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This article is about the Comic Series location. You may be looking for it's Rick Grimes 2000 or The Ones Who Live counterparts.

Grimes Family Farm is a location in Image Comics' The Walking Dead. It is the home of Carl, Sophia, and Andrea Grimes and is part of the Commonwealth. It is located near Commonwealth One of Ohio.


Nothing is known about this farm prior to or as the outbreak began. It was possibly built after the apocalypse.


Rest In Peace[]

The farm is established as the current residence of Carl, Sophia and Andrea Grimes, which they either moved into or built sometime within the 25 year timeskip.

One day, a single walker enters the property and is swiftly killed by Carl Grimes using Michonne's sword. Both he and Sophia are shocked to see one, given that the undead have long been eradicated from the area. Carl quickly deduces it belongs to Hershel Greene's travelling sideshow and heads into town to confront him.

Upon returning home, Carl finds Sheriff Kapoor waiting for him, who tells Carl he will be facing charges for killing the walker as it was technically property belonging to Hershel. Carl ends up going to court and returns home after a tense case, where he spends the night reflecting on the events. He ends up sneaking out of the house, returning to town and killing Hershel's remaining walkers.

Carl spends the next few days away from home, finally returning after another court hearing within the Commonwealth. He and Andrea then stand on the porch and discuss their current lives and how much they have, including the farm, thanks to Rick's sacrifices. Carl then heads upstairs with Andrea and reads her a bedtime story about her late grandfather. Once he's done, she excitedly asks him to read it again and Carl happily obliges as the two sit in a rocking chair within the safety of the house.



Comic Series[]

Volume 32: Rest In Peace[]