Highway I-85 is the eighteenth main story mission in The Walking Dead: Road to Survival.


The mission starts with Abraham, Rosita, and Garrett looking on the highway with a flock of birds and walkers ahead of them. They press forward and kill many walkers. Afterward, Darius (if alive) comments on why they have to kill all the walkers. Abraham states they have to if the walkers are in their way. Garrett points out more enemies coming from the road. Abraham asks who, and Garrett says the others coming are living people, who do not look friendly. Abraham says they are in the way, and orders Susan to stay behind and watch the rear while the others deal with them.

After killing them, Garrett laments what the world has come to. Abraham says it has been like that for a while, but Garrett retorts that they came into the other people's camp, they weren't searching for them. Abraham counters that the others shot first, and asks if Garrett would rather be dead. Brock sides with Abraham, saying they walked into a trap. Garrett is unsure, and then notices Susan is missing. Abraham worries, saying Susan is a weak link. Benjamin yells for her, but Abraham admonishes him to lower his voice, asking him if he wants to draw walkers to them. Garrett states it is too late as walkers arrive.

After killing them, Abraham reprimands Benjamin for bringing the walkers on to them, asking if he has ever been outside of town before. Benjamin apologizes, but Abraham states they are not finished as more walkers arrive.

After defeating them, Garrett says they need to find Susan. Abraham disagrees, believing she is gone, and says they need to continue forward. Garrett refuses, they need to find her. Abraham relents, but says the group will split up, one half searching the road, the other the creek. He asks the hero player to decide.

Search the road:

Search the creek:

Garrett decides to go with the hero's group. They are then attacked by more walkers.

After defeating the walkers, Garrett shouts that he has found something. Abraham tells him to keep his voice down, and Garrett points out Susan's head on a pike, left as a warning to trespassers. Brock then notices other people, and points them out to the group.

The group defeats them, but some escape.

If Darius was alive:

Garrett becomes somber. Brock says the survivors will be hunted down. Garrett then points out Darius, shot in the head. Abraham expresses sympathy, but says they have to push on. He asks Garrett if he wants to stay behind, but Garrett refuses, saying Darius wouldn't. They hunt down the remaining hostile survivors and defeat them.

After defeating them Garrett and Brock notice Abraham has disappeared. Benjamin calls for him before being told to be quiet. They wonder how he could have disappeared, and then notice footprints in one direction. Garrett mentions he could have tracked the surviving enemies. Brock and Benjamin wonder if he could have walked straight into a herd of walkers while doing so. Brock then points out an approaching group of walkers. The group kills them, and arrives at a pig farm on the road


he have two choise take the road or the creek.

Stage Energy Required Waves Enemies Enemy Type Ally

1 10 6 Walkers None Abraham

2 10 6 Enemy Survivors Tough Abraham

3 10 6 Walkers Fast Garrett

4 11 6 Walkers Fast, Tough Abraham

5 11 6 Walkers Fast, Tough Abraham

6 11 6 Enemy Survivors Fast, Tough Brock

7 11 6 Enemy Survivors Fast, Tough Abraham

8 11 6 Walkers Fast, Tough Garrett




  • Completing this mission will grant the player Susan's Shovel; a Rare weapon which gives +10% Attack and +20 Crit.
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