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"I live here now. Previous occupant moved out. Permanently. In case you hadn't heard."
—Hill taunting John Dorie Sr. about his son's death.[src]

Hill (first name unknown) is an antagonist and a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's Fear the Walking Dead. He was a high-ranking member of the Pioneers, serving as Virginia's right-hand man and the group's second-in-command. He served as the secondary antagonist for the first half of Season 6 and the primary antagonist of the episode "J.D.".


Hill is a snarky, snobbish, and unsympathetic individual. He is one of the highest-ranking members of the Pioneers and one of the most trusted allies of Virginia. He always follows the orders he is given and also acts as a leading figure for his group as well. After Morgan exposes Virginia for covering up Cameron's murder, Hill is one of the only rangers to remain loyal to her.

Hill is shown to have a condescending attitude towards the workers and seems to have little care for their lives. When Victor and Alicia are ordered to clear out walkers, he shows little faith they will survive and sarcastically saying, "Hope you're still breathing when I get back." At one point, he threatens June, who is still grieving the loss of her recently deceased husband John. Later when John Sr. confronts Hill who is living in John's old cabin, he mocks John Sr. for his death and almost kills him. June manages to shoot Hill in the head before he can finish John Sr. off.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Hill's life prior to or as the outbreak began.


Season 6

"The End Is the Beginning"

Hill is part of Virginia's convoy traveling in the wilderness of Texas when they come across a roadblock consisting of zombie corpses. Hill and the other rangers get out of their vehicles and inspect the area. Upon seeing the box with Morgan Jones' name written on it, Hill calls for Virginia to come over and see the box. Hill and the others remain alert as Virginia inspects the box and later talks to Morgan on the radio, before packing up and leaving in their vehicles.

"Welcome to the Club"

As Dakota shouts at Marcus to leave Alicia and Strand alone, Hill yells at Dakota to stay away from the fence. After learning that Strand and Alicia were defying against Marcus' orders, he states that he will let Virginia handle the situation. He escorts the pair along with Cameron through Lawton to meet with Virginia. At Virginia's office, he acknowledges Virginia's order to add more patrols to the western territories before bringing in Alicia and Strand. As punishment for defying a ranger, the pair are being sent to a labor camp, with Hill driving them over in the SWAT van. At the factory, Hill explains to Strand and Alicia that there is a secret weapon inside the warehouse and the laborers are to clear the warehouse of the undead so the Pioneers may gain access inside. When Strand replies that they can use the guns on the SWAT van and be done with the matter, Hill replies that method would destroy whatever is hidden inside. He replies that he will be back later with a truck of supplies for the workers.

After it was reported that Dakota had gone missing in Lawton, Hill is radioed by Adrienne and Ben that they found her at the factory. He arrives a short time later with Virginia, Marcus, Cameron, and several other rangers to retrieve Dakota. He listens as Virginia congratulates Strand for his leadership and makes him an honorary ranger. That night, Hill congratulates Strand for his actions and tells him "welcome to the club".

"The Key"

Hill is among the Lawton townspeople to congregate where Cameron was found dead. That night, he takes down the ropes John set up in an attempt to secure the scene, as Virginia feels there is no need for an investigation that could worry the townspeople. When John speaks with Virginia about the situation in her office, Hill is also present in the room. He also attends the funeral for Cameron as well as the key dedication ceremony for John a couple days later.


As Dwight and Sherry spend time together in Sherry's hideout, Hill radios Dwight asking why he or Althea didn't check in. Dwight lies and states that they found some sites off map. While Hill initially orders them to return home, he grants them a 48 hour extension to do some mapping. The next day, as Reg was returning the refueled SWAT van back to Lawton, the two make contact over the radio where Reg informs him it will take him about 8 hours to return home. That night, Hill is contacted by Dwight over the radio where he is informed that a settlement of over one hundred survivors was found. Some time later, Hill and a contingent of rangers arrive at the site of the supposed settlement but find nothing. Hill tells Dwight and Althea over the radio that they better have a good reason for lying before getting back in his car and returning home to Lawton with the other rangers.

