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"Take the gun, Daniel."
—This man to Daniel (Translated from Spanish).[src]

This guerrilla soldier is a character in AMC's Fear The Walking Dead.


El Salvador

Nothing is known about the man's life except that he was part of the Salvadorian Junta. He is also the reason that Daniel Salazar joined them and why he started killing.


Season 2

"Sicut Cervus"

As Daniel Salazar attempts to put down the reanimated Choir Boy, he suddenly has a flashback to when he was a young child and this man ordered him to "take the gun, Daniel," in Spanish. The distraction nearly costs Daniel his life before Ofelia saves him.


Daniel experiences another flashback to the time that this man had him kill a wounded soldier.


  • Unknown Causes

This man died through unknown causes before the apocalypse.

Killed Victims

  • Wounded Man (Caused, Pre-Apocalypse)
  • Miguel Salazar (Possibly, Pre-Apocalypse)
  • Many unnamed people (Caused and Direct, Pre-Apocalypse)


Fear The Walking Dead

Season 2