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"Big brothers like to say asshole things just to make you remember who's boss."
—Hector to Alicia.[src]

Hector Reyes is a former antagonist and a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's Fear the Walking Dead. He is a resident of the Rosarito Beach Hotel and served as the secondary antagonist of the episode "North".


Rosarito, Baja California

Hector worked at the Rosarito Beach Hotel with his aunt, Elena. At one point, his brother Antonio lived with him until he decided to join a gang in Tijuana and live with them instead, souring his relationship with Hector.


Season 2

"Do Not Disturb"

Hector was working at the wedding party held at the hotel when Charles Stowe suffered a heart attack and reanimated, setting off an outbreak in the hotel. After Elena's conversation with Ilene Stowe, Hector is sent to "get the vehicles ready", hinting at a possible evacuation. When Charles first suffered a heart attack, Hector was sent to get a doctor but had no success. Realizing she had to contain the situation, she and Hector flee the ballroom and lock everyone inside.

A month later, it is revealed that Hector has been living in the hotel with Elena, trapping the zombies in rooms and had a system to clear each floor when they needed to move about the hotel. At some point in time, Hector was kidnapped by several of the surviving wedding guests and was released after Elena gave up her keys to Oscar. When Alicia released the zombies from the bar, Hector flees through an underground tunnel with Elena and Alicia and reunite with Madison and Strand.

"Pablo & Jessica"

Upon escaping the tunnel, Hector rests in the spa with Elena, Alicia, Madison, and Strand. After the hotel survivors agree to help clear the zombies, Hector starts luring zombies out of their rooms with Alicia and Strand, then drags their corpses on the beach to the burn pit. In the revised plan to clear the hotel of zombies, Hector is partnered with Alicia to lure the zombies on the hotel grounds to the pier. At first, he starts clapping and screams "Oye!" to gain the attention of the zombies, but is impressed when Alicia plays music on his iPhone. He then leads the zombies to the rendezvous point and passes on the herd to Madison as he safely steps aside. Then, he rushes to the beach with Alicia and gets inside the Zodiac boat to retrieve Madison after she jumps off the pier. Later that night, he attends the feast with his aunt and the other survivors to celebrate their new union.

"Pillar of Salt"

Hector is out on the beach teaching Alicia how to surf. They laugh and joke about who is worse - the teacher or the student before they start talking about their brothers. Hector's brother Antonio left the family to be with a gang in Tijuana before the outbreak started. They are genuinely surprised and pleased when Madison comes to them with ice cold drinks. Later, Hector and Elena argue about Antonio and Hector refuses to see him in Tijuana and chooses to stay behind in the hotel. When Elena returns to the hotel, she informs Hector that Antonio decided not to come to the hotel.

"Date of Death"

Hector is out at the front gates of the hotel standing guard with Madison, Alicia, Oscar, Elena, and Andrés as dozens of refugees beg to be let in.


Hector is in the parking garage with Alicia, Elena, and Andrés taking care of the refugees.


After Travis' grief-induced attack leaves Brandon and Derek dead and Oscar seriously injured, Hector drags him away to lock him up. Hector is enraged by Oscar's injury and pushes to kill him, but Elena refuses and agrees to allow the group to leave the next morning. Hector helps Andrés in treating Oscar who ultimately dies of his injuries. As a result, Hector and Andrés lead a group of men to kill Travis in revenge despite Elena's orders. As the Clarks struggle and Andrés prepares to pull the trigger, he is suddenly stabbed in the heart by Alicia and falls to the ground, dead. Hector angrily slams Alicia against the wall but Travis throws him onto the couch and punches him repeatedly. As Hector reaches for Andrés' gun, but Victor interferes by taking his pistol and orders the hotel survivors to get out. Once they are gone, he motions the family to leave.

Season 3

"The New Frontier"

Hector is with Elena and Strand are outside the gate of the Rosarito Beach Hotel, with refugees at the gate, demanding to see the doctor. Elena denies them entry, insisting that she can’t help them. Strand announces that he is a doctor and unlocks the gate. Hector and Elena are angry at Strand, but he tells them that he just saved them and the refugees would have killed them all if he didn’t let them in.

Having delivered the baby, Strand is told by Elena that he must leave immediately, but Hector tells Strand there is another patient in need of his services before he goes. He brings Strand to Ilene’s room and asks him to convince her to eat. She has been holed up there since she stabbed Strand. She is depressed and despondent over the death of her daughter. After Ilene's suicide, Strand finds that the key Ilene gave him operates a car in the hotel’s parking garage, and he drives off.

"Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame"

It is unknown what happened to Hector after the Rosarito Beach Hotel was overrun, as the front gates were found breached and the hotel grounds filled with blood and the undead. While the fate of Hector remains unknown, it is possible he was able to escape, make it to a higher floor, or was killed.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Hector has killed:


Elena Reyes

Hector and his aunt are shown to have a very close relationship, to the point that Oscar's Group knew that kidnapping him would be enough to draw her out of hiding. Indeed, Elena was willing to trade the hotel keys to ensure Hector's release and safety.

Antonio Reyes

Hector's conversation with Alicia Clark implies that he and his brother Antonio were close before Antonio chose Los Hermanos over his own family. Despite never forgiving Antonio for that as stated by Elena, Hector clearly still missed his brother, though he refused to go to El Pelícano to see him. Despite that, when Elena returned, Hector was waiting and clearly hopeful that his aunt had convinced Antonio to return. When she silently signaled him that Antonio had refused, Hector was upset.

Oscar Diaz

Due to Elena locking the wedding guests in the ballroom, Hector and Oscar had a rocky start, becoming enemies. Oscar went so far as to kidnap Hector and hold him hostage to get Elena's keys. However, after Madison united everyone to fortify the hotel, Oscar and Hector put aside their differences and became friends. They could often be seen working together to keep the hotel running. After Oscar's death, Hector was enraged and driven to tears. He later helped Andrés try to seek revenge for Oscar.

Alicia Clark

After Madison's group arrived at the hotel, Hector struck up a friendship with Alicia. They worked together to rescue Madison from the water when she led the herd into the sea and Hector even tried to give Alicia surfing lessons to no avail. In his anger at Oscar's death, Hector was rough with Alicia, but never tried to directly harm her, only to stop her from preventing Andrés exacting revenge for his brother.

Madison Clark

Hector and Madison had a relatively good relationship, though he became angry at her defense of Travis and seemed to lose any good feelings he had towards Madison as a result.

Victor Strand

When the hotel was retaken from the dead, Hector and Strand appeared to have a relatively cordial relationship. After Strand was stabbed by Ilene, Hector worked to help keep Strand alive as best he could. However, after Strand intervened to stop Andrés from killing Travis, Hector lost all good will towards the man despite him not being thrown out of the hotel immediately. Hector became noticeably threatening towards Strand and had no compunctions against throwing him out. Strand in return seemed horrified that Hector and the other hotel residents may have perished when he later returned with Daniel Salazar to find it overrun.


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  • The casting call for this character used the name Gerardo.[1]
    • Hector was described as "Born and raised in Mexico. He has witnessed violence most of his life. To avoid the violence, he got himself a job. When not working, he is surfing in the ocean, the place he feels most at home."

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