"Bury Her Next to Jasper's Leg"

Hill, Virginia, and Marcus chase after a woman attempting to flee from them in the woods near the Logging Camp. He and the others successfully catch up to Paige after she falls victim to a bear trap set on the ground. They question Paige on her association with the mysterious group that's been harassing the Pioneers and leaving spray tags saying "The End Is the Beginning". Paige at first denies this but, once outed, laughs in Virginia's face, since she can see that she is scared. Before she can be taken back to Lawton to be interrogated further, Paige snatches Marcus' gun. During the standoff, Paige tells the Virginia it's not about her, but what she is trying to build, before committing suicide. He and Marcus are then ordered by Virginia to bury her body where they buried Jasper's leg.

"Damage From the Inside"

Hill accompanies Virginia as they escort Strand to a secret shack in Lawton where a heavily pregnant Grace is being kept captive.

"The Door"

As Ranger Marcus investigates a bait shop for Morgan, he finds signs of John Dorie instead and radios Hill about it. The two talk via walkie before Marcus eventually moves on. Hill himself arrives at John Dorie's cabin with Virginia, June, and another ranger but they do not find John or Morgan inside. After Morgan warns Virginia that an injured John is floating down the river, Hill is ordered to go search nearby for Morgan.

"Things Left to Do"

Following John's murder, June digs a grave and rolls John's body in. She takes John's revolver and glares at Virginia in the distance. Hill orders her to drop the gun, then reports June to Virginia.

That night, Hill is seen in Lawton with rangers as several caravan survivors are lined up outside in the street. Virginia aims her gun at their heads and demands to know where Morgan is. When no one answers, she radios Morgan and threatens to kill Grace. Morgan shows up on horseback and reveals to the rangers that Dakota killed Cameron and that Virginia covered it up. Strand backs up Morgan and says that the rangers will die like Cameron if they follow Virginia. Having lost her army and seemingly overwhelmed, Virginia attempts to shoot Strand, but is shot in the shoulder instead. A gunfight ensues as Strand's rangers fire against Virginia's loyalists, including Hill. She manages to take Grace hostage and Hill grabs Daniel hostage and the pair back their way to a station wagon where Hill is ordered to take the captives to a rendezvous. Virginia eventually contacts Hill from Morgan's Hideout and tells him where they are, but has him allow Daniel and Grace to talk to Morgan. The radio call is evidentially intercepted by the Outcasts who arrive to attack moments later.

Later, Virginia orders Hill over the radio to surrender and bring Grace and Daniel back to Lawton after Morgan agrees to be her executioner.


In the hopes of finding out more about the Doomsday Cult, June Dorie attempts to find Hill, believing that as Virginia's lieutenant, he would know everything that she did about the cult. However, Hill has been on the run ever since Virginia's defeat. Later, while talking with John Dorie Sr., June realizes that Hill is hiding out at her husband's cabin and convinces John to help her, stating that she also wants to recover John's stolen second gun from Hill.

After locking June up at McNeill's Bait & Beer, John makes his way to the cabin where he finds signs of Hill's habitation. Hearing a noise, John heads outside where he puts down a walker and is confronted by Hill at gunpoint. Hill mistakes John for a robber and is amused when he learns that the man is the father of the John Dorie that he knows. Another walker approaches and distracts Hill, allowing John to disarm him and kill the walker.

Angry that Hill is using his son's stolen gun and squatting in his cabin, John demands to know what Hill knows about Theodore Maddox, confusing him. After John clarifies that he means the leader of the cult, Hill admits that he doesn't know much as nobody would talk, but he knows that the cult is planning something big and that they plan on killing everyone. John orders Hill to pack up his belongings and leave in 5 minutes, but Hill refuses, taunting him that "in case you hadn't heard, the last resident here moved out. Permanently." Grabbing John's injured gun hand, Hill attacks John and the two men struggle. As John becomes distracted by the sight of his son's grave, Hill shoots him in the back with John's rifle. Before Hill can finish John off, June arrives, having been rescued by Dwight and Sherry. June shoots Hill in the head, killing him and saving John's life.


Killed By

As Hill prepares to finish off a wounded John Dorie Sr., June shoots Hill in the head, killing him.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Hill has killed:

  • Possibly numerous counts of zombies and unnamed people


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  • Hill was upgraded from a Co-Star in "The End Is the Beginning" to a Guest Star in "Welcome to the Club".
  • Hill was mentioned in "Handle With Care" when Dakota informed the survivors a possible location where the doomsday cult could be hiding out.
  • In the Memoriam on Talking Dead for "J.D.", Hill is credited as Ranger Hill.
  • Hill is currently the only secondary antagonist that did not die before the primary antagonist on Fear The Walking Dead.

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