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This article is about the Novel Series character. You may be looking for his appearance in the Comic Series.

"I'm... I'm done. I expected it to happen... s-sooner or later. It was a... good... good run I had in this world."
—Hap's last words before shooting himself after being bitten.[src]

Hap Abernathy is a comic-adapted character first encountered in The Fall of the Governor. He is an elderly resident of Woodbury and a soldier of the town's army.


Atlanta, Georgia

Hap did a stint in the navy back in the Korean War. Hap was a retired school bus driver from Atlanta, and described as "gaunt, graying, retired school bus driver from Atlanta who currently looks like a candidate for a hip replacement with his pronounced limp and bandaged ribs". Hap used to drive buses for 34 years. A month before the outbreak, Hap insulted a young optometrist back at LensCrafters in Belvedere Park, which led him to not receiving appropriate glasses, instead using dime store specs.


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Hap listens in but slowly falls asleep at the town meeting, where the Woodbury residents discuss how to divert or take out the herd of walkers coming towards Woodbury. Later, he goes on a run with Bob to gather medicine, and after discovering a secret labyrinth, Hap sees what he thinks is a small racoon, but is a walker that latches onto Hap's ankle. Bob tries helping Hap, by tying a bandana around his ankle but Hap has given up and accepts his fate, and grabs Bob's pistol and shoots himself. He is later buried next to Penny in Woodbury.


Killed By

During a supply run, Hap is bitten on the right ankle by a walker crawling on the floor.

  • Himself (Suicide)

Bob tries to help him by amputating the limb, but Hap grabs Bob's gun instead, and shoots himself in the head.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Hap has killed:

  • Himself (Suicide)
  • Numerous counts of zombies



Bob Stookey

"Okay, breathe, Old Hoss, just breathe. Gonna be okay, gonna get you outta here."
—Bob to Hap after he is bitten.[src]

Bob and Hap had a close relationship. Bob was deeply saddened by the death of Hap, and before he took his life he tried anything to save Hap's life. Bob mentions that he loved Hap's stories and his curmudgeonly personality.