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This article is about Glenn's and Maggie's child. You may be looking for his Comic Series counterpart, his grandfather, the Comic Series character, the Video Game character, or the Assault character.

"Hi, mom!"
—Hershel to Maggie.[src]

Hershel Rhee is a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead. He is the son of Maggie Rhee and the late Glenn Rhee.


Hershel is an intelligent and mature boy despite his age. Unlike the others kids, Judith, Gracie, and R.J., who have lived inside the walls of their communities, Hershel has spent a lot of his time on the road. Because of this, he appears to be a lot more experienced and accustomed to the harsh outside world. This is shown when the other kids are reluctant to eat horsemeat, while Hershel is completely fine with it and also mentions how he has eaten spiders before. He still retains some childlike innocence and gets along with the other kids and is shown to love his mother very much.

Despite having never met his father, he is greatly saddened by his death. When he correctly deduces that Negan is the man who killed him, he holds him at gunpoint but lowers it after some convincing. After this, Hershel greatly resents Negan. When Negan helps Hershel out of the underground hole, Hershel shoves Negan away in anger.



Hershel Rhee is the child of Glenn and Maggie Rhee, who were survivors of the initial outbreak and met shortly after the collapse of civilization. After getting married and arriving at the Alexandria Safe-Zone in Virginia, the two felt comfortable to conceive a child in the post-apocalypse, believing to have settled in a place safe enough to raise one.

Season 6

"Knots Untie"

Nearly six weeks after Hershel's conception, Glenn and Maggie traveled to the Hilltop Colony in order to establish a trade deal. Upon learning their doctor, Dr. Harlan Carson, was an OBGYN, they decided to get an ultrasound of Hershel.

Season 7

"The Day Will Come When You Won't Be"

Hershel is hallucinated by Rick in an idyllic dream with his parents and the rest of the group at Alexandria having dinner outside.

"The Other Side"

Hershel appears on an ultrasound performed by Dr. Carson on Maggie.

Season 9

"A New Beginning"

Hershel was born in the fall of 2012, several months after the end of the war against the Saviors. Maggie had named her son after his late grandfather, Hershel and kept his father's surname, Rhee.

In early 2014, while everyone is at Kenneth's funeral, a saddened Maggie holds Hershel and watches from the balcony. Later that night, she takes him out for a stroll and runs into Gregory, who tells her someone may have defaced Glenn's grave. When Maggie is attacked by a hooded stranger, Hershel falls from his stroller to the grass and starts crying, before being picked up. The next day, Rick arrives at the Hilltop to visit. On the balcony, he holds Hershel and calls him perfect, kissing him on his head. Maggie jokingly calls him a "stinker" and then carries him to his crib to sleep.

"The Bridge"

Hershel is playing with Maggie in her office at Barrington House while she talks to Jesus.

"The Obliged"

While looking at the community from the balcony, Maggie holds Hershel and kisses him in the forehead before passing him over to the babysitter.


At some point, during the six years after Rick's supposed death, Maggie, along with Hershel, left Hilltop for Georgie's group. Maggie didn't want to be near Negan, which was a constant reminder of Glenn's murder, and didn't want Hershel to grow up in that same mindset.

Georgie's Group

Hershel grew up being raised in different communities as his mom, Georgie, Hilda, and Midge assisted the settlements by offering knowledge of infrastructure. However, all the settlements eventually fell. While in a community in Tennessee, Georgie and the twins left out west. Afterwards, the community in Tennessee fell.

At some point, while they were on their own, Maggie and Hershel encountered an old man who pretended that he needed their help in order to rob the two. Maggie played along, but in reality she reversed the ambush and killed the man and his accomplices. After dealing with the old man's horrifically mutilated victims, Maggie found plenty of food for herself and Hershel.

Maggie then remembered how she and Glenn talked about going to her grandmother's beach house after Beth had died, and so she returned to Georgia and brought Hershel to her grandmother's. With no walkers around, Hershel was able to play on the beach and Maggie was able to relax. There, she spent all night talking to Hershel about his mom's side of the family. He then asked Maggie how his father died. She answered that a bad man killed him, to which Hershel wanted to know if the bad man was dead. Maggie couldn't answer him.

