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Grimes refers to any member of the Grimes family in the comic series, the TV series, the Social Game, and Assault Game of The Walking Dead.

Comic Series

  • Rick Grimes - The father of Carl, guardian/father of Judith, husband of Lori, brother of Jeffrey, grandfather of Andrea, and father-in-law of Sophia.
  • Lori Grimes - The mother of Carl and Judith, wife of Rick, grandmother of Andrea, sister-in-law of Jeffrey, and mother-in-law of Sophia.
  • Carl Grimes - The brother/half-brother of Judith, son of Rick and Lori, stepson of Andrea, nephew of Jeffrey, husband of Sophia, and father of Andrea.
  • Judith Grimes - The daughter of Rick/Shane and Lori, sister/half-sister of Carl, possible niece of Jeffrey, sister-in-law of Sophia, and aunt/half-aunt of Andrea.
  • Jeffrey Grimes - The uncle of Carl, possible uncle of Judith, great-uncle of Andrea, brother of Rick, brother-in-law of Lori and Andrea, and uncle-in-law of Sophia.
  • Andrea Grimes - The second wife of Rick, stepmother of Carl, sister-in-law of Jeffrey, and step-grandmother of Andrea.
  • Sophia Grimes - The wife of Carl, mother of Andrea, daughter-in-law of Rick and Lori, stepdaughter-in-law of Andrea, sister-in-law/half-sister-in-law of Judith, and niece-in-law of Jeffrey.
  • Andrea Grimes - The daughter of Carl and Sophia, granddaughter of Rick and Lori, step-granddaughter of Andrea, great-niece of Jeffrey, and niece/half-niece of Judith.

TV Series

  • Rick Grimes - The husband of Lori, father of Carl, and adoptive father of Judith.
  • Lori Grimes - The wife of Rick and mother of Carl and Judith.
  • Carl Grimes - The son of Rick and Lori and half-brother of Judith.
  • Judith Grimes - The daughter of Shane and Lori, half-sister of Carl, and adopted daughter of Rick.
  • R.J. Grimes - The son of Rick and Michonne, half-brother of Carl, and adoptive brother of Judith.
  • Evie - The aunt of Carl and sister of either Rick or Lori.

Novel Series

Social Game


Dead Reckoning

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