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Grantville Mill is a type of industrial mill seen in Season 3 of AMC's The Walking Dead. Andrea uses the building for refuge when The Governor is chasing her down.


Rural Georgia

Not much is know about Grantville Mill before the outbreak started. It was most likely an industrial mill that supplied nearby towns with various resources, one such town being Woodbury.


Season 3


After The Governor spots Andrea in a field she flees inside the Grantville Mill. She attempts to hide from him inside but kicks a bucket over, alerting him to her presence. She runs further inside the mill, The Governor pursues her and chases her through the mill. Andrea comes close to getting caught when The Governor smashes a few windows and tries to use the sound of Andrea walking across the glass to catch her.

The Governor then starts to play mind games with Andrea, he whistles and alert walkers to her position to try and find her. The strategy works and he corners her, however Andrea opens a door behind her and releases a large group of walkers on The Governor hoping they will kill him. She then kills a few more walkers and escapes the mill, continuing her journey towards the prison.



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TV Series

Season 3