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"No! I won't let you take him--!"
—Helen's last words, before Clementine shoots her.[src]

Helen is an original character who first appeared in Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: The Final Season. She was a nurse for the McCarroll Ranch and she was taking care of AJ until her demise.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Helen's life prior to or as the outbreak began. It is possible she was a nurse.



At some point following the outbreak, Helen ended up at the McCarroll Ranch where she became a nurse and looked after the children, one of them being Alvin Junior.

The Final Season

"Take Us Back"

Helen appeared in the flashback about the McCarroll Ranch. After Clementine enters the ranch and kills several other inhabitants, she finds the nursery AJ is being held in. When Clementine attempts to enter the room, a frightened Helen mistakes her for one of her attackers, and attempts to shoot Clementine, forcing her to shoot Helen in self-defense. She later expresses remorse, realizing she was only attempting to protect AJ.


Killed By

Following the attack on the ranch, Helen was surprised by Clementine, and mistaking her for one of her attackers, attempts to shoot her, forcing Clementine to kill her in self-defense.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Helen has killed:

  • Herself (Caused)
  • Possibly numerous counts of zombies and unnamed people


Video Game

The Final Season


  • If Tenn is saved or isn't killed as a zombie, then Helen is the last character to die in the Video Game series overall.