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The Heaven Monks were a survivor group first encountered in The Walking Dead: Typhoon. The group consists of numerous brightly garbed men and women who operate outside the Beacon of Light, herding jiāngshī like cattle for an unknown purpose.


The Heaven Monks were a group of Daoist Monks before the outbreak.


The Heaven Monks operate outside the Beacon of Light, herding jiāngshī like cattle and storing them in pens where they'll drench the dead in gasoline and burn them to set their souls free while chanting. While other survivor groups outside the Beacon are illegal, the four sects of Heaven Monks are tolerated by the government because they help keep the yellow-flag paths clear of jiāngshī.

One time during a bad jiāngshī storm from the south, the Beacon opened their doors to give the monks shelter.

The Heaven Monks regularly trade with the Grove in a valley outside of Fongyuan.





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