The Wardens

The next day, Maggie and Hershel met another community that needed her help. However, it too fell as it was attacked by the Reapers - leaving only Hershel, Maggie, Cole, Elijah, Maya, Ainsley, Gus, Kim, Matty, Billy, and Jen. In the fall of 2022, Maggie receives a letter from Carol, stating that Jesus, Enid, and Tara were killed by a group called the Whisperers - a cult of primitivists who wear the faces of walkers to camouflage walkers and control herds. With thousands of walkers at their disposal, they threaten the communities - and Carol pleads for Maggie to return and to help. Maggie agrees to help and brings Hershel and their friends.

Season 10

"Home Sweet Home"

While Maggie, Elijah, and Cole went to deal with the Whisperers and help the communities, Hershel stayed behind in a cabin in the woods with Maya, Ainsley, Gus, Kim, Matty, Billy, and Jen. However, a Reaper following through on Pope's hit out on Maggie, attacks the cabin by setting it on fire. Jen and Billy die in the blaze while Hershel escapes with the others.

The Reaper then began to shoot at the survivors, killing Matty and causing the others to split up. Kim picked up Hershel to get away faster. After being separated from Kim, Hershel climbs a tree. Maggie, along with Daryl, Kelly, Elijah, and Cole reunite with Gus, Maya, and Ainsley. However, Gus is killed by the Reaper. Maya then goes looking for Hershel and finds him in the tree. However, Maya and Ainsley get shot and killed by the Reaper. Before dying, Maya showed Maggie Hershel's direction.

Maggie and Daryl are then attacked by the Reaper, but is then shot by Kelly and surrounded by Elijah and Cole. The Reaper reveals to Maggie that Pope marked her, before killing himself with a grenade. Hershel, still in the tree, heard his mom whistle for him and whistled back. Seeing his mom first, he threw an acorn at her head and greeted her. Afterwards, Hershel and Maggie went to the trailers to sleep, and the next day returned to Alexandria. Hershel then passes Negan, the man who murdered his father.

"Here's Negan"

Hershel is seen walking down the streets of Alexandria and singing with his mother.

Season 11

"Acheron: Part I"

Hershel runs over to greet Maggie when she returns to Alexandria. He excitedly tells her that Cole has something to show her, which turns out to be their group from Meridian. He persuades Duncan into letting him ride on his shoulders.


Hershel plays cards with Judith, Gracie, R.J. During the game, he asks Judith if she is ever afraid when her mother goes away, but Judith says that she's used to grownups leaving and jokingly mimics their goodbye speech. Hershel sombrely notes that the adults say the same thing before the apocalypse, but can't promise to come back safely nowadays. Judith says it's just to make the children feel better, but Hershel believes it's to make themselves feel better. However, his mood perks up when he wins a round of cards.

Later that day, Hershel can be seen playing a game of rock-paper-scissors with R.J. while he waits for Judith to bring in the horsemeat to eat. The children are reluctant to eat it, but Hershel assures them it isn't that bad, or better than spiders at least.

"Out of the Ashes"

Hershel listens to Judith's instructions as she teaches the children how to wield a sword.

Later that day, Hershel agrees with Gracie that he will also help Judith fix her broken keepsake.

"For Blood"

Hershel huddles with the other children while the storm rages in Alexandria.

When it is time to evacuate upstairs, he goes with RJ.

"No Other Way"

When Maggie returns from Meridian with Gabriel, Daryl and Dog, Hershel runs to her and hugs his mother. He eats from the apples the group brought back.

Later, after the Commonwealth appears in Alexandria, Hershel is among the residents who listen to Lance Hornsby's speech.

"The Lucky Ones"

Hershel helps Daryl unload supplies, as Commonwealth troopers deliver supplies to the Hilltop.


When Maggie agrees to join Lydia and Elijah on their trip, Hershel runs to her and asks her how long she's gonna be gone, Maggie tells him as long it takes and hugs him goodbye.

"The Rotten Core"

While looking out the window, Negan sees that Hershel has been captured by Jake Daniels and realizes that the young boy had stowed away in Maggie's truck. As Daniels takes Hershel to a room and reports in, Negan sneaks up behind him and kills Daniels with his crowbar before an astonished Hershel.

