Gustavo Blade is an extra who portrayed multiple zombies in Seasons 4 and 5 as well as a prison resident in Season 4 of AMC's The Walking Dead. While his character, who was nicknamed "the Hispanic survivor", was on board the bus in "Too Far Gone" and "Inmates", stuntman Jacob Garcia was used for his character's death scenes in "Inmates". His character was also apparently friends with the woman with the pony-tail, portrayed by Becky Nunnally.

Gustavo was filmed fleeing the prison in "Too Far Gone" but the scene was ultimately cut. He was also the zombie that bit Bob Stookey and was involved in a scene where Maggie searched his pockets and found a bible, but that scene was cut as well.[1]

He has appeared in the following episodes:

  • "Too Far Gone" - Fled the prison and evacuated on the bus with other prison survivors.
  • "Inmates" - Died and reanimated aboard the bus, stumbles out the bus door with the other walkers, grabbed by Maggie and stabbed in the head.


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