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It's just time. When I conceived of Greenwood it was so clear -- like-minded innovators in various fields seeking to live off the grid, to create a new, more sustained, and hopeful tomorrow. Our motto -- Progress and Redemption Through Innovation -- is now like a sick joke to me, but I can't face how much I have failed everyone. I cannot go another day continuing to watch our mission die. I am sorry. Let me be remembered as one who refused to leave the world the same way I found it.
Lakshmi Patel's suicide note.[src]

Greenwood is a location in AMC's The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live. It is a safe-zone established in a high-rise building, home to a large group of survivors before it eventually failed.


Nothing is known about Greenwood's history before the outbreak except that it was a typical high-rise building with apartments, offices, and other amenities including at least one gym.


Like the abandoned city that it was situated in, the building that would eventually become Greenwood survived the start of the outbreak and Operation Cobalt completely intact.

At some point, the community of Greenwood was founded by Lakshmi Patel after the outbreak, consisting of innovators who sought to change the world for the better. The numerous residents were able to keep their high-rise building safe from both the undead and the living and had a number of modern amenities, including electric power and running water. Their motto was "Progress and Redemption Through Innovation" and signs on a bulletin board read things such as "Trust in Your Ability to Adapt and Overcome. Your Past Doesn't Define You", "Recover Regenerate", and "Keep Hope Alive!" The community made use of hybrid electric cars that also ran on ethanol which Greenwood appeared to have a plentiful supply of.

However, at some point, Greenwood fell with Lakshmi committing suicide after witnessing the failure of her dream. The lack of damage to the city and the emaciated reanimated residents suggests that Greenwood fell victim to starvation, possibly after a bad harvest and a crop failure.

Season 1[]

"What We"[]

During a storm, a CRM helicopter carrying Rick and Michonne crashed into the Greenwood building, though Rick and Michonne had jumped out of the helicopter into the water prior to its crash. The pair took refuge inside the high-rise building known as Greenwood where they dry off inside an abandoned apartment that still has running water, electricity, and temperature control. After a CRM gunship shoots missiles at the wrecked helicopter, it causes significant damage to the building, leading to its eventual collapse though Rick and Michonne are able to escape in time, using one of the Greenwood vehicles to leave the city.


After finding Rick and Michonne in Yellowstone National Park, Jadis reveals that she was on the helicopter that had investigated the crash in Greenwood and then bombed the wreckage alongside a CRM Reclamation Team. Suspicious, Jadis later returned to Greenwood alone to find it in rubble and the yellow truck that she had seen from the helicopter missing, causing Jadis to deduce that Rick and Michonne had survived.




  • Lakshmi Patel
  • Numerous unnamed people (Alive; Many Zombified)
  • At least 1 unnamed CRM soldier


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