lure the walkers into the ravine, ending both the Whisperers and the Whisperer War. Gracie and the remaining survivors met at the rendezvous point in the woods. Gracie reunited with Aaron, and Aaron reintroduced Maggie to Gracie, who had known her since she was an infant but had been gone for several years. Gracie seemed to recognize Maggie and was happy to see her.

Season 11


Gracie, Judith, R.J., and Hershel play with cards. While they play the game, Gracie's stomach growls with hunger and Judith tells her that she is hungry, too. Gracie listens to Hershel ask Judith if she's ever afraid when her mom goes away, but Judith just says she's used to it, jokingly mimicking their parent's goodbye speeches and making Gracie laugh. Gracie wins a round of the game and proudly giggles. After another round, Gracie loses to Hershel and she is mock upset. Later that day, the children are given horsemeat to eat. Gracie is reluctant to eat it, but Hershel assures her that it isn't that bad, or better than spiders at least. This makes Gracie look at Judith in shock.

"Out of the Ashes"

Aaron has a nightmare in which he and Gracie get lost in the woods, the enemies from Aaron's past surround him. This makes Gracie so terrified that she disappears from the nightmare, and causes Aaron to scream her name as he searches for her until his enemies stab him to death. Aaron suddenly wakes from his nightmare and he is safe in bed with Gracie beside him, he watches Gracie sleep soundly as she cuddles the stuffed toy that Aaron brought back from the warehouse. Gracie wakes up when she hears Jerry alerting everyone to a breach, her father tells her that she needs to head into the basement and to not let anyone in, and asks if she still has her whistle. Gracie nods in agreement and shows Aaron the whistle, Aaron kisses her forehead before he leaves.

Later in the day, Judith is teaching Gracie sword-training, along with the other children. Gracie soon notices a gang of teenagers taunting a walker through a hole in the wall and becomes concerned. Judith goes to confront them and tell them to stop, however Vincent shoves her and says that Michonne abandoned her. Judith holds a knife to his throat. When Gracie sees this, she comes over and intervenes to cool the situation down. She is not impressed by Vincent calling Judith names and glares at him before following Judith back to the other kids.

When the children return to Michonne's house, Gracie is playing a game with R.J. before being interrupted by Judith as she accuses Vincent of breaking her handprint with Carl. Gracie comes over and offers to help Judith with putting it back together, making Judith smile.

"For Blood"

As a storm rages in Alexandria, Gracie is terrified and clings to Judith and R.J. Gracie is very upset when she learns that Aaron is going out into the storm to help put the fire out and begs him not to, Aaron explains why he must. Hearing this, Judith comes over and tells Gracie that she will stay with her, this seems to cheer Gracie up and Aaron kisses Gracie's forehead goodbye. Gracie later admits to Judith that she wishes that she was more like her because she's never afraid, Judith denies that she's never afraid and explains to Gracie how she's able to channel her fear into strength and how Gracie can, too. This makes Gracie happier and she starts practicing her swordplay with Judith's katana. Gracie gets a little too close to the window and her jacket is grabbed by a walker, she is saved by Judith and Virgil, and then clings to Virgil for comfort. The walkers continue to build up, and nearly breakdown the door of the house, this causes Rosita to run outside and kill all the walkers in the yard as Gracie watches from the window with Judith in admiration. However, despite Rosita's effort, they keep coming and the Alexandrians' need to evacuate upstairs to evade them. After watching Judith and Rosita fight with such bravery, Gracie is determined to as well, and runs downstairs and into the flooding basement to look for a weapon. Judith follows after her and helps her look, giving her the broken handle of a broom, and they both race upstairs but are confronted with walkers inside the house which forces them back into the basement, where they are trapped between the rising water and the walkers threatening to break down the door.


Her Father

While it's unknown what became of Gracie's mother, her father took care of her for the first five months of her life, living at the office outpost.

When the Militia attacks the outpost, Gracie's father is killed after a scuffle with Rick Grimes.

Rick Grimes

"Gracie. Gracie. No. No."
—Rick when he finds Gracie, realizing he killed her father.[src]

During the attack on the office outpost, Rick gets in a scuffle with a man and ends up killing him. Rick then enters a room expecting to see guns but instead finds Gracie. He then breaks down in tears knowing he just left her without a father.

