Harley Shellhammer is an actor who portrays an unnamed man living at the prison community in Season 4 of AMC's The Walking Dead.

He is a recurring, where his character was brought into the prison after surviving on his own in the outside. In addition to his appearance in Episode 2, he was also supposed to appear in Episode 3, but the scene was cut. However, this would have confirmed that his character is one of the sick survivors in Cell Block A. Since he did not film for any other episodes, his character may most likely have died from the flu or during the prison attack, though the actor hopes his character is alive so he may return next season.


Harley M Shellhammer was born in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan to Howard M Shellhammer and Barbara J Summers. Harley is the third of four children. His parents divorced early on and was raised by his mother but his father remained an influential part of his life. He later moved with his father to Indiana where he finished his high school years and was a three sport athlete and continued his passion for the arts. However, his true passion was hockey where he excelled since the age of three. After leaving the sport, Harley started out modeling and print ad photography while also trying his hand in another sport he fell in love with. A life changing moment for Harley found himself moving to Orlando, Florida before landing a job that would take him around the world and grow but once again, another altering moment saw him move to New York City in 1998 where he lived for 9 years. Harley now resides in Atlanta and has grown under the South's growing film industry.

He has appeared in the following episodes:

  • "Infected" - Fled the chaos in Cell Block D.

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