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The Hilltop cabin is a location seen in AMC's The Walking Dead.


This was just a cabin before the apocalypse.


While exploring outside the Hilltop Colony one day, Gage, Rodney, and Adeline found this nearby cabin. They decided to use this as a hang out spot. At some point they dug a hole near the cabin in order to catch any walkers so they can try to play with them.

Season 9


Henry drinks with his new friends in a shed outside of Hilltop. Gage suggests they have some more fun and takes them to a covered hole in the ground with a walker inside. Addy leaves as they throw rope rings at it and Rodney pees on it. Henry jumps in and mercy kills the walker. Gage is pissed at Henry for being a buzzkill and leaves him there.


In the woods, Henry and Lydia hide out in a cabin when Enid and Addy show up. Henry refuses to give Lydia up, but Enid explains Alden and Luke's life are in jeopardy. Enid tells him about watching her parents die and how Carl told her she has to live for more than survival. Henry's torn, so Lydia offers to give herself up to save their friends. She kisses Henry and leaves.

Season 10

"Walk With Us"

Having escaped Hilltop after the Whisperers's attack, Earl managed to evacuate a group of children to safety at the cabin, including Judith, R.J., Ezra, Aliyah, Gracie, and five other children. Earl tries to lift their spirits and gives them all some water, going to the back room and closing the curtains behind him. Earl proceeds to flip over a table and drive a spike into it. Just as he is finished, he rolls up his sleeves, revealing a bite wound. Just then, Judith walks in, and notes that Earl lied to them. Earl acknowledges that he did, but only to protect them. Judith is upset at Earl's planned suicide, and offers to stay with him until the end so he is not alone. Earl assures her he won't be alone, but with Tammy and Ken, and knows Alden will take good care of Adam. He tells Judith how strong and brave she is, but adds that he needs her to keep the other kids safe from him. He then asks her to go back to the other room and not come near him again. Judith briefly holds Earl's hand, then leaves as instructed.

Earl commits suicide by headbutting the spike he drove into the table. As the other kids are asleep, Judith goes to check on Earl and discovers him dead, though he failed at impaling himself on the spike. As she approaches his body for a closer examination, Earl suddenly reanimates and grabs her. When Daryl, Ezekiel, and Jerry approach the cabin, they are relieved to find all of the kids alive. Further inside, Daryl discovers Judith sitting next to Earl's body, having just killed his reanimated corpse. Daryl sits next to her and hugs her in comfort.





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