After the outpost is cleared out, Rick brings Gracie outside to the other Alexandrians. He suggests that he can bring Gracie home but Aaron steps in, stating that he can take her to the Hilltop Colony where she will be safe.

In the morning before the final battle of the war against the Saviors, Rick watches over Gracie and lets her play with his watch.


"Why can't you stay and have somebody else go?"
—Gracie begging her father not to leave.[src]

Gracie loves Aaron very much, often fondly referring to him as "Daddy". The two first meet after the militia attack on the outpost, and Rick retrieves Gracie from the building. Aaron volunteers to take her to Hilltop to keep her safe.

Following the defeat of the Saviors, Aaron officially adopts Gracie.

When Aaron returns to Alexandria with Magna's group, Gracie tries to run over and greet him but his response is for her to stay back as he is escorting strangers into the community, showing that he is putting her safety first.

As a toddler, Gracie and Aaron would take walks around Alexandria. And in the present, Gracie enjoys drawing pictures for Aaron, and playing games such as the licence plate game where Gracie would guess the name of each state capital to hear about a story of Aaron's life.

Gracie doesn't like when Aaron puts his life at risk, and begs him not to go.

Maggie Rhee

Gracie seems to admire Maggie. As an infant, Aaron trusted Maggie to care for Gracie for a short period of time. After the Whisperer War, Aaron reintroduces Gracie to Maggie (who had been gone from the communities for several years) and Gracie was happy to see her.

Michonne Hawthorne

Gracie likes Michonne, and happily greets her when she comes to visit her father.


—Gracie, helping Lydia learn to read.[src]

Gracie seems friendly to Lydia and attempts to help Lydia learn to read.

Judith Grimes

"I wish I was more like you. You're never afraid."
—Gracie, wishing she was more like Judith.[src]

Gracie and Judith best friends, and have grown up together in the Alexandria Safe-Zone, the two can often be seen spending time and playing together.

During their first interaction as babies in "The Key", Gracie and Judith are seen playing as they are being taken care of by Barbara.

After the time jump, Gracie plays with Judith as they try and teach R.J. to ride a bike in the street.

When Aaron returns to Alexandria the next day after Beta's attack, Gracie and him leave with a group of Alexandrian's in wagons towards Hilltop, and Judith excitedly calls for Gracie to sit next to her.

In "Hunted", Gracie and Judith are playing cards with R.J. and Hershel Rhee. Gracie laughs with Judith as she jokingly mimics their parent's goodbye speeches, and smile at each other when Gracie wins a round, they both become mock upset when they lose to Hershel. Later that day, the Alexandrian's feast on horsemeat and Gracie and Judith are both reluctant to eat it. The two share a look of shock when Hershel assures them it isn't that bad, or better than spiders at least.

In "Out of the Ashes", Judith trains Gracie and the other children with swords. Judith asks Gracie "What's wrong?" when she notices Gracie looking concerned, only to see a group of teenagers taunting a child walker through a hole in the wall. Judith tries to stop them but is shoved and bullied, which makes Judith raise her Katana to the bully's throat. Gracie comes and intervenes, cooling down the situation, while glaring at Judith's bully. Later in the day, Judith's is upset that her handprint is broken and Gracie offers to help her put it back together, this makes Judith smile.

In "For Blood", as a storm rages in Alexandria, Gracie clings to Judith for comfort. When Gracie hears that Aaron will be leaving to put the fire out after the windmill had been struck by lightning, she becomes very upset, but smiles when Judith goes over and tells her that she will stay with her. Later on, Gracie admits that she wishes that she was more like Judith because she isn't scared of anything, Judith denies never being afraid and explains to Gracie the ways that she can channel her fear into strength, this makes Gracie feel better and she starts practicing with Judith's katana. Judith warns Gracie not to get too close to the window, but its too late and a walker grabs her by the jacket, making Judith rush to save her by chopping its arm off and killing it. After witnessing the bravery of Judith and Rosita, Gracie is determined to help. Judith is terrified when she can't see Gracie when its time to evacuate, only to find her in the flooding basement, Gracie tells her that the reason that she's down there is to look for a weapon like what Judith has. The two become trapped in the basement after the walkers flood the house, and they cling to each other as they watch the water rise.

