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This article is about the Video Game location. You may be looking for it's appearance in the Comic Series, or it's TV Series counterpart.

Greene Family Farm refers to the farmland previously owned by Hershel Greene. The farm appeared in Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season One, in the episode "A New Day".


Season One

"A New Day"

Hershel is first seen after Shawn brings Lee and Clementine to his farm. Hershel asks Clementine if she knows who Lee is, to which she replies "yes" and later, Hershel is seen patching up Lee's leg. Lee and Clementine spend the night at the farm with Kenny and his family. The next day, everyone is seen helping around the farm, helping reinforce the fences, watching the children, and doing manual labor. The farm is then attacked by walkers and Shawn is bitten by them. Furious at Lee and Kenny doing nothing to save his son, he kicks everyone off the farm. Sometime before Shawn turns into a walker, Hershel takes his body and puts him in the barn.

After Lee and others leave the farm its current status is unknown, but since the game is canon to the comic series, it is implied that the farm had the same fate of its comic counterpart.

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  • It is the only location from the Comic Series to appear in the Video Game.