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—Hershel as he tries to pronounce "sunset".[src]

Hershel Greene is a character first encountered in Issue 130 of Image Comics' The Walking Dead. He is Maggie and Glenn's son and is named after his late grandfather, Hershel Greene.


Hilltop Colony

Hershel was born sometime after the events of "All Out War" in the Hilltop Colony, delivered by Dr. Harlan Carson.

A New Beginning

Hershel is approximately two years old when first introduced. He is seen sleeping in his crib being watched over by Brianna, and as his mother Maggie and Rick Grimes walk in, Rick mentions that he remembers when he used to creep around, praying that they didn't wake up. Maggie soon after thanks Rick for making this happen, referring to Hershel sleeping comfortably in the crib without a care in the world. Later, while watching the sunset, Brianna walks out onto the balcony saying that Hershel is hungry, and Maggie takes Hershel and asks if he can say "Sunset", with Hershel replying "Sumset".

Whispers Into Screams

Hershel is seen being taken for a walk by his mother and Brianna.

Life And Death

Hershel is taken by his mother to the fair in Alexandria. He spends most of his time under Brianna's care. After Rick tells the fair about the twelve missing people being dead, he is seen being held by Maggie in her room.

Call To Arms

Hershel is seen being carried by Brianna as they prepare to head back to the Hilltop.


Maggie Greene

—Hershel to Maggie[src]
Maggie is Hershel's mother and they're shown to have a good mother son relationship.


"Sure. I need more bonding time with this little shitter."
—Sophia to Maggie about watching Hershel.[src]
Sophia is Hershel's adoptive sister. She obviously loves her little brother, often being babysat by her. Sophia saved him from the fire that was set ablaze in their home, she later saves him and their mother again by taking down walkers coming near them.


"Unless if he was hiding in this one's diaper, I don't know how I'd have seen him. This is my first chance to walk around, Doctor Carson."
—Brianna to Harlan about watching Hershel.[src]
Brianna takes care of Hershel when Maggie is busy with work. She is shown to care for Hershel and never takes her eye off him.



  • Hershel is the second known child in the comic series to be born into the apocalypse, the other being Judith Grimes.
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