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Ground 17 is a location in Season 5 of AMC's Fear the Walking Dead. It serves as the base of Isabelle and Beckett while they are in the area around the Lonestar Power & Light power plant.


Nothing is known of this field's history before the outbreak.


Isabelle and Beckett were sent on a scouting mission to the area around the Lonestar Power & Light power plant and set up camp in this field, parking their helicopter and setting up a barbed wire fence to keep walkers out and camouflaged netting concealing the part of the field with the helicopter parked in it. However, after seeing that the power plant had melted down and the radioactive walkers that it had created, Beckett lost his mind, ultimately forcing Isabelle to kill him. For an unknown reason, Isabelle failed to put Beckett down and he wandered out of their camp, eventually joining a herd.

Season 5


Annie, Max and their group lead Morgan Jones and Alicia Clark towards Isabelle's camp in search of the missing Al, having seen Isabelle and Beckett there a few weeks before and having stayed away from it since. As they reach the edge of the woods next to the camp, Isabelle's helicopter suddenly lifts off and flies away overhead. Annie suggests that the helicopter is leaving because the people that came got what they came for, leaving Alicia and Morgan concerned about Al's safety.

"The End of Everything"

After cremating Beckett's corpse, Isabelle takes Al to her camp and ties her up in the backseat of a car at the edge of the camp's fenced-in enclosure, needing the tape that Al had hidden of Beckett's corpse and his maps. Al manages to lure a walker through the barbed wire fence and uses the wire that he brings with him to cut herself free before putting him down. Heading deeper into the camp, Al discovers Isabelle's helicopter and attempts to start the engine only to learn that the helicopter is out of fuel. Al attempts to use the helicopter's radio to call Morgan and Alicia, only to have a man from CRM respond. Isabelle returns and forces Al out of the helicopter at gunpoint before reporting in that Beckett is KIA for a breach in protocol, she has the package and she hasn't taken off yet due to a need to refuel her helicopter. Despite Isabelle promising that she can be airborne in 72 hours, the man announces that they are sending a reclamation team.

After Al makes a deal with Isabelle to exchange the tape for her story, Isabelle informs her that they need fuel and recovers climbing gear from cargo compartment of her helicopter, stating that they need to go to a fuel drop on a nearby mountain. The two women then depart from the camp in Isabelle's car.

After getting the fuel that she needs as well as the tape, Isabelle returns to the camp alone and refuels her helicopter. With Isabelle reporting that she is now on her way back, the reclamation team is called off and Isabelle flies off. Left behind unharmed, Al reunites with her friends in the nearby woods.





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