Gun Fight is a Roadmap mission in The Walking Dead: Road to Survival.


Andrea tells Sandy that there's company headed their way (who were headed to them before). Sandy asks Andrea what they should do about it. Andrea tells her that "they'll return the favor", meaning that they're planning on ambushing the group. Andrea also asks Sandy if she is a good shot, to which Sandy replies that she is, along with the Hero Player.

After dealing with the first wave of fighting the hostile survivors, Sandy thinks that there are probably more of them, waiting. Andrea tells her that she's right and that they'll get the jump on the next wave of survivors too. Sandy spots a swarm of walkers.

The walker threat is dealt with. Sandy thinks it's safe to reload now to prepare for the next enemy(s). Sandy asks Andrea why they're even doing this, to which Andrea responds with a question: "Do you want to stay alive?" Sandy states that she does want to live, and Andrea tells her that you have to kill to stay alive. Sandy says that there are more walkers coming.

When they killed all the walkers, Andrea asks Sandy on how she's doing on ammunition. Sandy tells her that she'll be a lot happier with more, but she's good for now. Andrea spots another swarm of walkers.

After killing all the walkers, Sandy thinks that the walkers are gone for now. However, she is wrong, as there are more walkers coming.

Andrea tells Sandy and the Hero Player that they need to stay alert and that they'll get through this.

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  • This Roadmap mission would only allow the player to use ranged characters, hence the name.
  • Completing this Roadmap mission would grant the player a free Shane Days Gone Bye.
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