"Do you believe this shit? I've been playing my whole life, and now I just hit the five grand."
—Harris to Chase regarding a scratch off ticket he discovered.[src]

Harris is a survivor of the outbreak in The Walking Dead Webisodes: Cold Storage.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Harris' life before the outbreak except he spent his money buying lottery tickets.


Cold Storage

"Hide and Seek"

Harris was first seen on a rooftop with Chase. Chase was unconscious and Harris mentioned he was out for a minute. Across the way, Harris pointed out a Self Storage Facility they could scrounge for supplies. As the two survivors make their way towards it, a walker bites Harris in the shoulder and he is killed soon after.

"Parting Shots"

Harris makes a brief appearance after Chase recovers from his gunshot wound from B.J. An undead Harris approaches Chase and attempts to attack him until Chase picks up a cinderblock and bashes Harris in the head multiple times. Once zombified Harris was put down for good, Chase picked up Harris' machete and continued on.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Harris has killed:


Killed By

After entering the storage facility parking lot, a walker bites Harris in the neck. Soon after, a few more walkers arrived and started to devour Harris as well.

Harris reanimated not long after and started to roam the area, still holding his machete in right hand. Chase ran into him and bashed his head in with a cinder block.



Chase and Harris had little on-screen scenes together, but judging from the Webisodes, there appeared to be somewhat of a friendship between the two. This is expressed when Harris stays with Chase on the roof, helping him out, and when the two stumble upon Playboy magazines, Harris starts up a humorous conversation with Chase about it. However, when Harris was attacked and being eaten by zombies, Chase ran away instead of putting Harris out of his misery, but this could be because of the overwhelming amount of zombies nearby. However, when he goes back outside he sees Harris an puts him down with a cinder-block.



Cold Storage

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