R.J. Grimes

Gracie and R.J. are good friends, and have grown up together in the Alexandria Safe-Zone. The two have been seen spending time and playing together.

Gracie, along with Judith Grimes, teaches R.J. to ride a bike in the episode "Scars".

Gracie comforts R.J. by holding his hand while they are both worried about the Whisperers surround the Tower in "A Certain Doom".

The two share a game of cards with Judith Grimes and Hershel Rhee in "Hunted", and later look repulsed at the horse meat they were given to eat.

In "Out of the Ashes", they are seen sword training together. Later in the day, they are in Michonne's house and are enjoying a game where they playfully slap each other's hand, but are soon interrupted by Judith accusing Vincent of destroying the handprint that her and Carl Grimes made. Gracie and R.J. both comfort Judith by saying they will help her put it back together.

In "For Blood", Gracie is seen comforting R.J. during the storm with a hug.

Hershel Rhee

"You've eaten it before?"
—Gracie asking Hershel if he had eaten horse before.[src]

Gracie and Hershel are friends and can be seen spending time and playing together. Gracie asks him if he had ever eaten horse before, and is shocked when he says it isn't as bad as eating spiders.

Rosita Espinosa

"I wanted something to fight with, a weapon like you and Rosita have."
—Gracie to Judith.[src]

Gracie seems to admire Rosita and her bravery, and wishes to have a weapon like she has.

Gabriel Stokes

"We've seen how many are coming. Lots more than we have."
—Gracie to Gabriel.[src]

Gracie seems to trust Gabriel, and is comforted by him when he tells her of the strength of unity in the community when she is scared because the 'Tower' is surrounded by Beta and the Whisperers.

Earl Sutton

Gracie seems to trust Earl. When Hilltop was attacked, Earl took her and the rest of the children to safety. When they reach the cabin, he comforts her by telling her that Aaron will be proud of how brave she is and that her father will be there soon.


Gracie seems to trust Barbara. She can be seen watching Gracie as a baby and comforting her in "For Blood" when she is scared. The two presumably spend more time together since Barbara is Alexandria's main babysitter.


Gracie seems to trust Virgil, and hugs him after a walker grabs her.


Gracie seems to like Aliyah, and can be seen holding her hand as they are evacuated from Hilltop in "Walk With Us". She can also be shown sleeping next to her in the cabin.


Gracie dislikes Vincent and glares at him when he bullies Judith.


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  • Gracie is the fourth known child in the TV Series to be born into the apocalypse, the first being Judith Grimes, the second and third being two unnamed infants living at the Kingdom, the fifth being Hershel Rhee, the sixth being R.J. Grimes, the seventh being Ezra, the eighth being Aliyah, and the ninth being Mariam.
  • With Regina's death in "Who Are You Now?", Gracie is the last surviving inhabitant of the Shephard Office Plaza.
  • Gracie is the first child to be adopted by one of the communities from an antagonistic group, with the second being Adam Sutton.
  • As of "Walk With Us", Gracie is one of only four named former Saviors confirmed to be alive, the others being Negan, Eugene, and Alden.
    • She is also one of two characters introduced in Season 8 that are confirmed to be alive, the other being Alden.
  • It was revealed in "The World Before" that Gracie not only has an excellent memory, but also knows all the capitals of each state in the United States of America.
  • Ross Marquand revealed that, at some point, Aaron did discuss with Gracie that she is adopted and was rescued from the Saviors, but left out the fact that her father was directly killed by Rick in the battle.
  • Gracie is mentioned several times by Aaron in "One More" as he and Gabriel talk about ending their supply run and returning home to their kids, and during Mays' taunting of Aaron. During the episode, Aaron brings home toys from the warehouse for Gracie and Socorro Espinosa.
    • On Talking Dead, it is revealed that, according to the script, the toy brand is called "Abnorminals", and each one is a hybrid. Gracie's stuffed animal is a mix between a seal, a rabbit and a squirrel. Gracie can be seen briefly cuddling the toy in "Out of the Ashes".[1]
  • Gracie has multiple clothing items that either replicate or belong to Aaron.
  • In an interview, Cailey Fleming confirms that Gracie is Judith Grimes' best friend.[3]

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