"Hell Or High Water" is the second episode of the first season of Overkill's The Walking Dead.


In the last attack on our camp, the Family stole our water purifier. We need to get it back if we want to survive.


The survivors find out the horde was just a distraction. While they were fight the walkers, the Family raid their storehouse, stealing their water purifier, and killed members of the camp. Wanting revenge, the Anderson Camp survivors plan to get it back.

After arriving in Georgetown, the survivors try to sneak through a horde of walkers and into a house. After making their way through the house and into the backyard, the survivors head to the end of an alleyway, where they find the gate that leads to the Family's hideout needs to be opened by turning on the power. Once the survivors find all the batteries and jumper cables, they activate the power to open the gate. The survivors find the Family's camp and begin taking out members of the faction to get to the main hideout. After finding the hideout, the survivors take out both walkers and Family members while trying to find water filters and the control panel for the water purifier. The survivors extract the water purifier and signal a flair for Caleb to pick them up. Once Caleb arrives, the survivors get the items to his truck and escape.




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