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Harrison Memorial Hospital is located in Cynthiana, Kentucky and is where Rick Grimes awakens from his coma in the Comic Series.


Cynthiana, Kentucky

Rick Grimes is shot in the line of duty by a criminal and he is transported to Harrison Memorial Hospital for treatment. However due to the nature of the wound, Rick falls into a coma for about a month's time. Over the course of that month an outbreak occurs, which causes the dead to rise and devour people for food. The hospital is used as a treatment center but is overrun and Rick is left as the lone survivor. Walking the streets of Georgia, looking for his wife and son, he soon goes to his house, where he finds no sign of his wife and son.


Volume 1: Days Gone Bye

Rick awakens from his coma and falls out of bed, he calls for a nurse but no one comes to his aid. After gaining his strength back he starts to walk through the dilapidated and abandoned corridors of the hospital. He makes it to a nearby elevator and to his surprise a half-eaten corpse falls out, Rick tries calling for help, but nobody answers.

He then heads for the cafeteria which has been barricaded by a piece of wood, Rick removes the wood and opens the doors to find a room full of re-animated corpses. He quickly moves backwards, however one of the zombies grabs his shirt and they fall down a flight of stairs. The zombie lands on its neck and its head snaps off, Rick quickly heads for the exit doors at the bottom of the stairwell and barricades them with his belt.

He then tries commandeering a vehicle from the hospital's car park, but finds them all locked. He then walks outside and heads back to his neighborhood in search of his family.

Lori also mentions that the hospital was supposed to stay operational after they left, but was seemingly abandoned only a week after they left for Atlanta. This indicates that the hospital, whether under the orders of the hospital administration or the military, was hastily evacuated, with many patients left behind who later died and reanimated during the initial breach of the hospital's perimeter.



  • U.S. Armed Forces (Temporary)
  • Hospital Staff (Temporary)
  • Patients (Temporary)


  • Numerous counts of unnamed people


Comic Series

Volume 1: Days Gone Bye


  • The hospital shares its name with the TV series counterpart, Rick lives in Kentucky and in the TV Series, he lives in rural Georgia.
  • Harrison Memorial Hospital is a buyable property in The Walking Dead Monopoly.