Negan takes Hershel to the hidden apartment where everyone else is hiding and radios Maggie about Hershel stowing away. Despite Maggie's concern for her son, Negan promises Maggie that Hershel is safe with him and that something will have to happen to Negan before he allows Hershel to be harmed. Maggie is concerned about leaving Hershel in the hands of the man who killed his father, but Annie, aware of what Negan had done, reassures Maggie that Negan is someone who will do whatever he can to protect her son.

Alone with Negan, Hershel tells Negan that his mother had told him to stay away from Negan and asks why Maggie doesn't like him. Negan states that it was because of something bad that had happened a long time ago and he was a bad man. Hershel pulls a gun on Negan, having realized that Negan is the bad man who had killed his dad. Sitting down, Negan admits that Hershel is right and that there's nothing that he can say or do to make up for Glenn's murder. While Negan doesn't blame Hershel for wanting revenge, if he shoots Negan, the gunshot will draw the Commonwealth soldiers to them and while Negan might deserve to die for his actions, the other people with them don't. After looking at the people gathered outside of the room, Hershel silently lowers the gun which is taken from him by Lydia. Hershel then runs out as Negan cries.

After the battle, Negan notices Hershel silently glaring at him. Recognizing that they have unfinished business, Negan tells the young boy to return to the Hilltop and help his mother rebuild. If Hershel still wants revenge in a few years, he can look Negan up then and they'll settle matters between them at that time. After Negan walks away, Maggie asks Hershel what Negan had said to him, but Hershel remains silent.


Hershel visits his father's grave at the Hilltop. As he leaves and passes the cellar, Lance emerges and introduces himself to Hershel. Lance questions if Hershel or his mom has taken any exciting trips lately, but he just silently shakes his head. Claiming that he only wants the truth and he can fix things if he has it, Lance tries to convince Hershel to help him, stating that he can't keep people safe if they keep secrets. However, Hershel refuses to tell Lance anything, stating that he should probably go get Maggie.

As Hershel begins to walk away, Lance stops him, calling Hershel a good and brave kid. Pulling out Hershel's hat, which Hershel had accidentally left behind at Riverbend, Lance puts it back on the boy's head, having correctly deduced that Hershel was present and discovers the hat to be a perfect fit. Before Lance can harass Hershel any further, Elijah slams him against the wall, creating a standoff as Maggie, Daryl and the Commonwealth soldiers rush to the scene. Running to Maggie's side, Hershel tells her that Lance had said that something bad was going to happen. Backed up by Daryl, Maggie warns Lance against messing with her family at gunpoint and orders Lance and his soldiers to leave which he reluctantly complies with.

"Acts of God"

Hershel goes with Maggie, Elijah, and Marco and meet with Lydia at the Riverbend resident's hideout. Maggie tells Annie and Negan to stay with Hershel until the fight is over. Later, Negan helps Hershel out of the hideout. He angrily shoves Negan away and goes to Annie.


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  • Hershel is the fifth known child in the TV Series to be born into the apocalypse, the first being Judith Grimes, the second and third being two unnamed infants living at the Kingdom, the fourth being Gracie, the sixth being R.J. Grimes, the seventh being Ezra, the eighth being Aliyah, and the ninth being Mariam.
  • Hershel is one of several characters to be portrayed by multiple actors. The others are Judith Grimes, Michonne, Mike, Terry, Hannah, Paula, Alice, and Elijah.
  • During the time jump, Hershel experienced many tragedies.
    • He had to evacuate several settlements, including a place near Knoxville and Meridian.
    • Maggie mentions in "Home Sweet Home" that she was starving, and Hershel was almost. In "Hunted", Hershel tells Judith, Gracie and R.J. that he ate spiders while out on the road.
  • In "Home Sweet Home", it is confirmed that Maggie would tell Hershel stories about his grandfather, aunt Beth, uncle Shawn and his father.
    • Hershel wasn't told the identity of the man that killed his father, only that he is a "Bad Man".
  • Hershel is incorrectly credited as Hershell in the end credits for "No Other Way".
  • With Marco's death, Hershel is the only named Hilltop resident confirmed to be alive.


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